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App Reviews and Feedback | Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

We all get feedback sometimes,
and so does your app. Take these reviews seriously. They’re a pretty clear view
into the mind of your users. When you’re developing your
app you can be so close to it, that it can be hard to step back and
see the forest for the trees. You might also be so in love with your
app that you ignore some of the things that don’t work so well. It’s an easy pit to fall into. Now once you launch your app,
listening to your reviews and feedback is a perfect opportunity
to iterate and revise, so you can make your app even
better than it was before. Use the feedback to improve the app,
and make your user happy, because ratings
are incredibly important. Highly rated apps generates
significantly more in sales. Three and
four star rated apps are nine times more successful than two and three star apps. And four and five star rated apps
are four times more successful than three and four star rated apps. And don’t forget to respond
to your users feedback and reviews, this is going to help
your users feel more engaged, and it’s going to keep you connected to
the most important person, the customer.

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