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App Marketing Course Introduction | Udacity

Welcome to the course. I’m Lauren,
I’m a course developer here at Udacity, and I have a background in
experimental psychology.>>And I’m Roni,
I’m the program manager at Google. I run a global program called
Launch Bed to help startups launch high quality apps. My background is in startup marketing,
and I love mentoring startups on how
to think marketing from day one. And this is what they’re going
to learn in this course. Marketing helps you
understand your user, focus your product on your user needs,
and take your product to market.>>But this isn’t going to
be a marketing 101 class. This is more of an applied
marketing course.>>Yeah, we set up this course to mimic
what you would go through when creating, launching it,
iterating on your own marketing plan. The lessons in this course
are divided into several stages. Like the understanding stage,
the prepare stage, launch, iterate, and scale. So tell us more about that.>>We’ll start by understanding
the market we play in, or the users, how we’re going to segment
them, how we’re going to position our product in one competition and
what’s our value position? Then, we’ll prepare everything
that is worth the launch.>From the marketing plan, all the way to
the landing pages, and cover the launch itself, including PR and how to grow
your user base, from one to 1,000. Then we’ll learn how to scale,
with paid advertising and free growth hacking tips. And finally, how to iterate and
keep improving you product in marketing based on your measurements and
analytics. But marketing’s so much more than
just advertising and social media. It’s about truly
understanding the market, how to best build your product and
how to understand your customers and their needs and
where you fit with the industry.>>In this first lesson we’ll cover
market segmentation, competition, and value proposition. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have
a better understanding of your users and where you fit in the market, based on
things like your variable position and competitive analysis.>>So let’s sign into
the understanding part of marketing.

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