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App Marketing | Launch | Lesson Recap | Udacity

It’s hard to cover everything you need
to do to launch an app in one lesson. But there are few main points want
you to take away from this lesson. Your launch is one exciting day but
actually you launch new things all the time you’ll be irritating,
experimenting on learning new things. You want to be ready with all
the things for your launch but to be experimenting with new
things once you do launch.>>Don’t try to out smart
the search engine or the reporters who you are trying to
get to do press coverage for your app. Do what makes sense and
do what’s relevant for your users. Your much more likely to
find success that way. And don’t ignore user feedback or
reviews. It’s not only going to help
you improve your product but it’ll also help you optimize
your app store performance.>>We look forward to seeing you
next lesson when we talk about online marketing.

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