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Are Notice Periods A Bad Management Strategy? | Mahatria on Management

You think it’s very logical sometimes, when somebody you know that his heart has left the job. You know his heart is not there in the job anymore. You know that he is already searching for opportunities outside, or he has already placed a paper. Somehow, for a very simple financial advantage, you say you should serve the notice period and only then go, I can understand, if it’s a trustworthy employer, loyal employee, you don’t question their commitment. I can understand, he is handling a critical process, you can’t let go. But sometimes, just because you don’t want to let go of that one month’s salary, you hold back a person and ask him to serve for thirty more days, not realizing, if you let him go today, he will go – if you let him go thirty days later, he’ll take five more people with him and go. Because the day he has resigned, unfortunately, it shouldn’t be the case. But unfortunately, in today’s scenario, the day he has resigned or the day his heart has left this job, his loyalty has already shifted to the new employer. Today, he’s thinking about how to earn a good name with the new employer, because it no more matters to him, what you think about him. And the new employer also, unethically, does not mind asking this new employee who’s going to come, “Can you also get some more people for me?”. And he’ll wind up some more people from the organization and go back. Why? You kept a rotten tomato inside the basket of good tomatoes longer than you should have kept, and it’ll spoil all the other tomatoes. Sometimes, in order to save all the good tomatoes, the rotten tomato must be thrown outside. Again I repeat, and this is one principle which has given me so much peace of mind. Individual interest must always be sacrificed for the sake of a larger interest. Sometimes, individual interest must be sacrificed for the sake of a larger interest. In fact, one of the unquestionable management wisdom is, if you cannot mend them, end them. If you cannot mend them, end them, at least you’ll protect all others who are good! It’s not about lack of productivity, which is an issue. It is one person contaminating the attitude of everybody else which is an issue! Even if people don’t leave, somewhere if he has shaken their confidence in the existing management before he leaves, you are sitting with a set of people who are no more convinced in the leadership or the vision of the existing organization. And I think you are dealing with speed breakers in the organization, which is going to slow you down.

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