An English student reflects on his internship
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An English student reflects on his internship

[Music] Well, I was thinking about going into marketing
anyway, off the back of some previous experience that I’d had, and I knew I wanted to stay
in Nottingham. So, when I saw that there was a ‘Spotlight on Local Careers’ event at
the University, it seemed to match up with everything I was looking for. There were a
panel of speakers, one of which was Aaron who is the managing director here. I got speaking
to Aaron at the event and then he invited me here to talk more and look at how I might
be able to get involved here and it turned out they had the space for me, so everything
lined up very well. I’ve had a couple of articles that have been published in quite
big sites, like, Virgin Entrepreneurs featured one that I did for one of our clients, and
just seeing your work kind of actually making a difference and being relevant to what that
client wants is very satisfying in a way that I hadn’t really experienced before coming
to work in a place like this. I’ve learnt what it means to take responsibility
for things: even though we’re in a team environment you are assigned specific tasks
to do; there are things that if you don’t do them that’s going to turn out badly,
so you need to be able to take responsibility for your time and for doing the best job with
the things that you’re given, and I think that was a very important skill. Alongside
things that are brand new – technical skills like the specific things to do with keyword
research; some of the more technical website things, which I still have a lot to learn
about, but, you know, just the bits that I have learnt so far have been very useful and
very interesting. I think that when you come into a new business,
there are so many things that you have to learn that you just have no chance to before,
and most businesses will understand that. Like here at Impression they didn’t expect
me to be a digital marketing expert when I came in, but you shouldn’t expect yourself
to be an expert either, just be willing to learn and be willing to take on board any
feedback because the vast, vast majority of feedback that you’re going to get is there
to help you and it’s given by people who want to see you develop as well.

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