Air Conditioning Business Marketing Strategy For HVAC Leads [Client Testimonial]
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Air Conditioning Business Marketing Strategy For HVAC Leads [Client Testimonial]

Hi I’m Christy Tomeo from On Time Air Conditioning
and we’re located in Phoenix Arizona. And we help people with their air conditioning
and heating needs, and we’re helping people make their world a cooler place. Online Visibility Pros has helped me, and
I’m going to look at my notes a little bit too, has helped us with our marketing strategy
and customer retention, which I think is huge. And they’ve helped us with everything from
our Facebook, to our LinkedIn, to our Twitter, our Google Plus, our doing our blogging, let
me look again and make sure. But on the SEO and pay-per-click campaign,
in our industry which is air conditioning, it’s huge in order to keep up with the competition. So they’ve helped us stay visible and be
found. And they help us with content creation for
our website. They’ve also helped us with videos. So video creation for our marketing strategy
and our campaigns. And, I mean, the list just goes on from there. So what it’s been like to work with Online
Visibility Pros is, first of all I consider them more of a business partner and more of
a marketing consultant. And I don’t feel like just a number, and
I’ve worked with other companies that, you know, that’s what you feel like. With them you get the individual attention,
you get the constant communication. You have calls where you work and talk together
over strategies, where you really feel like they’re learning about your business. They really care about where you’re going
with your business and the strategy to help you grow, to you know, with competition out
there. So that would be my favorite thing about you
guys, is the individual attention and the knowledge that you bring behind your company.

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