Analyse de match : Vitality vs Navi – Demi finale – DH Malmo
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Analyse de match : Vitality vs Navi – Demi finale – DH Malmo

I’m going to watch our demo but I’ll not explain our game, I’ll just pretend to be an analyst and I’ll analyse the game all right? I’ll not explain like ” we do that because we have this strat etc” No it will only be analysed. So it will be the video of the DH Malmo semi final, map 3 against Navi on Dust2. We won 16-11. Let’s begin! I think I’ll upload it on youtube if it’s nice and people like it. So we start as T, pistol round, I’m the one calling it we have two flashes and one molotov we’re going 4 B tunnels I’m staying outside long because I’m camping So, this is maybe a pistol round we already tried or maybe we often do that kind of pistol because you can see they’re 3 middle. It’s not something common honestly it never happens on counter strike to see 3 guys in middle for a pistol round. Watch this action, this is how you one tap in CS it’s beautiful and now I’m going to get one tap Flamie is going to pick me and PAF So the pistol round was maybe an anti strategy from the opposite team, I’m calling the pistols so most likely a mistake from me. My bad because we probably already did it a certain amount of time etc So now we decide to buy up They play the round on a classic set up 3-2. We are trying to wait for their push because teams usually buy the 2nd round maybe 20-30% of the time so usually CT’s play aggressive that’s why we decide to buy but they’ve not pushed so we can take short. We decide to execute on A from short, we smoke to put some pressure, just to make them think about what will happen The execution is about to start smoke here molotov ramp and we run. So you can see, one smoke here smoke there for the awp, molotov on site We go there, we use flashes and we’ve got the site. That’s very common, everyone does it you can jump in CT spawn or not but yeah that’s how it works. “you’re leading in game?” – ” no only the pistols, T and CT” so that’s called a Fnatic back up with Flamie that’s late on short, well played from him. Usually a Fnatic back up is from spawn and Long They’re rekting us too bad, we’re not far from winning the round. I think Shox is missing the kill on a guy, Guardian and I should have gotten one more kill I remember, so in the end, interesting round because we can plant and we have money I think we’re going to ECO now, but we could have won it because the back up on Dust2 is really not easy, even more when you have no stuff even if you have pistol you can win it. So we bought and we went to take Long, classic strat smokes, flashes and we got it. We decided to buy because they only saved 2-3 weapons we know that we have 4-5 big weapons they only have 3. So now it’s really some basic Dust2, we take Long, one guy lurking, we only have one smoke though. Yeah we have only one smoke so what can you do ? We decide to use it to take short, thinking it’s the best move. We win our dual. And now, I remember exactly what happened We said “let’s go” but we don’t fully go and we end up not going together at all and it’s a mess. Look, there is one that goes, because they re-smoked the 2nd and 3rd are waiting behind and that’s it. and that’s a problem of teamplay, not going all together. We don’t really care if the call was right or wrong because in the end the problem was that we couldn’t revenge each others So we call that a “trash round’, very bad that shouldn’t happen at this level we should be close to each other. Alex is calling a time out, it’s him or Remy but yeah I remember that that round was because we weren’t all together revenge is important in that kind of round. Here we do a deagle eco Electronic had pushed from B tunnels We’re gonna get 0 kill. It’s not easy cause they start building up some money. So now we go control map. We’re being careful for the awp like I showed you already on the youtube video it’s important. I’m going to get picked by the awp, my mistake. In that kind of situation I should ask Alex to be more with me so if I die he can revenge, so yeah, my bad. So they’re now in 4vs5 2 are low hp but they’re totally capable of winning the round because even if 2 are low hp, they have the numerical advantage. So now they’re playing Flamie alone in B, 2.5 in A and 2 CT spawn. It is special but it’s NAVI, anything can happen. So we’re going to do a 4-1 B this is what happens during the 4-1 B Basically because of me the round is hard, we try to do a “declic” B but Flamie gets 2 kills through the smoke. Well played to them. So we’re down 5-0, it’s starting to be spicy considering it’s the 3rd map of the semi final so I’m not gonna lie we have a surge of pride so here we decide to go Long. I remember exactly this round, I helped to win it. So now they start Long, Electronic is rushing me RPK P250 for the win, they’ve left Long because I had made noises in middle and I’m gonna win my dual he is not that bad. Winning an eco gets you back in the game, honestly you get right back in the game, they want to do a runboost, but please brothers just drop me the bomb I am on site there we go, the throw it, the CT go save. Victory of the round by the French team. We’re doing a control map again Ah no, that’s Zywoo’s special on Long if you show your shoulder, Zywoo sanctions. 5v4 now it’s just control the round because in 5v4 you’ve the advantage so you’ve to take your time and do things correctly because CT’s in 4v5 don’t have the numerical advantage so of course they’ll have to make some moves on the map and Oh yes, my console is opening in the game at that moment little anecdote, very simple, here we’re in 5v4 and Alex, as you can see on the radar, goes back to B and I am middle, I’m not checking A short and I see the guy, get my weapon out and I press under ESC, it’s my key for the console the console open and I can’t kill him. I’m a little frustrated but I smoke here they don’t do any bet a lot of teams in that kind of round will try to make a bet but they play basic, one window and Flamie is rekting us with the AUG Not bad Flamie! and now 2v3 when we were 5v4, again, that’s bad but Zywoo will take care of the NAVI’s because Zywoo is the best player in the world. He steals the last one from me, not nice, but now it’s 5-2, we do a map control again. Lots of control map on Dust2 we don’t have much of choice, it will be their last buy round Nice molotov, did it work? Well done Electronic, very nice molotov. Not an easy one. We’re taking middle I do jumps, I just do whatever I want They’ve used their molotov, I’m a little worried so I use mine to clear the contact zone thinking they could be here, there’s no one. He kills me flashed, oh no wait, Alex used his molo there and he stayed in it, and he killed me. Again a 4v5 Well played because I waited to see and he stayed until he was 40hp So now exection from the Vitality Players Nice boost from Boombl4, something that people do a lot lately and works pretty well. and he is pushing from behind, he must be happy. He ears the flash he runs, no one has our back one kill and two kills Not too hard for Boombl4 so we decided to take Long. Don’t try to play RPK you flash, you want to play again, come see uncle Cedric he’ll teach you life There we go, Electronic don’t try him. And me I’m a lurker, waiting on B because I had the worst spawn so I had to hold somewhere. Here again, numerical advantage we wait a little bit because maybe CT’s will make some moves “Does it relieve to have a Zywoo in the team?” Yes , first of all he is a sniper, a very good one and he can do anything he is very good in end rounds, you need a star player and here it’s him. So we decide that we’ve waited enough, we need to play the round at some point, so we decide to turn to A Long, Double smoke, flash in the back ok, the guy passed through the smoke, why is it me that died, I have no idea but in the end I’m the one dying ah, very well played here Molotov, Zywoo gets him he “wall” him through the smoke that’s Zywoo, the real one. Money wise they’re not that bad I think they’ll buy, so we decide to do a map control what will happen is something I rarely do, but I think about it. oh I wasn’t far from having him. I wasn’t far, anyways we figured there’s something going on because of the smoke mid doors and here thanks to the Krieg not that hard, oh there’s one more. Here again, 5v4, we need to do things correctly, you’ve the advantage, they might try to play aggressive they were already planning on being aggressive so we’ve to be even more careful. Flash again, Well done teammates, good flash, it feels good now, 5v3, like I said before, we have to be very safe. We decide to go back to B I don’t what did Alex but it worked they choose to save. Well done Vitality team, so next round they’ll have 2 weapons and the rest will be eco. Again we take A Long but it doesn’t go as planned so we fall back Zywoo get’s his kill, 2v2 with Zywoo I’m afraid of tunnels, I guess I won’t kill anyone again, he’ll get them all. I’ll hold my tunnels and there he feels he has a timing cause he ears them taking their stuff etc so he is like “ok I’ll go get him” and me I play safe cause Idon’t know if he has a defuse kit or not. I take my brother’s awp and I leave. Round won, they have an awp and the rest is eco, there’s a guy tunnel there must have been a lack of information here that’s not good. Molotov tunnels, we know there’s a guy on site. that’s what we call a MS from the French player. We secure the site with a smoke and a molo window. That’s the basic. He doesn’t want to die but we finally did. 4v2, retake B site pretty impossible it’s never impossible on CS but wait I lost my mouse. Where is it? oh there it is, they save. 6-6 we are coming back it was hard at the beginning. Taking Long, only one guy tho, it’s a call from Alex most likely saying, we played a lot Long let’s try to play B Zywoo gets the kill, we’re going on site Here again, to secure B, a smoke here and a molotov window, and they’ll win this round, I remember. See, I told you that in 2v4 it was hard to win, but I’ll show you that 4v2, even if it’s Shox and Zywoo it’s hard. Zywoo will be like ” wait I have a sniper, they’re 4 we’re 2 let’s stop I’ll change weapon”. Hop little Krieg, he re-smoked doors which is annoying for the CT’s I don’t know what they think there but thank you Simple, double kill Good job Vitality team for winning this round Map control again, nothing special. You take all the areas, I don’t see anything Alex molo above and I molo under because we didn’t know if they had bought so you want to secure the round. There’s nothing, short is taken. We have short! Like I have explained already that’s the basic on Dust2 Take a neutral area, Short is a neutral zone so you’ve got to take it and then you can make up your game. If you don’t have it, you can make up your game but you can’t only do that or it’s hard. So we’ve Short let’s continue, flash and bad timing I should have waited a little longer but don’t play me Boombl4, Ced said. Shox in 1v1 Riri against Simplet Simple, oh it was close! Nice try nice try, it wasn’t easy, even more when you’re not a full sniper, Richard is very good at it but that kind of round is really not that easy to win. Well played. So here they have a short buy but so do we, what is happening here, we fake we take A Long, and we run middle. I’m getting blocked here, there’s a fat ass probably, Flash above and let’s go. I flash B, I molo spawn we run and Zywoo on apEX’s flash oh and I remember Boombl4 missed me Fast round, it’s hard on Dust2 to stop fast rounds. It’s really a hard map to hold even more when it’s fast rounds and that’s it. So for the pistol, since I’m the one calling , very often I sacrifice myself for the stuff, I take the stuff for the team so my teammates are good. Basic pistol round, with flashes Oh yes they’ll do that pistol round where they smoke CT Sort of 3-2 B, Boombl4 runs, doesn’t see anything smokes CT spawn, flash and run short and jump CT spawn. they’re 4 short with 1 Long, they’ll flash above and me I’ll help middle by flashing and look, a train gets on me. And we win it! Watch RPK RPK: 1 and look at that 1 tap; PAF Someone said earlier in the chat that RPK was very good with pistols well that’s true! Lately RpK is a pistol machine Anti eco round. Yes it can be a round that we looses because we’re good at losing eco’s yes that’s true! they’ve 2 deagles, 1 p250 and 2 glocks, that could work. They manage to go on site, oh I think we lose it, no we don’t, I got scared. Watch this new meta look at their weapons. Is there a problem on Counter Strike? Really 5 Kriegs what a game..We decide to push B Simple is going to rekt us because we push very badly. We have an aggro but we did it badly Those rounds are hard cause you know you have 3 mp9, 1 UMP and 1 Famas, and you have to do something. We tried to do something but it doesn’t work but it’s ok, it’s not the end of the game yet We tried to hold Long with 4 players because it’s hard to hold Ah there, I HS him first but I have a Famas but with his weapon well… I simply get rekt. So now, NAVI round, We buy because we have to buy because money wise if we eco again afterwe won’t have a much better buy anyways so we’re not going to do 3 eco, so we buy and do 2 eco. And here we thought ” they want to come Long, no problem we’re all brothers there” a guy is coming but sadly he sees our feet before but there’ll be a turn over with an eco that we win and that really destroyed them. and RPK plays a huge part in the round. I’ll be useless, I’ll try to get a weapon but in the end there’s no one coming towards me, they go all around. Finally a good buy, I don’t see anyone middle so I’ll go B tunnels, here bad communication from them cause I get a guy from behind With a little struggle, I used 15 bullet’s not that beautiful but hey. Here’s the awp responsability, Guardian should have called it. They took A long meanwhile but that’s not my problem Now my brothers try to take A Long back, Smoke doors, one flash, Flamie, Rpk is better Alex, well played bro’s. 2 go out from middle, oh that round was close, here it’s 5v2 Like in T you have to play safe, together, cross fire, etc I try to get an info and not die that’s why I fall back I will die but from a molotov I don’t know what Simple does, he goes there and leaves again but then he is going to molotov, without paying attention how, and this molotov burns me! Very good round from me! I don’t remember what Richard is going to do, 1 kill, he plays well he is trying to get some time for his teammate, no more time and the round is won, good job. It’s very important what Richard does, winning some time like that. so the round won’t be too messy for us. He let’s the guy look for him so he waists some time and the round is won. Well played! Here we try to fight even tho we don’t expect them to be out, and Alex will get killed by Electronic on the left, Guardian gets out to help. So here again, “trash round”, we could have done that a bit better and we do it badly and they punish us. What can Richard do with a mp9 against 5?! So we can only save now. And here full eco, and that’s when it turned around. We will go on the war machine to see how he makes us win the round, one flash HS straight away, “come see uncle Cedric, no you don’t you’re sure?” Come see uncle Cedric, he says, “Give me the AK, no ok you can keep it Alex” cause Cedric is the brother. They make a move on B, I get one kill, it had to be said! Here I don’t know why they fell back, They don’t really understand what’s happening cause we tell them we have nothing so they go back, Boombl4 takes A Long and there I wasn’t on him but he rekt him! Here I had a weird information or I played bad, either way, they take short, but Ced has a timing, he gets in their back Alex makes us win the round, he knows they’re short but look what he does, he thinks he doesn’t have the advantage I have a krief but no armor so I’ll play safe and look! And now Ced is coming in the back from short, and get’s the double kill because Alex won some time. Cedric is strong, we win the round because of him, but the last two kills, we could have given them to Alex he isn’t having a good game, it’s not easy for him but in the end we win the round because of him too but not because of the kills, sometimes it goes further than just kills when you hear ” oh he has 25 kills and he only has 12″, he is bad. But yeah, now Cedric has faith in him because of the last round. Here I ask Shox a flash that we worked on and look at that Mister Simple is flashed. See, Teamwork! Teamwork first guys! And here Matthieu, oh yes I think he kills one and then they go back A Long. If I remember correctly, yes. Richard has pushed B, I have middle, everyone has an area, Matthieu gets a kill and he says ” hey guys I’m hiding” he should have hidden longer! And here I thought the guy was going on site, so I run like an idiot We’re not far from losing the round if I miss, but I didn’t so all good. Team round, I get two kills, one from behind and the other one he is flashed. So now NAVI are eco so now we take the “momentum” over them, because of this eco, they go 4 short they’ll flash, we’re covering, he HS, our idea is to stay back even more when they’ve pistols. Because otherwise he can’t do much Matthieu if he get’s one deagle. So here they’re like birds and the round is ending pretty close with Electronic. could have been complicated. Even if we lost some weapons, we tried to play the round together, They played basic Alex was spawn so Matthieu was here but if Matthieu was there and Alex ramp there could have been a fight but the basic is to play as a team and so fell back. Most of the teams do that. Now it’s 14-11 and Richard takes the awp, but I think I get legged here oh no, I don’t, I don’t know what happens but I am low hp ah it’s with Simple we have a fight in B through the smokes. I HS him too, 19 and 15 hp, with traced bullet’s it’s easier for him. Richard proposed me to take the awp, I say ” thank you Riri” “It’s very nice from you” Classic round, they’ve taken the Short, we’re in 2-1-2 1 Long, 1 Short, 1 spawn but we go back to 3-2 the basic defense on Dust2. There’s a smoke, Richard takes the information, there’s nothing He says ” that’s ok Dany you’re good with your snipe” Me, I stay warm in C2 Alex got a kill I don’t know how. Oh yes they give us that round, the guys go in the smoke Alex gets a first one, Zywoo gets an other one but yeah they’re missing some stuff. Alex arrives in the back but look, isn’t it funny?! Richard had seen him I had hit him to low hp, they’re going back to Richard, he ears them Decide to fight, they go back on B and there One of the best sniper in the world is here with us, replacing himself in B Double zoom First kill, replacement, peek again and in the box. There are big snipers and not big snipers, but it’s because of Richard with my 30 hp I would have struggled. Last round of the match, we’re not gonna lie, we’re good, they don’t have much money they won’t play too aggressive so we’ll let them come to us we will mainly play with the awp’s and I think we do it very well on the round. I believe Richard will do something good with the awp. He waits for the flash and first kill, well done Richard. Second shot, he misses but it’s pistols I’ll flash and peek again, he has the advantage. It’s normal to do it. I think there’ll be a “flick shot” pretty nice and here 4v2 I am in B and I’m bored, I have to admit that this round was boring. I wait because I don’t want to push and die like a noob, they smoke 3-2 Alex pushed A Long I finally push B because we have an information for the two last Matthieu gets an easy kill, shox must be mad, and last kill for Alex. And we are in DH Malmo final that we will loose like noobs. That’s the end, bye bye, good stream. I’m kidding, I hope you liked it I tried to explain the rounds without too many details etc even if it was amazing I hope you enjoyed, we’ll do that again some time I’ll upload it on my youtube channel if that’s ok with you.

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  1. I really liked the title, but my enthusiasm changed a bit since the audio is french.
    Subtitles are not so much fun, can u do the next maybe in English pls?

  2. En vrai tu as un voie qui passe tellement bien en vidéo ! Et l'analyse chill était intéressante et drôle donc Clairement on en veut plus hahhaha

  3. Wow Jai adoré j'ai pas vu le temps passer , c'est incroyable car la game on l'a vue sous notre point de vue et sous celui des casters et c'est incroyable de voir à quel point les choses sont différentes sous ton ressentis étant donné que tu as vécu la game , merci bcp pour les fans inconditionnels de cs comme moi c'est juste un délice! Bon courage pour les EPL Btw 🙂

  4. Dans le round 3 ou tu dis que vous êtes pas assez collé pour revenge, est ce que faut quand même trouver un juste milieu entre trop/pas assez collé pour évitez un transfert spray ou quelque autre connerie de l'adversaire ?

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