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Adoption Law Firm Marketing Strategy

All right. Have you ever worked with an
attorney who has a nonlegal day job but is trying to increase side legal income? I have not, but that does not
mean that it’s not possible. What type of law are you trying to practice? Evan? Let me to like what you’re trying to do and then I’ll
give you, I’ll give you a suggestion on how to do it. When are you still in here or not? All right. Well, basically what, you know, it’s interesting. I was actually just talking to another
attorney not too long ago. I know like two hours ago and she
has a really interesting practice. What she does is she’s
actually a freelance attorney, which I had never really heard of such a thing, but it’s a really, it’s a really interesting, really,
I think, innovative way to have a law firm. And basically what she does is
she works with other lawyers. So I would, it’s probably the same type of thing. Okay. Adoption law, but I consider other types
that kept me out of the courtroom. Okay. So, and I’m assuming that adoption law,
it’s either going to be one of two things. It’s either going to be step parent
adoption or it’s going to be, my wife and I can’t get pregnant
and we want to have a kid. Both of those are very good
and very easy to target. So I mean if you’re, if you’re
just trying, you know, if it’s, if it’s your side income, then you’re
probably not trying to get a ton of cases. So, I mean, it’s the same. It’s the same strategy I give
everyone figured out. Anyone that’s going through and
adoption everyone that anyone that wants to have kids, and can’t
have kids, what do they want? Right? So what they want is they want to be a parent. They want to, you know, they want to have that, that they want to go to play catch with their son. They want to, you know, walk
their daughter down the aisle, you know, all of these things that they
want all these emotional triggers. It’s a hugely emotional, field
of law because people, you know, they want to have
kids very badly and they can’t. So what’s you’re going to do is you need to
create some sort of content that teaches them, that basically talks about how
to get the thing that they want. So what I would do is I would
go to some of the past people that you’ve already talked to
or that you’ve already helped. And I would say I would ask them
some questions and I would say, hey, listen, I’m putting together some,
some free resources for people that are in the same situation that you were
in before you came to my law firm for help. And I want to make sure that I don’t miss anything
because I want the guy to be really valuable. I think there’s a lot of people out
there that are looking for information. And can’t find it. So then you want to figure out what are
their, you know, we want to ask him like, what was their biggest, was the number
one question they had about adoption. What was their biggest goal? What was their desire? Like what was the thing that they wanted the most? And most people how to get a kid, right? You know, what is their biggest fear? You know, and there’s tons of
fears that they could have. The fear could be like, you know,
they go through an entire process, you know, they get into month eight,
like they find, I don’t know, they find someone who’s going
to give up for adoption. And in month eight the mother changes her
mind that she wants to keep the kid. Or, my brother actually
went through a situation where they adopted twins, him and his wife. And what happened was they ended
up in a foster situation. So, you know, they were, they
fostered these two newborns and then for two years they
were battling with the mother who was addicted to drugs and everything. And it was a whole legal issue. And luckily they were able to finally adopt. But there’s all these concerns that they have. So what you should do is create
some sort of piece of content, some sort of piece of, you know, free
download, free cheat sheet for video series. Whatever it is that teaches them exactly. Okay? So here’s what you want. If you know, if you’ve been, if you’re, if you’re struggling to have children
and you’ve tried everything, you tried the facility clinics,
you tried the doctors and you’re, you’re finished with the disappointment,
then there’s another option. You can, you know, here’s how to be a parent. Even if you can’t have kids, right? And then you start talking about adoption. And he starts showing about, or maybe it’s
people that already know they want adoption. Again, this is why you do the, this
is why you do the ask campaign where you ask people what their
questions are because maybe it’s people that already know that they wanted adoption,
but they’re concerned about the process. Their concern is, can be expensive. They’re concerned about the, they’re
concerned about the home study that concerned about the
financial element to it. Meaning not that’s gonna
be expensive, but you know, what does the state look for, when in finances. So you answer all of these questions and
you put all this free content out there and do it in a free guide or
free videos or whatever it is. And then you just keep following
up with content with these people. And the nice thing is, especially if you would
in videos, you only have to film video one time and then what happens is you
have this content out there that lives forever and
continues to get you clients. And then the nice part about it is what
will happen is have you have this video you’ll have since you said you’re
only do it for side income, you’ll have, you’ll have
more clients than you need. Like I said, that’s what happened with me. We were on a waiting list because we can’t
handle as many clients as are coming to us. Are too many lawyers that are
as they’re coming to us. So that’s what you do is you just
create free content and, you know, you just focus on providing
value in southern problems and answering the questions that they
have and then people will hire you. It works every single time. So that would be my suggestion to you
is the same thing I tell everyone value, value, value. All right. Evan said I boosted a few posts before and
targeted them toward motherhood and Christian. Any other suggestions on targeting? Okay, so, well, I mean, you know,
now it’s kinda difficult. You have to think about like, and this
is going back to the adoption question. You have to think when you’re
doing targeting on Facebook. I see, I don’t know why you would do, Christian. Christian doesn’t really make any sense because does that mean Jewish
people aren’t allowed to adopt? Or you know, I mean like I that’s not really related. what I would do is I would probably
look for things like fertility. I would look for things like, what are some of the, like in vitro fertilization
is that one I would do, I would do things like that, interest like that. And I would also target the
interests of adoption. Because you can definitely,
you can definitely do it. Now here’s another thing
that you do for, adoption. Think about, so go to Facebook. Sorry. Go to Google and look and
see if there are any like adoption magazines
or adoption organizations or anything like that and see if
you can target those as well. You’d be a lot better targeting them then. I mean, motherhood is our right, but anybody,
you know, like anybody that’s interested in, in motherhood, including my
wife who just joined the thing, Hi, Chelsea, so anyone that’s interested
in, in motherhood, they, that doesn’t necessarily mean
they’re interested in adoption. So I would, I would target interests
that are more likely to be, liked and followed by
people that are interested. You know, what’s the step before adoption
is probably fertility clinics and, you know, whatever the, you know,
egg transplant, I don’t know. I don’t know what the
procedures are, but, you know, you’ve got to figure out all those things
that people would be interested in. Look for any organizations, any magazines, any, if there’s any famous doctors that,
that have had really amazing results. Different things like that. That’s what I would focus on. We adopting on our kids. Maybe, I dunno. Oh, I’ve got an attorney. We’re talking to you about it here. So that’s what I would do, for that.

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