Advice Every College Graduate Should Hear | Meeting With a VaynerMedia Intern, 2017
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Advice Every College Graduate Should Hear | Meeting With a VaynerMedia Intern, 2017

(traffic noises) – Hi. – Hi. – I’m Emily. – How are you, Emily? – Nice to meet you. Sorry, I know you’re like so busy. – Don’t worry. How are you? – I’m good. How are you? – Good. – Okay, so I have a question for you. – Okay, great. – Okay, my first question. Do you think we find our purpose, or do you think our purpose finds us? – We’re going that philosophical, huh? – That’s what I’m about. – I think our purpose finds us. I feel like things come to me. I think one could argue
that I’m doing the behavior that allows that to happen. But for some reason, I
believe that you’re chosen a little bit, ’cause I believe
a little bit more in DNA than I think most people. – Okay. So like I’m gonna be a senior at Penn C, so I’m trying to figure out
my big moves after graduation. If you don’t exactly
know what your passion is in like a physical sense
of something, you know, like creating business
ideas or things like that, I’m more, like my
passion is people, so … – Yeah, I mean, look, I think
that there’s a lot of people who don’t even know that it’s
people, you know what I mean? – [Emily] Yeah. – So I think you’re ahead of the game. We’re living a time right
now where so many people of your age think that they
have to have a business or it’s cool to have a business. Like there’s no fucking
22 year old talking about having a business 15 years ago. – [Emily] Right. – So you have to recognize
that that’s just a conversation of the moment. I’m going to give you a
really good piece of advice of this very short period of time. – [Emily] Please. Be binary about your decisions. Let me tell you what I mean by that. Don’t overthink jumping
into your first job and then quit it the next
day of it doesn’t feel right. It’s not a end all, be all,
if the first one’s not right. – [Emily] That’s the biggest thing. – Nobody’s gonna give a fuck
if you’ve got four companies on your resume in the first two years. No place you want to end up. – [Emily] Yeah. No, I totally get that. – Well then, if you do,
you would stop thinking about this completely. – Overthinking is the rule. It’s definitely a thing. – So either you get it or you don’t. – Yeah. – So when you say I get
that, like I actually want to have that conversation
because if you do get that, you’re about to get really
happy and real care-free. If you don’t get that, you
need to keep chipping away to believe it. – Yeah, I want to get that,
just because right now my thing is like the unknown is so scary. I’m about to graduate college
this year, like that’s huge, so the unknown is definitely
like a scary thing. – It’s fucking life. – [Emily] Yeah. – Like nobody knows what the
fuck’s gonna happen tomorrow. – So how do you, and I’m sorry … – It’s alright, go ahead. – How do you deal with the unknown? Like when it comes to … – By recognizing that I
have no fucking choice. – [Emily] Okay. – Right. – [Emily] Yeah. – Like ’cause that’s actually life, like zero people exist. – [Emily] Are you scared? Like do you ever have
a fear of the unknown? – Nope. – How? Like that’s what my main thing is, like with every aspect. – [Male] Because I’m confident. – Yeah. Totally. – I’m not scared because I
know I can handle anything. – [Emily] That’s awesome. – And I know I can handle anything because I’m grateful for everything
I’ve got and I never envy and want anything else. I’m an optimist, like if
something bad happens tomorrow, I would be fault into
thinking well I’m so grateful that I’ve had it for this long, instead of why did it go away? – It’s all about the
way you think about it. – [Male] 100% and you
need to chip away at that. And you need to realize
what’s practical and not. – I know. That’s like definitely
my moves and I’m learning so much this summer, like
this internship is so great. I’ve met a lot of people,
like I like to network, I like to talk to people and
like everyone is just like, you know if you want to talk
about whatever for 15 minutes in the kitchen, everyone
is so willing to do that and that’s so refreshing and it’s so, it makes you feel so much
better about your future because the more I talk
to people, the more I hear that everybody
just had no idea what they were doing when they were
my age and it all works out. – 100%. – [Emily] And that’s so reassuring. – That makes me happy. – It makes me happy, thank you for that, but that’s awesome. So I really, really appreciate that. – [Male] You’re welcome. – The advice and yeah. – [Male] Awesome, I’ll see you soon. I’m doing a group chat with you guys soon. – [Emily] Yeah, Monday. – [Male] Oh, Monday. – [Emily] Are you going to
Singapore or did I make that up? – [Male] That’s in October. – [Emily] That’s October? – [Male] Have a great weekend, take care. – [Emily] You too.

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100 thoughts on “Advice Every College Graduate Should Hear | Meeting With a VaynerMedia Intern, 2017

  1. I love how you always say "how are you" and mean it. A lot of people I've noticed don't answer you, and you'll ask again looking for a response. So many people these days say "how are you" like it's just a simple "hello". I can never ask "how are you" and not get an actual answer to that question. Give a shit.

  2. Re-saying things over and over. That doesnt help any graduate. Give advice to a graduate on how to convince someone to hire them even tho they dont have experience. (And dont tell me the "go work for free" because thats not a option for the majority.

  3. "Fear, fear's a powerful thing. I mean it's got a lot of firepower. If you can figure out a way to wrestle that fear to push you from behind rather than to stand in front of you, that's very powerful." / Jimmy Iovine

  4. Lesson #1 for college students, when in a room with Gary, please just listen. Stop talking, just listen. That's it.

  5. Planning is great but things change on a dime. Believing you can handle the unknown and whatever life throws at you is a huge key to attaining long term success. 💪🏼💯

  6. like, she's like, cmon like, I am like, gogo like, yea like, right like. graduating college but hasn'tlearned to speak like an adult.

  7. I've managed to secure the best possible science-based (biology) summer placement/internship imaginable with Cambridge and a few other big names. I've only just finished first year but I'm not too sure how I would go from here. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems creating something business related in the scientific world will a bit harder. How would I start?

  8. I like the cuts where the audio jumps forward a second before the video. Well done 👏👏💝

  9. If you scare of doing it, you should definitely do it

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  10. Wow Gary! Right on. Not everyone needs to be running a business. I think it’s okay to go years just trying stuff out after college. Gain lots of experiences. I’m 33 and am just now feeling like I’m on my path. I have just merged in my lane and am stepping on the gas! Love you Gary 👊🏻❤️🇺🇸

  11. You can plan or you can do – Tommy Wiseau

    I agree with Gary but in some fields you have to train. If you want to be an animator you can't just jump out and do it. You have to learn your craft first and that's all about planning, looking ahead, looking within.

  12. Hi Gary. I’m a white South Africa living in Japan. Even though white South Africans don’t look African we’re proud of our country and history.
    Although things changed and now I’m in Japan, married and happy as a family. I’m happy and I make YouTube content, do you think the reason I have a hallow (emptiness hole) in my heart is because I fail at YouTube, at speaking fluent Japanese, teach English but it’s my second language, the list goes on… I fail at most things in life and keeping fit helps me. Basically, I think as humans we always want more. Do you agree?

  13. I want more kind of video like this. I know this might be the simple thing or enough to hear but idk it keeps me being optimistic.

  14. 23. A year and a half out of college. Working toward having social media as a main source of income and provide leverage to what I really wanna do. No salary job at the moment and ok okay with that but somehow makes others around me uncomfortable. Annnd I still act like I dont know who Sallie Mae is. I'd love to talk to Gary about post-grad.

  15. I remembered something, y'all who follow Gary knows that how much he talks about the 400 trillion to 1 and how high you should have your clouds thing and many people get that but really struggle to put it in perspective, one way I've observed that helps in putting that in perspective is when you have that right conversation in the night with the right person or when you're staring at the stars or when you think really hard about your existence and stuff, at some point while contemplating the vastness of the universe, eternity of time or the tininess of an atom you have that woah moment for a split second in which the fog is clear, you realise how nothing you are in the universe (Google optimistic nihilism for more context) and realise how rare it is to be a human (this special arrangements of atom, a decreased state of entropy in a universe with increasing entropy and all those philosophical insights) and you're left with just immense humility and gratitude (from my experience) and even after the moment is gone the aftermath remains for a few time and you actually get the perspective of 400 trillion to 1.

    Now obviously these moments are rare and you now have the perspective but how do you keep it all the time, it's simple – just remember the context. Be aware of your mind whenever it is covered in the fog and think around and beyond everything you come upon (have a bigger perspective). Just remember to see the full context. (for more context read Tim's post on waitbutwhy titled religion for the non religious, he goes more deep)

    Hope this brings value to someone, also don't forget this is only half of the equation, dirt is the other half. Alright my break's over, have a nice day.

  16. If I could get myself in NY City, I would have worked for free in this man company for 10 years.#Easteren Europe advantages

  17. Hello Gary, I need your wisdom!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what I’m passionate about. I know all the things I don’t want in life but I can’t figure out what I’m most drawn to.

  18. College is so dumb. Why do people still go to that nonsense? You pay $40k a year for a piece of paper, makes sense…

  19. Just graduated last month and still unemployed! i gave myself 1 year gap to pursue skills and experience outside of my degree!

  20. She likes the attention of saying she’s afraid, there is no other excuse for that conversation. Love the journey! Love GVee! ❤️

  21. Gary talk about Gut feeling, Intuition and more parenting! We are all soooo scared by making mistakes…. that makes us sooo weak. Lets build strenght again…and our feelings

  22. Find what makes you happy and what you would like to do the most. If you found it, realise that it is the best thing you can do (because it makes you happy the most). But then don't complain because what you do does not bring in as much money as other jobs do. Not everyone can be a doctor, of course if you have good marks you can be everything but a country needs good doctors and not people with good marks (I think you know what I mean). And not everyone can be a lawyer or a teacher…money is not the key, if it would be about the money, I would do some illegal stuff.

  23. Do you find your passion or does it find you? I agree in one important way with Gary, that your passion finds you. As entrepreneurs, we tend to be more honest with our selves and so become aware of the functioning of the universe/God, and that things always happen according to a plan, one that we could not have figured out. Yet that plan is deserved, to some extent, so we also have to make an effort, which will not necessarily lead directly to our eventual success, but will be key to it. I would say, find a cause, not a passion, as a cause is more selfless and passion tends to be inward/selfish. Good actions/intentions lead to good results, and vice versa. Hppe that helps someone out there.

  24. God bless, thanks gary. I don't watch too many of your videos but the little tidbits of advice I get that really resonate with me, I run with. Really greatful to have you post on here. <3

  25. Through all of the businesses that have gone through my mind my very first business was started 1mth ago. inspired through a higher power and I never would have thought ever that I would have a jewelry business and it has been the most natural thing to me. I have not needed to look for one client yet and I haven't even ran ads yet!🎵 my purpose showed up when I was ready 🎶🦋🦋🎖🎖🏆

  26. I didn't understand the advice or missed it. I'll give an example of myself.

    I'm a recent engineering graduate and looking to start my own business in the next 1-3 years. Currently I work full-time for a commercial cleaning company and exercising my options of self-employment into the financial industry via marketing and distribution. I'm not exactly solid on the mission and vision of this MLM company as there is money to be made; it's HOW the money can be made that doesn't sit well. All the money in the world means nothing if my conscious, my good intentions, and spirit are at jeopardy being corrupted by the world. I know that I want to face my fears and problems instead of earning money to mask it meanwhile my reality is that I'm sinking in credit and education debt and fighting to get out of it.

    What will be my next step? Continue with the MLM and earn money on two fronts: recruiting for marketing via manipulation and earn my insurance/investment license? Or work on starting my own business, learn the ins and outs of how to run it, see the reality of paperwork and management. GARY!, WHAT SHOULD I DO??

  27. 60-70% of the young adults don’t know what they’re gonna do with their future… generation Z i tell you what

  28. It's amazing to write a comment on a youtube video knowing that the youtuber will read it! Gary you rock!

  29. Better advice #2: Quit listening to ego maniacs like Gary. Be binary about listening to people are overly confident and smug YouTube "stars".

  30. Wow, just had about the same convo with my Mom this morning. About to graduate Uni and don't have a clue what's to come. I even stretched my time at uni in a subconscious fear of the future. Because what I realized there was mainly that the academic world and writing essays and so on wasn't for me. Now I'm at the breaking point where it's either push through the final year that could have been last year, or fail and everything goes to shit. A difficult time when you keep losing focus and interest and therefore confidence in what you are doing. But yeah, don't overthink shit! Just do – things will always work out your way. That has always been kind of my motto and it needs to be again!

  31. I love the audio during the end when it's just mumbo jumbo over the outro. Really fits the mood of the video and gives an ominous feel

  32. I’ll never understand why ppl need Gary Vee to tell them this kind of stuff? No offense, but it’s because she’s white. I’m Hispanic and my parents have been through the struggle, just like Gary Vee’s parents. My mom came to this country dodging effing helicopters, bare foot for 4 days, no food, no money, and somehow made it here. And she’s scared of the “unknown” with a degree from penn state? Oh please lol. Keep it up Gary but these types of ppl need something you can’t provide. People like you and I Gary, know what struggle is. I’m the first of 30+ cousins to go to good university and graduate. I have my entire family’s legacy (11 aunts and 2 uncles) riding on me ; and can confidently say that the “unknown” got me to where I am at now. Keep it up Gary ; I never thought I would meet someone with literally the same exact mentality as me, and this was before I heard of you. I was always in my own lane and questioned it ; and now here I am. Thanks Gary.

  33. This video really spoke to me. I know what I want and I'm willing to go for it,​ even if it means failing. I have doubts that I will fail, but most people won't take the chance I'm taking so it empowers me. Thanks, Gary!

  34. Props to the girl having the courage to go and ask Gary those questions. A lot of young people her age wouldn’t even attempt to try and speak to Gary. Unfortunately, fear of failure is what they teach you in school. Failure is viewed as a negative trait. This girl is a product of the system and I truly wish the best for her. Good content

  35. A lot of people are going to say something like "well I've got a shit ton of loans!" Respect. I do too. But you can't let your debt stop your from pursuing your passions. Take that gig for experience and networking, find a good mentor, and save every penny you can to make your move. If really think student loans are an obstacle, give this a read Hope it helps reduce your anxiety.

  36. I'm super scared about my life after graduation. I'm completely blank and I've no fucking idea about the decisions I must make in order to reach the peak. I'm ready to make it patiently (thanks gary) , but I don't even know the starting point. Im 20 years old. Anyone older than me, please give me some advices/hopes.

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