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Hi guys! This is Tim Queen and in the
last couple of month I’ve created over 50 videos on LinkedIn and YouTube and
I’m running out of content ideas. Now is your opportunity! If you have an
amazing marketing questions, a struggle in your business, and you want
to have a solution, you want to learn how to fix something, you want to learn how
to set something up, how to build a sales funnel, on how to do email marketing, content
marketing social media marketing, how to grow your LinkedIn audience, whatever it
is. Please ask me a very specific questions down in the comments. If I like the question I’m going to make a video about it! Just make sure that you follow me on LinkedIn and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see
the video when it’s created. Again: Give me a LIKE and put your question in the comments: What you want to learn about? Online marketing, digital marketing,
content marketing, email marketing? Anything marketing and business-related,
how to grow your business, how to use all of those different social media
marketing channels to build your business, how to use paid ads? Whatever it is in terms of marketing, let me know in the comments and Make sure that you hit the subscribe button on YouTube and turn the notification bell on soon get updates
when I release the answers to your questions.

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