Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work? (2018 & 2019)
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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work? (2018 & 2019)

this video is about affiliate marketing
for beginners using affiliate marketing I’ve generated multiple six figures
online and that’s not even my main income source in this tutorial I’ll show
you what affiliate marketing is all about and how you can start affiliate
marketing for yourself even if you’re brand new to online marketing my name is
Greg Kononenko you might also know me as the Caffeinated Blogger and on this
channel I publish tutorials related to making money online blogging and traffic
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next time i publish my new video alright let’s dive into this so here is
an outline of everything that i’m going to show you in this video step-by-step
so firstly i’m gonna walk you through affiliate marketing basics so that if
you are a beginner if you are a newbie if you have never done a finit marketing
before i’m going to explain to you the essence of it and how it actually works
I’m going to fall so then walk you through my learnings examples gonna give
you a few examples of what I personally do with the affiliate marketing myself
then we’ll talk about programs to join and then I will also show you how to
actually get traffic to your affiliate marketing tracking links so that you can
start making money even if you are a complete beginner so first things first
let’s talk about affiliate marketing basics in essence affiliate marketing is
a very very simple way to make money online it can be very very passive
depending on how you structure your business you can actually automate a lot
of the affiliate marketing income and it becomes really exciting after you start
getting results and when you see your results going up month after month after
month to start with the affiliate marketing you actually need to join what is called
an affiliate program and the affiliate programs are available in pretty much
all niches that you can possibly think of I’m going to show you a couple of
examples here now so one of the most famous affiliate programs in the world
is Amazon Associates as an Amazon associate you can promote or recommend
any product that is currently listed Amazon and you can make anywhere from
well anywhere up to 10% Commission basically as you can see here it says
earn up to 10% advertising fees with a trusted ecommerce leader so what that
means is if you sell a particular item on Amazon you can make a 10% commission
of the sale price of that item okay we’re going to talk about that in you
know a little bit later on but essentially the way that this works is
you just need to mention a product somewhere online and you need to place a
special tracking link and if someone buy something from Amazon via the tracking
link you get paid a certain percentage all right so let me show you an example
that’s the easiest way to visualize it let’s say someone jumps onto YouTube and
someone types in best baby carrier into YouTube and hits enter they’re gonna get
a bunch of results right and as you can see this very first result here is from
a tiny channel with just five hundred and thirty four subscribers who made an
insanely simple video and they have had 104 thousand views for that particular
search term in the last twelve months now let’s explore this a little bit
closer so this particular check are this particular video all they did was just
put together a few kind of examples of the different baby carriers and then
when we’ll look at it they’ve got these links right so each one of these links
is actually this tracking link what we call the tracking link so they’ve put in
their top five sort of recommendations and if I click this see how it says amz
n dot t oil and then a few characters if I click on that link that link will
actually redirect to an Amazon store now if I go ahead and if I buy this now so I
had to cut and then I check out and I pay $119 then we’ve been likely to make
something like 5 to 6 bucks for this item
which is already pretty cool right think about these they have had 104 thousand
views on average somewhere around five percent three to five percent of the
people would have clicked that link okay so they would have had I estimate
anywhere from two to five thousand clicks just from this one video onto
their Amazon link okay and a lot of people by now the thing is that once
someone clicks on this link they get to Amazon if they end up buying this baby
carrier and five other things and if they end up spending a thousand dollars
in total then this particular person will actually get a commission on the
whole thousand dollars right not just on the item that they recommended it’s an
Amazon wide sale percentage that they would actually be getting so it can be
very very powerful a lot of people you know promote an Amazon affiliate program
now the next couple of things that I want to show you is essentially like we
said someone who buys by your tracking link you know you will make Commission’s
there are actually lots of other programs that you can join for example
here is a convert kit affiliate program convertkit is the email software that I
use and they pay a 30 percent recurring monthly Commission now on average people
spend approximately 100 to $200 a month on their autoresponder service okay
between 100 and 200 bucks so you can make with a 30 percent commission you
can make 30 to 60 dollars a month per subscriber if you manage to get a sign
up via your link okay so you get this link you recommend that summer line
perhaps you make a video about convertkit and when someone types in
convertkit review which a lot of people do you can see that it’s it’s one you
know it’s a fairly commonly searched phrase some types in convertkit review
and then they click on it and then they sign up via this link here which is they
fill it link then this person who makes the video hopefully it’s here but you
know whoever makes this video then we’ll be getting a 30% monthly
recurring Commission so people are out there all the time
already researching various products you know they’re typing in various review
terms into Google and a lot of affiliates are making a lot of money
myself included capitalizing on this traffic so I’m going to show you all of
this a little bit down the track in this video but I just want you to understand
that if the way that I feel that marketing can in general works now the
good thing about affiliate marketing is that you can make a lot of commissions
sometimes it can make even as much as 100 percent commissions of the sale
price of certain products and you can do all of that without any hassle you know
there is no customer support that you need to do you don’t need to create a
product you don’t need to create sales pages you don’t need to create any
marketing materials you simply can focus on getting views to your content whether
it’s your blog social media YouTube or elsewhere and then just placing your
links everywhere and a lot of people will be clicking on links and a lot of
people will be actually making purchases by your tracking link so that’s how you
can make and get started with affiliate marketing all right so now let’s move on
to my learnings and examples of my earnings a couple of things that I
wanted to kind of show you with you because a lot of people who are watching
this are probably going look I’ve heard that you know all of this online
marketing stuff is BS and it does not work and it’s all a scam and you know
you can’t make any money online so I just want to show you if you are if
you’ve got any of those kind of doubts in your mind that whether it can or
cannot be possible you can make money online so here is one affiliate network
that I’m an affiliate for it’s jvzoo so if i refresh the earnings here on you will be able to see that I’ve made in in total all-time earnings
is 145 thousands that I have made on jvzoo okay
also on Warrior Plus this is another network if I go and refresh this you can
see that I’ve made 87 almost 88 thousand on warrior plus as well
if I go to a Clickbank you know I did a promotion on Clickbank in November and
you can see that in November I made in that one week I made 3,200 on Clickbank
and so on and so forth so I feel it marketing you know it just it just works
it works so so well the the only way that it will not work for you is if you
don’t do it if you actually start affiliate marketing and if you dedicate
time to learning it and to implementing affiliate marketing techniques then you
definitely definitely can make money all right so I do also promote I think
marketing products on a lot of other smaller networks and programs but these
are my two biggest ones that I wanted to share with you okay so how do you
actually start affiliate marketing so the thing that is important is to choose
what you are actually good at that would be kind of the best way for you guys to
start affiliate marketing so you need to think about are you good at videos are
you a person who is you know quite bubbly and is not shy and you can get on
videos are you good at writing can you get good at writing you know are you
familiar with social media and do you like social media because each one of
those things is its own separate marketing channel and you can be
successful by using just one of these just focusing on videos or just on
writing blog posts or just on writing you know just by being on social media
or you can actually implement all three techniques as well so we’re going to
talk about that in in just a moment the next thing that you need to do is you
need to decide on your niche and when I say decide on your niche you can you can
make money in any niche but some issues are just better than others because of
several factors so for example if you focus on aquariums for fish for example
as your niche you know you can definitely make money by promoting
aquariums for fish on Amazon but it might be less lucrative than then being
free in the fitness or weight loss niche
simply because of the size of the market you know there are millions of people
every day wanting to get fit wanting to lose weight but there are probably only
you know thousands of people around the world every day researching and looking
for products relating to fish aquariums so there are some proven issues that you
can definitely succeed in if you just just go with those niches and those
niches are listed here it’s Fitness smash weight loss all kind of
accessories that are related to babies and kids tag gadgets money-making ideas
another niche that’s actually I know is virtually guaranteed to be successful is
all accessories relating to cannabis you know with the legalization of that
industry in the u.s. there are lots and lots of money-making opportunities for
for various things and various accessories for cannabis and if you want
to have a look at other niches that are pretty much proven to be successful you
can actually click the link in the description below or I’ll put a card
somewhere around this video and you should be able to watch my video and
also read my blog post that contains a list of proven niches then you will need
to join some affiliate programs so like I mentioned to you guys Amazon affiliate
program is actually really really good so all you would need to do if you
wanted to join Amazon affiliate program would just be type in affiliate program
Amazon and follow the links here and then sign up for the affiliate program
the other great website that you can use is offer vault it’s kind of like an
aggregator so they it’s a search engine that will allow you to search various I
fill it programs at once and they have seven to 2906 affiliate programs on file
so pretty much in any niche that you can possibly think of you can find affiliate
programs here to promote lastly another very common one is Clickbank own so
Clickbank has got programs for a lot of Niches you know there are probably 20-30
diferent niches and various programs that you can promote their various products that
you can promote they specialize in downloadable and digital products so
things like software and courses and various other online type things the
Commission’s are typically pretty good between 50 to 75 percent if you’re
promoting something on Clickbank right there are other programs that you can
join but these would be sort of the basic ones so Amazon you know would get
you set up to promote products any kind of product on Amazon they can possibly
think of you can promote so it’s a really really good one that works on
virtually any niche and then you can find depending on your niche you can
find further things on or football or Clickbank now the the next step with
this is to start getting the traffic and I’m gonna show you a couple of examples
here what I mean by getting traffic okay so let’s just talk about each of these
points one by one so the first one is making YouTube videos so if you are the
kind of person that is not scared to start making videos and because a lot of
people almost have an allergy to making videos you know it can be easy to get a
lot of a lot of views and a lot of traffic from YouTube if you decide that
you you can stomach making YouTube videos so here is how this works so
first of all I already showed you the you know if you were to make a video
about baby carriers for example if you want to make a video about baby carriers
you could put these Amazon tracking links or Amazon affiliate links into
YouTube description and they do get a lot of clicks you know let me just
demonstrate something here for you one of my videos on YouTube gets traffic to
your website it’s actually going bananas it’s really really good it’s ranked as
number one for a lot of tags so I have had thirty seven thousand four hundred
and forty views on it in just over two months and one of the things that I
talked about in the video is is this tailwind okay tell wind is a software
program and tearin have got an affiliate program
and I’ve been getting a lot of sign ups from tailwind so I’m just gonna log in
here to my ShareASale account and I’ll show you I’m getting anywhere from 5 to
15 signups every single day to just from this one video ok so you can see I’m
making lots of signups every single day they only pay 50 cents per a trial
signup but it converts so well because it’s a free trial and I make these $0.50
commissions and then if any of them actually decide to upgrade to to full
membership which is a monthly membership to tailwind which is a traffic software
then I get paid 15 percent commission on that as well so it’s a residual residual
Commission’s that I get you know which is very very good it’s actually very
very profitable so you can do those things by simply making YouTube videos
placing affiliate links and descriptions and making commissions from you know a
number of different networks another another example that I want to show you
is I just you know I was doing some random kind of research here I use an
Nikon D3400 camera you know so if I go into here Nickon D3400 review okay
and I and I click enter look at this look at the results that are coming up
here there are tons and tons of reviews so there are reasonably small channels
that are coming up so for example this one okay this channel has 881
subscribers that’s nothing that’s a very it’s almost it’s pretty much like a
newbie channel I won’t be surprised if they’ve only got a handful of videos on
their channel but look at this they have had three hundred and thirty-two
thousand views isn’t it crazy on this video that they’ve made it’s a
seven-minute video I mean how long would it take you to make a seven-minute video
you know it obviously requires some preparation and and whatnot you know
some thinking and getting yourself organized to make this video but would
you spend would you make a seven minute video in return for three hundred and
thirty two thousand views you know like I said you can actually get anywhere
from three to five percent click right so you could get anyway between
let’s say ten to fifteen thousand clicks wonder your affiliate link ten to
fifteen thousand clicks to your affiliate link okay like this you can
see there is Amazon okay Amazon links so this channel the person who’s made this
video that would have cleaned up from ten to fifteen thousand links look I
can’t give you an exact number you know but they would have made thousands of
dollars I’m more than certain of that and it’s a very small channel you know
the opportunities out there for you guys you just need to all you need to do is
just take action and actually apply for the Amazon affiliate program start
making videos about various things you know do a little bit of research just
like what I was showing you guys before before you know start thinking about
various terms and various items that you can make reviews about and you can get a
lot of views now the second thing is oh sorry before you before I move on to
writing blog posts I actually do want to mention that you can go to the
description below this video you will be able to watch my other videos on all of
these traffic methods actually got expanded tutorials on YouTube as well as
on the other two traffic methods that we’re going to be talking about in just
a moment all right the second traffic method that
I wanted to show you is writing blog posts and then ranking those blog posts
for search engine traffic here are a couple of examples so if I type in Nick
Andy 3,500 review there’s a bunch of sites that come up and they have you
know here’s one of the examples it’s just a very short review you can see
that it’s not very long at all okay and if I take this keyword Nickon D3500 review and I type it into my Ahrefs tool look at these keyword
difficulty is 10 that’s almost non-existent it would be extremely easy
to rank for these keyword and other types of keywords like that they are
very very very simple to rank for keyword dificulty is somewhere between
like zero to five to seven so it’s actually really easy with a decent
review to rank on page one and of course if we look at this you can see
that when we scroll down all of those links they’re all Amazon affiliate links
okay so once again anyone who clicks on these and buy something the person who’s
created this website they will make money the other example that I want to
show you in terms of ranking the writing the blog post and then ranking those
blog posts for search engine traffic is this this is my website caffeinated
blogger com so I made a post about free traffic
sources okay and I’m getting regular daily traffic to this blog and I’m
recommending one of the things that I’m recommending here I’m recommending
several kind of products but one of the things that I’m recommending here is
tailwind so once again I’m actually getting signups from my blog to tell
wind as well and you know you can if your style of marketing is more about
writing if you’re more comfortable with writing perhaps you are more of an
introvert well you don’t want to make videos for whatever reason you can
certainly just write blog posts reviewing different things and you can
you can get ranked and you can get search engine traffic and then you can
recommend various things people will be clicking those links so as soon as
someone clicks this link and signs up then I will get paid a commission from
from tailwind likewise you know any of the blog posts that review physical
products and link to Amazon the person who does those posts they will get paid
a commission as well lastly you can get traffic from social media for example
Pinterest or Instagram I’ve got a video some very detailed videos on my channel
about getting traffic from Pinterest I won’t go through this right now but it
is absolutely possible Pinterest and in general social media are excellent
traffic sources so from your social media profiles you can get traffic to
your blog posts okay so if you make a blog post and for whatever reason
perhaps it does not it might not do that well on getting traffic from search
engines but you can certainly certainly get a lot of traffic to your blog posts
from pintura I mean look at these these free traffic
sources you know I’ve had it shared 286 times on Pinterest 21 times on Facebook
29 times on Twitter and so on so you can get a lot of traffic just by simply
making these review posts and sharing them on social media okay so that is the
outline of affiliate marketing for beginners if you are a beginner I’m
hoping that you took something out of this tutorial if you guys enjoyed this
content and you would like to get future videos from me make sure to click the
subscribe button and the little bell notification icon so that you get
real-time updates next time I upload a new tutorial thank you so much for
watching comment below let me know what you thought of this video and what kind
of videos you’d like me to make in the future thanks again for watching and
I’ll see you in the next video

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