Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2019
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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2019

affiliate marketing for beginners 20:19
guide hey there welcome to the channel my name is tisha Kennedy are you looking
for the guide to affiliate marketing for beginners
20:19 well this video is for you welcome to the channel my name is tisha can be
again you want to make sure to LIKE and subscribe and comment below if you’re
new to the tribe we’re going to talk about how to make money how to save
money how to make money through affiliate marketing and if you’re a
beginner this is the guide for you so what is affiliate marketing first of all
affiliate marketing is a legit business anyone can learn how to become an
affiliate marketer it’s very easy to learn and if you implement the
strategies that we share on this channel to build a business immediately although
some people are very doubtful you can definitely make some quite a bit of an
income a full-time income if you follow these steps here on the channel I’m
gonna talk to you and give you the lowdown on what is affiliate marketing
if you’re still confused the Oxford Dictionary defines affiliate marketing
as a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays Commission to an
external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals affiliate
marketing means promoting products and/or services in exchange for a
commission so the reason affiliate marketing actually works and it works
well online is due to the high potential of reaching a wider audience if you’re
marketing something online the chances are you’re gonna find millions of users
who can see it and purchase it so how do you make money with affiliate marketing
online marketing profits are easy based and based on a referral link so the
merchant once you apply to be an affiliate marketer for their product
will give you a special link and you can go and share that link and when someone
purchases a product from your link then you get credit for it it’s called sticky
cookies so depending on the program when someone clicks on your
Lync they’re actually cooki to you for however long that the program works
certain programs your sticky cookie for life some people are only cook eat for
30 days or certain type of time period but it’s great someone clicks on your
link they buy you get a commission that that’s how it works so there are two
types of commissions cost per sale cps this type of commission pays where once
a lead has a has a sale through one of your links you receive a commission
there’s also cost per action and the cost per action they may not actually
have to purchase the product they may actually just click on a link or certain
amount of impressions or they submit a form or some kind of sign up
maybe they opt in with their name and email address and they sign up so it
depends on the program but you have a cost per sale when someone actually buys
they also have cost per action which they actually do an action whether it’s
clicking or you’re sharing the link into to view it into a certain amount of
people with impressions or they’re signing up for an opt ins they’re
actually taking an action so what do you need to get started with affiliate
marketing most affiliate marketers begin with a blog or a website you could
actually make money through affiliate marketing without a website but if you
have a website it’s the the fastest way to generate an income or get traffic to
the blog or you can also create content on other people’s website or your own
website you can create content on YouTube just like we’re making here on
this channel we love making videos about products and sharing sharing how to
demonstrate how to use the product and we’ll also share the are links right
below the video so you can learn more so how do I create a website you can
actually create a very simple to use website or a landing page which I like
to use through click funnels you can buy a domain name through GoDaddy or any
type of domain type service and you can start a website you can actually
that up and create a custom domain name with clickfunnels
and create a site where you can promote your product what affiliate marketing
network should you choose there are actually tons of different Network
programs affiliate marketing programs that you can use there actually is a
video that we did just the other day so make sure to check out the video
somewhere here on the channel I’ll share it with you but there are ton of
different affiliate networks and affiliate programs that you can use
whatever company or product that you’re promoting I highly just take a look at
what where you’re buying the product from look at the bottom of the website
and you can sign up for their affiliate program but check out the video here
that I just did the other day about the best affiliate program is to use and you
will find out a little bit more for beginners where you can find the best
affiliate programs what other aspects are important to learn and succeed in
affiliate marketing well you definitely need to know a little bit about SEO
about how to drive traffic to your website you can also check out our
affiliate marketing business in a box so if you’re a beginner you can learn
everything that you need to know everything from creating a website
everything from duplicating what we do to generate traffic to it using solo ads
email marketing is also one of the number one ways that people sell their
products through building a list and being able to follow up with their leads
through email marketing you can use Aweber for that you’ll definitely want
to make sure that you’re tracking your links so no matter where your traffic is
coming from you can learn where the sources are coming from and how to track
where the best places are that are that are generating you income so you want to
make sure that you’re tracking your links so you can learn all that if you
set up your affiliate marketing business in a box you can check out the link
below this video to learn more how to get started you’ll learn everything that
you need to know about how to start your affiliate marketing business from
scratch alright so if you’re a beginner and you wanted to know everything that
you need to know about affiliate marketing getting started as a beginner
here in 20 19 this was the video for you the 2019
guide to affiliate marketing if you have questions about this make sure to click
the link below this video and write a comment and we’ll do another video for
you about it but thanks for watching this video and we’ll see you on the next

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