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Apostera mixed reality

(relaxing music) – Well thank you for
joining us here today. Would you care to introduce
yourself and your company? – Yeah, so my name is Andre Golubinsky, I’m the CEO, co-founder of
the company called Apostera. So, what we are doing, we’re actually merging the
virtual and real worlds and bringing in mixed-reality
capabilities into the vehicle and help the driver to understand exactly where to make a
maneuver or take a turn. – So, can you tell me
exactly what you guys do. Like, mixed reality is such a broad term and there’s so much that goes into it. What is it that you guys do
to improve the mixed reality, AR and VR that we have out there. – We are solving,
actually, the pain points related to navigation experience. So, usually the driver doing one thing when he needs to make
a decision where to go, he compare two pictures,
the one that he see actually through the windshield of the vehicle and another one is what
is actually displayed on the navigation system. The big problem, because usually, those two pictures are different and it doesn’t help you as the driver to understand which exit you have to take. We are bringing mixed reality capabilities for the existing navigation system, on top actually, existing
navigation system, as well as for the heads-up displays. So, we really solve
this problem completely. So, with our system, you as a driver will never, ever have a problem with the wrong exit, wrong
ramps or wrong lanes. – As longs as they’re wearing a mixed reality headset
of some kind, right? – No, no, actually it’s a
system installed in the vehicle, so, you don’t need to wear
any specific equipment. So, it’s heads-up displays, that actually project the information in a certain virtual distance
in front of the vehicle. It’s hardware, but we
are software company. So, we actually deliver the
software on top of the hardware, and, as well as, if you
don’t have heads-up display in the vehicle, it’s not a problem. We can bring our technology on top of the existing navigation
system, that you may love. – I’m curious. If this is something that
you have to apply globally, have you found that different areas, different cultures have different ideas of when you need to see
that signal to turn right, or when it’s okay to cut into
a lane and things like that. Do you have to have a
different set of signals for different countries,
that kind of thing? – From the technologist
point, we have our own sense of fusion, have own localisation
and preception engin. So, we’re using couple
of sensors in the vehicle and they’re, of course,
standardized all over the globe. At the same time, of course,
behaviors and the design, and actually the HMI,
human-machine interface, might vary, depend on the location. So, that might be different in Europe, from US and from Asia. – It’s a complex problem, but
I’m glad you’re working on it. – Absolutely.
– Thanks for joining us. – It’s pleasure, thank you. (upbeat music)

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