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Affiliate Program Update for CBD- New Elixinol Affiliate Program

What’s up guys welcome back to the channel money multiply where as you know on this channel We give you different opportunities For you to be able to make an extra income as well as tools that you might need to be able to make that money so in today’s video I want to just talk about an affiliate program that I’ve been dealing with for quite some time Now over the past two years, they recently just did changes to their affiliate program I actually don’t have a video specific to their affiliate program but for those of you who are new to Them then I might just go ahead and actually make a video specific for them So the program as you can tell by the title this is going to be about the election all affiliate program Which is a CBD affiliate program they are Quite popular, they’re actually rated one of the best CBD programs out there not just for affiliate marketing but also for CBD is so a lot of people who promote CBD Also use CBD because a lot of people like to promote things that they believe in right? So I actually used alexinoz products as well as promote them Recently on November 1st. They actually have changed affiliate platforms So there’s been some changes if you guys want to see a video more specific to the election or affiliate program where I can go more into detail about Strategies of promoting for them and things specific to them Let me know in the comments or send me an email email will be in the description below go ahead and drop me a comment down below or Send me an email and I will get it done even faster for you guys, right so in this video I’m just gonna give you a few things that are new to their affiliate program some changes that they have made first things first They’re on a totally new platform. So Along with that new platform they do have some other changes some improvements and I’m really excited to start promoting For them I can see some real success for them and for you as an affiliate marketer if you decide to join their program, so the first thing I want to tell you guys, is that on the previous election all affiliate program they were offering you ten percent Commission’s which If you guys don’t know about the early marketing or you need more help on it You can search for it online or I do have kind of like a basic for beginners type of video I’ll go ahead and leave that link down below as well. If you guys want to check that out and that one just goes pretty much over like You know an introduction to affiliate marketing for those of you who know nothing about it It’s not really a video for people that do know about it It’s more like if you don’t know anything at all about it, they no longer have a ten percent commission For their sales for you as an affiliate, they no longer give you a percentage they don’t they don’t longer give you a percentage at all as a matter of fact to give you a flat rate, which Some could agree that that’s a good thing and some could agree that that’s the bad thing in Commission for this was 10% previously Now it’s a flat rate. I’m actually excited that it’s a flat rate because um, I Got a lot of twenty to twenty four forty dollars sales things like that with the election affiliate program but I also Received a lot of two dollars and forty six cents four dollars and forty some sense, you know seven dollars You know That’s the a lot of the ones that I would get is Two dollars four dollars seven dollars now mind you don’t get me wrong. It adds up at 10 percent commission is gonna go Based on the price of that product no longer. Are you gonna get percentage commissions? You’re now going to get a flat rate like I said, they are now what’s new is they’re only allowing you to promote to product which is a 300 milligram hemp oil and a 900 milligram capsules Now the good thing is that both of these products are their highest selling product So you won’t have a problem selling either one of them because I can tell you that a lot of the seals that I get even though if you go on the election all webpage products page Which I’ll go and leave that down below just for a quick reference If you want to check out what kind of products that they do have available for your viewers Alex law is one of those that doesn’t have like a huge hundreds of different types of products. It’s some the place of people go Because they want that specific product. They want that oil and they specialize in it so they’re really really really good at making that because that’s all that they focus on right because they don’t have like edibles and gummies and and You know flour and all this stuff. They only have a handful of CBD products that they sell So that are available to you. So a Lot of times people are looking for a big variety But a lot of times people are just looking for quality and a lot of times when you’re focused on just a handful of things You can focus better on that because you’re not focused on a hundred different things right? Good point, right? So that’s the good thing. So trust me when I say that the oil and the capsules are the two highest selling CBD products For Alex now. Okay, so you won’t have a problem with that now, let’s get down to the Commission part What’s what’s your commission? So any time you saw a 300 milligram of the oil drops the CBD oil drops? You’re gonna get a fifteen dollar Commission They sell this model for about twenty-five twenty-six dollars You know, but that’s over 50% information so Think about that. That’s no longer a ten percent commission. That’s not the twenty percent commission. You’re literally Getting like fifty percent commission guys nine hundred milligram capsules That product you’re gonna get a thirty dollar Commission every time that bottle sells every bottle you’re gonna get a $30 commission, you know how much they sell that bottle for I believe it’s about 67 maybe $68 somewhere around there and you’re gonna get oh, I’m sorry. It’s not $30 commission It’s a $35 Commission $35 Commission off of a sixty eight sixty seven dollar bottle That’s again over 50% Commission guys Wipe away the 10% commission because now you’re getting a 50% Commission That’s great. That is amazing you guys this is the best thing that election all has done in my opinion right now and it motivates people to want to work harder at selling their products and I think it’s amazing that they did this for us as their marketers, I also saw that there’s an app that you can use now for your you know to look at your affiliate marketing like your Dashboard and stuff, you know where you see like, you know How many weeds you have how many sales you have? How many people have clicked on your link? Um and you have turned into sales? There’s a dashboard you can go to which you can do on your phone on these through the browser But apparently now they also have an app. The app is called publisher dashboard. So I haven’t got a chance to look at that yet because actually right before I was getting ready to record this video I was just going over a few things and I actually just Saw that on there and I haven’t downloaded the app yet But I’m going to and maybe I’ll make a photo up video for that It is available on iPhone and Android just so you know, you know, like, you know I can do it on the browser and stuff apps are always like quicker access so I think that’s a good thing that they did that I Actually always wish they had an app that I can go to so I’m pretty excited about checking that out So hopefully I’ll get a moment to you know Hopefully look at that this weekend or May squeaking or so. Another thing that’s different and changed is Previously they gave you a coupon code 10 off 10 like mine was 10 off 1095 So you tell your viewers get 10% off your next order by putting coupon code 10 off 1095 So you would tell your viewers that and then when they go online and they buy the product and they put in that coupon code The websites automatically gonna give them a 10% discount at checkout, which is great. However, Now you don’t even need a coupon code anymore They made it so you don’t even need a coupon code when you send them to the website that person’s gonna automatically get a 15% discount now not only did they increase the discount for your viewers but they also made it less work for you because now you don’t even have to post the coupon code and The person doesn’t even have to put in the coupon code Basically, once that person clicks on your link goes to that website checks out they’re automatically going to apply a 15% discount Because they were sent there from your league right now That’s great and I’m gonna explain to you why That’s great. Not only because it’s less work for you as the person promoting it and it’s easier for the customer That’s one less thing. They got a plug in there before they check out. They don’t have to remember the coupon code They don’t have to write it down They don’t have to say oh shit, why didn’t I get that coupon code? oh because I forgot to put that coupon code in so now I can’t give a discount but They also increase the discount so they increase it from 10% to 15% And yeah It doesn’t sound like much but it is it’s a big deal people are attracted to sales you guys people are attracted to discounts people are attracted to coupon codes people search for coupon codes all the time and You know One of the things that converts really well for that in my opinion and in my experience with them is offering people that coupon code I have other CBD companies that I have promoted for it and They don’t offer a coupon code and I can honestly tell you I can go on the same platform and do the same pretty much the same kind of posts for both companies and Nine times out of ten the company that’s offering The coupon code is gonna get converted to a sale Before the other one gets converted to a sale most of the time so keep that in mind guys So that’s a plus also with this new update Another thing that’s great that they didn’t have before at all And they have now is they now have marketing materials for all their affiliates This is great you guys because if you guys need any banners, they have a couple banners that you can choose from banners, you can put on your blog on your website, whatever they have images that you can use so You know, we all know that you’re not supposed to just go to Google and find the picture and use it because it’s copyright They’re giving you a few images that you can use to promote your product so you don’t have to worry about a lot of companies Tell their affiliates like you cannot use any of our images for your promotions But we want you to promote our products so they’re actually giving you the images that you’re allowed to use and you can You’re welcome to use them to make money for yourself The other thing as far as marketing materials goes that they’re gonna give you is email templates. So, you know, You can promote this on your blog on your website on Twitter on Instagram on snapchat your social media, um on YouTube Direct messaging you know people do direct messaging like through the DMS on Twitter and Instagram and things like that and Some people still really just believe in email marketing and they have leads and they generate their own leads They have, you know a list of people that are interested in CBD they’re interested in CBD products So all these people that you know are interested in CBD products You’re going to keep a list of their email addresses, right that’s called an email list and email marketing is basically when you have that list of people that are, you know are interested in CBD, you’re going to email them and say Hey, look at this new product We have a little bot, you know or whatever whatever and you’re going to tell them whatever it is. You tell them a Lot of people are not good at that though A lot of people don’t know what works and what doesn’t work and a lot of people don’t know what works in the beginning So you can’t just be like oh hey Have you heard about this CBD products? You should try it. Here’s the link You’re probably not going to get a sale guys with that so you gotta know how to word your Email you don’t you gotta you got to know that you got to introduce yourself to these people You got to introduce your product and the exciting way grab their attention, you know, you have to know how to do that So what a little is doing is they’re giving you templates for emails. So they’re actually gave you a template they wrote down Wording for email for you. You just gotta like kind of change it To make it fit From what angle you’re coming from? But but yeah, they basically gave you these email templates, so that should really help you out. So That’s pretty much all I have today that’s the only Changes that I have seen or notice so far Do you have an email out to them right now with a few questions that I have? So I’m gonna have to wait until I get responses for those if there’s any major changes I will do another video to update you but as far as today goes that’s pretty much it guys so What we cover today is, you know So let’s just do a quick recap the election all affiliate program has been changed as of November 1st 2019 They are now On a different affiliate platform and they have made some major changes those changes Let’s go ahead and list them. They are a New Commission structure they now have an app available for you to use as an affiliate they offer you marketing materials and you no longer need to use a coupon code to give your viewers a Discount that’s pretty much it guys. So I just want to say thank you for watching this video I wish you guys luck. If you guys have questions, please leave me a comment Let me know your experience with Alex and all Let me know what you think about the changes that they’ve made if you are not familiar with them at all and you want me to make a more specific video of Dealing how to deal with a little affiliate program itself if there’s anybody here, that’s new to Alex ”’l and you really don’t know that much about them or how their affiliate program works. Let me know Like I said, you can email me email will be in the description below and then I Can get to it faster for you if you have if I get it requested I’ll make it like one of the next upcoming video So with that being said make sure that you do subscribe to this channel if you’re interested in learning about more money-making opportunities or you know affiliate marketing or any kind of Opportunities that allow you to make an extra income on your own whether it’s online or offline We talked about all kinds of things. We also talked about saving money. So saving money is also making money remember that that’s how you’re gonna make your money multiply so Before you go make sure if you want to make that extra money Subscribe to this channel hit that Notification about so that you can be updated every time we drop a video and on that note I’ll see you on the next one guys

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