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Affiliate Marketing | How To Make Money with Webinar Marketing

– Learning how to leverage
webinars to make sales is one of the highest paying skills, not just in affiliate marketing, but really in almost any marketing. Hey, it’s LeahRae from and webinars have become
a big part of our business and really a huge income stream for us and that’s not just for us. We’ve seen people make thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions of dollars just from one or two webinars that last an hour to two hours. So it’s definitely a skill
that you want to learn and in this video I’m gonna teach you all about webinars so that you can start to leverage them to make
money in your business. The basic format is inviting people to register for a webinar where you’re going to
teach them X, Y, and Z, whatever your webinar is on. Now during that webinar, you need to over deliver on the training and invite those people
who are interested, who like what they see, invite them to take the next step with a paid offer. You will end up leveraging email reminders to get people to show up, email follow up series to help them make a decision after
they watch the webinar, and replays for those that
failed to attend live. Now it’s kinda funny, but today’s webinar is actually
yesterday’s infomercial. Really the formats are
honestly pretty similar. If you get a chance to watch
an infomercial, study it, as there is a lot that
you can learn from them. Now yes, it takes a lot of work to create a good webinar, to get good at delivering webinars. But something honestly that pays as much as webinars can, shouldn’t it take a lot of work? Come on guys, let’s be real. Now, Todd and I, we bought
a few courses on webinars when we first got started. We even hired a coach for about a year to help us with using webinars to launch our very first product. So don’t think that you’re gonna be fabulous at this overnight by simply watching one YouTube video. If you really are serious about wanting to leverage
webinars in your business, I highly suggest investing
in a great course to walk you through the process. Somewhere down in the description, not the top link, but below that, I’ll make sure that I insert the link for the one webinar course
that helped us the most. A good webinar walks people through a series of emotions and offers them a solution to a problem. When it comes to the
offer part of the webinar, it’s going to include
each of the six pieces that we covered in our
recent email marketing video. An offer is an offer, whether it’s in an email
or it’s on a webinar. So the first piece is
testimonials or stories providing social proof. You want your audience to start to see that this may be something that could really help them, that could really work for them. Piece number two is the offer itself. What are they gonna get? This is the software
that they’re purchasing, the membership site, the training program, the fitness program, whatever it is. Lay out the core product. Number three, bonuses. What bonuses are they gonna get? These bonuses can come
from the product creator or from you as an affiliate. You can offer group coaching sessions, individual coaching sessions, access to templates maybe
that you’ve created, additional products
that you have, whatever. You’re really only
limited to your creativity on what you can add as a bonus. But remember it should all support and make sense with the offer itself. Piece number four is a hard
and fast deadline to purchase. This is critical. If you leave an offer open ongoing, no one will have a reason to buy now and they just won’t. They’ll just put it on the back burner and never come back to it. So you need to let them know that these bonuses are only good for those who purchase by say, Friday at 11 p.m. Eastern standard time
or something like that. Piece number five is a quantity limit. Limit the bonuses to only
the first so many people. If your offer includes
some one on one time, then limit it to the first
20 people or something. You can easily do that
by saying something like, “Now I can only physically
work with so many people. I only have so much time in my day. So these bonuses, they can only be good for the first 20 people that purchase.” And that’s true. If you’re offering some
sort of group coaching or training that’s on a webinar platform, that’s also an easy one to use. You’re only gonna have
so many seats available in your webinar platform so you can say, “I’m sorry guys but these bonuses are only available for the
first 200 people that purchase because I only have 200 seats available on my webinar.” And finally piece number
six is value and price in that order. Provide them of a dollar value of what the entire offer
is, everything together. If you were to purchase the offer directly from the website
outside of the webinar, whatever that price would be, plus the value of all of the bonuses that they’re getting on top of that. Then finally give them the actual price that they have to pay
to take that home today. Now when starting to do webinars, you’ll definitely want
to do all of them live. Don’t try to go right
to an automated webinar. It’s not gonna work. But once you get going, if
you get good at them live, and you have good conversion rates of people purchasing, then you can actually
automate your webinars which is gold. Yes, it takes a lot of set up. But think about it. You can have your webinars running while you’re at the beach or on vacation. It really doesn’t get
any better than that. But for whatever reasons, webinars will always convert better live. So keep that in mind. Yes, I get it, it’s a lot to learn and a lot to set up, but man oh man, it is so worth it. The income possibilities
are virtually limitless. So if you’re serious about your business, I think you should definitely get into webinars at some point. But if you are new,
especially if you are new and you’re just starting out, I highly recommend working with our number one recommended
affiliate marketing program. It just makes sense because it makes the sales for you. This way you can start earning long before you are skilled enough to successfully run a webinar. Just click the link at
the top of the description to check it out. So please know that we
are rooting for you, we are here to help you create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So if you’re new to our channel, you’re gonna have to subscribe so that we can help you with that. Make sure to also say hi so that we can welcome
you to the community. Again, this is LeahRae
from and I’ll see you soon.

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