Americans & Russians Swap Snacks
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Americans & Russians Swap Snacks

I'm actually excited to show you the Russian snacks because just thinking about the snacks that I'm gonna give you today I'm getting excited like I'm thinking about my childhood I'm feeling that uh Team USA snacks are going to win solely because they've been handcrafted and pumped full of chemicals to make them the perfect level of desirability whereas Russians are like good malt vinegar nor a book there's just gonna be natural you're gonna feel salt you can feel sugar I always had the best snacks on the playground you guys trade snacks on playgrounds in American elementary schools everyone's like I'll give you a pudding cup for your lunchable we had like cigarette trades on our playground like people were like trained in like bottles of liquor on our players all right snack number one we have the pop-tart it is awesome because it can count as a snack and a breakfast I have Fanny key it's basically like a pop-tart except better it's got like a beautiful decoration it's like gingerbread flavor and then it's got filling I'm sorry this could literally count as a weapon yeah so usually you would share that with teeth hello that's awfully pretty good melt-in-your-mouth not something like that like that takes a while to shoot yeah let's let's just show the difference in like bread and jam ratio and she this filling tastes like more natural I'm gonna have to go with this just because I think the feeling is like delicious I'm so excited with this the next snack we have the delicacy Hot Pockets which could either be a delicious pocket of pizza or an atomic bomb of pain here we have beta hope it's with meat and onions chopped up together it's sort of baked in this like whole song that's Russian style that's pretty good it just tastes like them is it chicken yeah just tastes like chicken and some bread Russia just way too much bread that's not logical look at look at all that stuffing that's how much filling is in there the rest of this is bread and I feel good I like our food beep friggin hurricane what do you got Tatanka people love this you go to the baño which is like a spa and you have a beer and you eat this dried fish and it's honestly I'm gonna warn you it's smells the smell I'm just gonna like don't be rude to my culture wow it smells I smell in here you're ruining my beef jerky experience you have to eat sort of like the top like there's a bone here so you sorta keep children could not eat snacks with bones in them Russia see in America we aren't even allowed to have Kinder Surprise eggs they're worried that American children will swallow the toys inside a Kinder Surprise eggs I can't you gotta peel it and then you sort of have a like that is it like string cheese but string fish no serious that stuff is great you have to mean to move for that type of stuff I was drunk I would be pissed that I was getting bones of my teeth and I had to work for this if I was stoned I would get frustrated trying to peel it I would give up there is no practical application for this snack in my life a sidewalk is like a little it's like a cold cheese cake covered in chocolate it's amazing we have the all-american can withstand the apocalypse snack this is supposed to be like frozen yeah a little bit oh yeah okay little good oh no it's so good but my fingers just smell like fish my throat like burns from this Twinkie that's not normal the Twinkie I could have a bite of it it's really heavy for me this I could just kill like three of them socratic you dried bread man it's like croutons with flavor but we got pretzels you know what tastes like dried bread with salt yeah exactly it's garlicky its herbaceous its crunchy and oily I stand either good right mm-hmm oh you still love them and there's all kinds of flavors ten out of ten would definitely pick these over pretzels I think I choose a long croutons over the precipice Cheetos which are dried will break in their base will you say that boo bleakie it's your saying boo licky this tastes like if you took those old graham crackers that you have in the back of the cabinet for like three years that you forgot about that left you left open and then you took them and you ground them up then you put some water and then you made these little circle things and then baked them that's actually how they make them it's not too sweet I don't know it's too much too much cheese how do your fingers look that is the cheeto signature YUM these are amazing I would lick my fingers for these what a meal I'd this is like jello with sugar and it tastes like lemon and it's amazing and you have it with tea you dip it in tea and it gets all soft and all the sugar gets in the dirty and then it like melts in your mouth and it's beautiful and it's amazing it's so delicious Oreos it is a chocolate cream cookie I can't say anything the Oreos are great I mean it's even better if you just dip it in some milk mmm it tastes like a lemon air freshener not good I'm not really a big lemon fan but I like whatever this is they're both delicious what are these called again what a meal on money lab we got Jolly Ranchers this is a rooster on a stick and when you ever you go to a movie theater or you go to like a circus circuses are very popular back home you always get this it's so freakin good I just suck his little head and die back no flavor it is nobody knows it's just it's like a pizza shop favorite look like it doesn't have like a fruity flavor it just as like sweet is it fun it's a lot of fun I'm having a blast Jolly Ranchers are amazing no problem with this not having a stick is I'm scared that if I stuck a little too hard and my de truc like going oh my god well Gary thank you for cheering your sax thank you for reading my snacks guys expand your snack world try Russian snacks try dried fish don't try dried fish do whatever you want da svidaniya you

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  1. They must have a lot of fish to sacrifice, but I guess the opposite would be said for beef. Dried fish sounds like a no go, but definitely am interested in the others 🙂 Russia.

  2. These guys speak fluid English I am sure they have had every single American snack in this video before…

  3. Anyone is from Lithuania here? If it is like this coment and dadu snack is from lithuania to we eat this like for breakfast many times.

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