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33 thoughts on “Andy Ngo: 'Social media has a blind spot to extremism on the left'

  1. SUE the city and state of OR! FOR letting these idiots doing whatever they want to do! Sue FACEBOOK for allowing this kind of group to grow and plan events.

  2. What I wouldn't give to be a law enforcement officer in Portland so I could crack down on these Antifa thugs.

  3. Proof that the mayor of Portland and local government and police and just letting antifa running amok with no problems.

  4. FACT : These social media companies need to be DESTROYED. They are trying to be our government. Don't agree with them they take you out. BURN THEM TO THE GROUND WITH THE ELITES INSIDE

  5. I hate "interviewers" who burn all the time talking themselves instead of letting the actual subject of the interview speak.

  6. Glad that Andy Ngo is healing from being brutally attacked by Antifa. Leftist authorities let Antifia brutalize Conservatives, like Andy Ngo.

  7. Antifa is a punch of hypocritical bitches. Masked up and jump people who aren’t even doing anything.

  8. Everyone is making a big noise about breaking up these tech companies but I think a a different route should be explored.
    ANTIFA is a domestic terror group, and these tech companies support them by allowing them to use their platforms to communicate, organize and recruit. These same tech platforms have allowed groups such as ISIS to do the same without removing their posts or banning them.
    How should one deal with groups that engage in seditious behavior towards the United States and actively support terrorism?

  9. This is why it should be illegal to gather in masks. We aren't supposed to wear hoodies and sunglasses in convenience stores for a reason.

  10. I particularly enjoy the non co operation of my keyboard, it slows down to a snails pace, word sub takes over replacing with non existant words or ridiculous substitutions, it kept replacing Ivories with the word ovaries in an article I was composing about a piano recitation, needless to say tickling Ivories or tickling ovaries really changes message I was attempting to impart.

  11. As far as I am concerned, ALL members of antifa are pussies. If a large organized group of people banded together and fought them using the exact same tactics, they would turn tail and run like the pussies they actually are. But since they know they have all these people protecting them, like the mayor of Portland and/or the Governor of Oregon, they will continue their 'cowardly' assaults on their known to be 'targets.'

  12. Portland mayor should resign! The Left has disconnected from mainstream America and has no chance of winning 2020 election, and I'm not sure if they really care? They want to bully and push their ideas on others!

  13. Sue the police for not protecting you as an American citizen. Everybody as American citizens is equal under the law in the US. Doing our duty, we pay our taxes to pay them for doing their jobs protecting us, but they didn't. Sue them. Period.

  14. Andy Ngo may be a soft spoken individual but he's got more courage in his little finger than all those masked cowards put together. Big respect for Andy. By disgust for the masked mob that attacked him.

  15. Antifa are no different than Isis. Democrats encourage antifa attacking those who do not agree with them. Criminal.
    Maxine Waters big supporter of antifa, low life thugs.

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