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6 thoughts on “Appeal Reverses Yonkers Ban On Flavored Vaping Products

  1. Let people do what they want. This is getting ridiculous. Now you can't even get Tylenol 3 after you've had surgery. You can't punish everyone because you're trying to save 3 people out of 100 from themselves because you're either afraid they're going to become drug addicts or their family is gonna sue you.

  2. ''The War Against E-Cigarettes Is Profoundly Wrong''

  3. The mayor believes he can ban anything based on protecting the kids, o.k. ban cigarettes, ban alcohol, ban driving…each one kills 1000's of times more kids than flavored nicotine ejuice use does. He is committing treason on his oath of office by talking jurisdiction (authority to enforce laws) where it doesn't exist. Rights cannot be taken and life, liberty and happiness are rights and it is the happiness of adult vape users he is taking without authority. Vaping is not a crime, a crime is harming someone else, there is no law against harming yourself, that is free will and God, not the government gave us free will. So only God can take that away.

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