Affiliate Marketing Pinterest 2019 (As A Broke Individual)
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Affiliate Marketing Pinterest 2019 (As A Broke Individual)

What’s up everybody! Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about affiliate
marketing with Pinterest in 2019. Now if Facebook or Twitter or Instagram does
not work for you, maybe Pinterest will be your next platform. If that sounds good to you, don’t go anywhere! Pinterest is a traffic machine. Now you need to know about what demographic
for Pinterest, 80% is female. So if your niche is toward men, maybe Pinterest
is not for you. Let me explain a little bit about Pinterest
for those of you who first use this platform; before I start, if you want to get good at
affiliate marketing that you can travel around the world and make money from your laptop,
I have a free 15 day business challenge for you. Check down the link on the description of
this video. I will show you some of that information. Pinterest is like YouTube, archival in nature. They’re pretty similar. Let me give you an
example; if you put your first video on YouTube back in 2012, that video is findable and watchable
on YouTube today, 2019. So the same hold true for Pinterest, something
that you put on today, it will be likely to be able to find a year later because it’s
archival in nature. Now, Pinterest, not just only a beautiful
picture or video, this can be shareable, they call a repining. And also as a search engine as well. So you can do SEO! Let me know down in the comment, do you have
a Pinterest account already, personal or business, comment below. People go and use Pinterest to discover and
save a new idea. This is very very powerful for marketers. Let me give you an example; me and Scarlett
using Pinterest to discover the new idea. We are looking for our wedding outfit and
decoration. So what do I do? I go to Pinterest and type “wedding outfit
and decoration idea”. It gives me and Scarlett a great idea for
our wedding outfit and decoration. If you still confused how to use Pinterest,
you can go on YouTube and there’s gonna be a lot of tutorial for you. Everything is figureoutable, by the end of
this video, you will know four steps how to do affiliate marketing with Pinterest and
is work because my e-commerce still generates sales through Pinterest. Now is your turn. Number one; find affiliate offer. You can find a product through amazon and
Etsy. Join their affiliate program. If you want to promote the item, all you need
to do is download the image or screenshot the pictures. Number two; design in canvas. Now you can design anything in canvas like
social media polls, YouTube thumbnail or Facebook ad. And the great thing about it, it’s free! If you go to search and type in Pinterest,
you can select any picture that they already designed for you. All you need to do is be creative. Comment below if you are using canvas for
your business. Number three; growing Pinterest with Tailwind
app. Now, you don’t need to get the app, this is
totally optional because you can upload pin and board manually but it’s gonna take a lot
of time. Tailwind app offers a schedule your pin in
advance. All you need to work is one day and you can
schedule next month or six months from now. Another cool thing about Tailwind is they
have a chrome extension where you can get other people pin to add your own schedule
and they have a recommendation for the hashtags as well. I believe their free trial is 100 pins. After that is $15 per month or $10 if you
pay annually. Number four; the three approaches. The first approach is using affiliate link
direct to Amazon store or Etsy. This is not my recommendation because you
build no trust, there’s no trust at all. You have little slim chance to get the sale. The second approach is build a blog post. You can create a pin directly to your blog
post. You give a tons of value in your blog post
and you prefer them to your affiliate link. Let me give you an example; barbecue tool. You make a beautiful design in canvas saying
“10 barbecue tools you must have at home”. You write a blog post about it and each tool
you link with your affiliate. The third approach is build a brand. This is gonna be hard but is well worth it. This is what I do for my e-commerce store. Building a brand is gonna take time, but people
gain trust and continue buying from you. Now, you know exactly step by step affiliate
marketing with Pinterest, but what about if you what are more as a super affiliate? I have free 15-day business challenge just
for you where you can earn more as a super affiliate. Check the link on the description of this
video, I will share with you some of that information. Also, if you wanna join a community of entrepreneurs,
business owners and gladiators just like you, I have a secret society where I share up-to-date
mindset and making money online advice to help you navigate a financial freedom, check the
link below. If you want to learn more about how to earn
money like a boss, tap the screen right here. If you like this video, please let me know
by liking it, subscribe and share with your fellow gladiators. See you next time! Peace!

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19 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Pinterest 2019 (As A Broke Individual)

  1. Thanks for sharing! I've been using pinterest for fun but don't know how to use it like a tool. This was so helpful when you talked about who's on pinterest and what it can do.

  2. I just started getting into Affiliate Marketing a few weeks ago. Never considered Pinterest before. Thanks!

  3. Mike love this video.. just started to dive in to Pinterest so this is a helpful video for me.

  4. Great job on this video! I use Pinterest daily and have had a lot of success with the platform!

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