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App Marketing | Pre-launch | Lesson Introduction | Udacity

At this point, we’ve gone over
how to understand the market. We did this by creating
a market segmentation and identifying our most valuable
customers to focus on. We learned how to position our
product to these customers and how to, differentiate what we’re
offering from our competitors. And we were able to sum all of this up
in our value proposition statement.>>These skills help you to not only
prepare your marketing plan, but more importantly understand your users. Who are these users you want
to market your product to? Hopefully you have this picture by now. Now, we’re going to add
to what we’ve learned and go over what to do before you launch. With pre-launch we’re going to
explore what it takes to prepare for your launch in an efficient and
productive way. We’re hoping to provide
you with a toolbox, bunch of things you have to learn and
do before you launch your product. This preparation will help you launch
more successfully and more effectively. If you have a good app, and I’m sure you do, you may be able to
create some buzz around your launch. So, you want to make sure
your all prepared to it.>>In this lesson, we’re going to go
through finalizing you marketing plan. This is going to include what
we learned in the last lesson, Understanding the Customer. Along with your marketing goals,
your tracking and metrics setup, and your distribution plan. Then we’re going to go through preparing
your materials that you’re going to need for launch. So your landing pages, your app store
listing, and your beta testing groups.>>So to be as effective
as possible with our plan, let’s first start with
setting your marketing goals. And answer the question, what is
this that you’re trying to achieve?

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