Amway - Business  Plan in short.
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Amway – Business Plan in short.

so what's Amri all about it is a business opportunity that rewards you for selling products and helping and training others you sponsor into the business to do the same meet joy an Amway business owner or a vo with a growing business he loves his business he makes instant income through retail sales up to 20% on M ways world-class products you know what he does not even need to maintain any inventory of products he buys it from memory whenever he gets an order from his customers he has the choice to continue to retail and build his business on his own but it can get better because as an ABO joy is also rewarded for helping others to achieve and for building a group together not that kind of group your group comprises those people that you personally invite to join Amway business and the people they invite and so on this is called sponsoring enjoy sponsored his friend Arpita his old roommate Karthik and John who he met on a train journey he trained and motivated them to do the Amway business and by working together the Amway sales plan can reward them with a performance bonus rewards in the amway business are based on your personal activity and the activity of your group personal activity is what you do it's the amount of product that you sell and use yourself the people you sponsor and train to do the same group activity is what they do it's the amount of product that the people in your group sell and use themselves and the people they sponsor and train to do the same add it all up group volume group volume so from this total volume joy and his group can receive a percentage based on their performance the better your performance the bigger your percentage the better your rewards can be you see all the great anway products carry a PV and BV which stands for point value and business volume your PV determines the percentage level of your monthly bonus while the BV determines the amount you earn just think of the bee bees and bee bees as a cash pool that your bonus is drawn from the higher the personal and group activity the higher the Peavey's and bee gees and hence higher the bonuses from 6 percent all the way up to 21 percent this month joy has been personally responsible for 400 PV but add to that the volume of his group and he's generated a total 4,400 PV that puts him in the 15% bracket for their efforts joy and his group will generate a total commission of rupees forty-five thousand five hundred and forty and that's on top of his retail profit go ahead joy dip it in so you see TV and BB are the numbers that determine your performance bonus for each month let's look at how Joy's group did this month well as you know joy had a fantastic month with a total group volume of 4,400 PV iPod Oz group volume was great AB 2759 Arpita Karthik had a comparatively quiet month with a total group volume of thousand PV he went on holidays the group he is training was at work that's the beauty of Hamlet you're the boss John just got started and is doing well with 300 PV and will receive a 6% bonus so this month Joy's team have all earned the performance bonus as per the performance incentives shadow luckily no one has to calculate the payments that's all done automatically every month by hampering joy loves building his business because the more he and his group sells the larger his group volume can be joy is building a sustainable business with width and depth so now joy can watch the rewards roll in and enjoy the benefits of selling sponsoring and training isn't that wonderful not quite Joey oops you see em way is not a get-rich-quick scheme rewards in amway are in proportion to your efforts and accomplishments he continuously engages with his group to keep performance going and rewards rolling in month on month that's the beauty of amway so how far do you think it is true well you know what 2012 figures say in India an average income ha founders Platinum level was rupees 6.6 five lakhs and founders emerald level was rupees twenty two point five seven lakhs do you want to hear more well an average income of founders diamond was rupees fifty eight point six three lakhs in two thousand twelve and all these figures exclude retail profits and income from any other incentive programs so you see the more you work the more you earn but there is always more like amazing bonuses business trips and other cash and non-cash incentives it gets even better my provides you with training and infrastructure support and twenty four by seven e commerce and elearning convenience you also get one hundred-percent money-back guarantee on all my products isn't that amazing stay tuned to find out what happens next in Joy's business okay here comes the disclaimer the potential earnings stated in this presentation are indicative of income levels which may be achieved in an Amway business actual income no D higher or lower depending upon structure of the business method applied and achievement of business goals for further details on the my salesmen refer to the emwave website thank you very much

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  2. Why not patent your own product and have others sell it for you vs selling marked up products with MLMs (multi-level marketing)

    Yes everything is a pyramid scheme and this is a nicer version of it. Why not try to be at the top of your own pyramid. The numbers wont compare with Amway, but it's all yours in the end.

  3. If you're supposed to recruit 8 people, as shown at 1.07, you only have 11 cycles until the entire planet, from Chinese toddlers to Donald Trump, sells Amway.

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  7. I need feedback. why is my sponsor pressuring me to buy conference tickets? how much does he make out of it from BWW? What percentage does my sponsor get?. .

  8. I have attached a link where full court Transcripts can be found of when Amway was taken too court. In his transcript it states that 99.7% of all participants Lost money. The Judge as Scathing of the Amway Business Model.

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