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Amazon Advertising – Purple case study

I probably make a mattress that's unlike any other we call it the purple grid it's an entirely new material that creates a whole new sensation and experience we're looking to expand the way that we can reach our audiences I think one of our challenges is just educating the marketplace about purple and our product we needed a way to get in front of customer and be able to tell our story we started working with Amazon advertising in 2017 what's really cool with Amazon is the opportunity to reach the right kind of audiences looking for mattresses looking for beds and with Amazon there are marketing opportunities where it doesn't just have to be about selling through Amazon but for selling with Amazon having a store on Amazon gives us an opportunity to tell our brand story we came up with some really great videos and using some humor to gave us an ability to really tell our story much more effectively and more widely the customer is scrolling through and they're searching for a mattress that might just see this video in the search results and so and they're looking at product items and all of a sudden they scroll and they see the video shows that it's really differentiated we use sponsor products to show up above the fold and from more real estate into search listings we're finding opportunities to work with Amazon where we can stand out for product differentiation product quality and having a story to sell no more lumpy mattresses and no more body impressions more pleased with the results we've been seeing from Amazon advertising we're reaching new audiences we're seeing the return on investment that we need to be able to scale up having more in new ways to explore advertising opportunities with Amazon and get the reach and exposure is an important part of our strategy we've gone from 0 to 300 million in three years we've gone from a handful of employees to around 700 employees and it's really a remarkable growth story but we're just in the beginning

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