Align Your Company Vision – 8 Questions for Your Leadership Team
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Align Your Company Vision – 8 Questions for Your Leadership Team

– After 1500 full day sessions
with over 125 companies personally working with
these organizations, helping them to crystallize their vision, and in addition to that
thousands of companies using the EOS tools to
crystallize their vision, I had kind of a revelation, and that revelation is it’s never that a leadership team doesn’t have a vision, it’s that they don’t agree. Said another way, you, if you’re normal, as a business owner or a
leadership team member, it’s not that you and your
people don’t have a vision, it’s that you simply don’t agree. And I want to invite you to a discipline that will solve that for you and your team and it’s simply called
answering the eight questions and here’s how it works and so what we do is we help a leadership team agree on eight simple questions
about their business and all of our honing
and refining in our work we realize that there
are only eight questions any leadership team
needs to ask to then have a crystal clear vision to
take to the organization. And so here they are, question number one, you and your leadership team just need to answer what are your core values? What are the three to
seven characteristics that define who you uniquely are as a leadership team and
as a company and culture, and you must agree on
those three to seven. Question number two is
what is your core focus? What is your company’s sweet spot? What is the true core where you excel? And the idea is to agree
as a united leadership team of whether you’re a
leadership team of two or ten, typical leadership team is three to seven, we just need you all to
agree that this is our core and make sure that you’re not
dabbling in any shiny stuff, and make sure again you all agree. Question number three is
what is your 10 year target? What is the overriding goal you’re all working this hard toward? Rule of thumb, five to 30 years, we call it 10 year target because most clients choose 10 years but what is the big goal
that is the finish line you’re all working toward, and
again, making sure you agree. Question number four is what
is your marketing strategy? This is agreeing on who is our ideal target market that we’re going after? What are the three uniques that we’re selling and telling to the world? What is our proven process for doing business with our customers? And what is our guaranteed
pledge or promise to that customer that puts their mind at ease when doing business with us? And again, it’s agreeing on those elements that are your marketing strategy. Question number five is what
is your three year picture? This is painting a picture and agreeing what is the revenue,
profit, and measurable goals and then five to 15 bullet points just painting a picture
of what your organization will look like in three short years, but again agreeing on
that three year picture. Question number six is then
what is the one year plan? So going into the next
year, what is the plan? What is the revenue,
profit, and measurable goals and then what are the three
to seven most important things that must get done in the coming year? Less is more, and again agreeing. Question number seven is then
bringing it down to the ground and answering what are
your quarterly rocks? What are the three to
seven most important things that you and your team must get done in the next 90 days to make
that one year plan a reality? To put you on track for
that three year picture and ultimately make that
10 year target a reality. And then last but not
least, what are your issues? What’s the issues list? Agreeing on what are all of our
issues, obstacles, barriers, ideas, opportunities, and
we look to the future, sometimes it’s just good
therapy but the idea is to agree as a leadership team, admit what are all the issues
that we face as we go forward? And I promise you if you
will get on the same page with your leadership team and
answer these eight questions, you will align everyone and get everyone kinda rowing in the same
direction and then have a crystal clear vision to
take to your organization. All that said, we’ve created a tool called the Vision Traction Organizer, VTO, that is a tool that you’ll capture the answers to the eight questions. It is free and downloadable
on our website, so we invite you to come and use the tool, it’s powerful, it works,
and if you want our help, schedule a free 90 minute meeting with a professional EOS implementer.

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