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App stores: Distribution channels | Pre-Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

Once your launch page is ready to go,
you’ll have a few options for where to list your app. Like the Google play store, the IOS app
store or even the Chrome web store. You can develop your app to be
compatible with all the different app stores out there, but
before you work too hard, you may want to start with focusing
on the best app store for your needs. Now think about your audience and
what they’re more likely to use. Read the market share research
to validate your assumption. Now if you focus on a specific region,
you can easily find out which operating system dominates that market, and
you can develop your app accordingly. Our example here will be how to
launch on the Android Play Store since Android dominates
the global market. Each stores has its own methods and
requirements to launching. These things change over time,
so the best thing for you to do is check out
their documentation. We’ve linked to various stores
in the instructor notes. In the long term, you don’t don’t need
to choose one app store over another, if you have an app that fits
many different platforms. That way you can reach more customers. But focusing on one first
can help you validate and perfect your idea before
expanding to another platform.

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