Arts and Letters Summer Internship Program – University of Notre Dame
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Arts and Letters Summer Internship Program – University of Notre Dame

STEPHANIE: This summer I am working as a graphic design intern at Radio Flyer. ADAM: I am doing an internship with CBS News. BLAKE: I am interning at 44 Blue Productions. MEGHAN: …Sheffield Marketing Partners.
ANNA: …Pricewaterhouse Coopers. SAMUEL: …Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. KATIE: …Liquidity Services. SARA: I have been working at the Valois Group. I shoot YouTube videos, promos, teasers. MEGHAN: I am helping the director here write a book. ADAM: …working with the investigative unit within CBS News. BLAKE: I am working in the Edit Bay working on string outs and cutting
down interviews. STEPHANIE: … editing international packaging and making prototype boxes to look at on the shelves. ADAM: This internship has been fantastic. So many opportunities have opened up. ANNA: Working on
different business problems really has given me the opportunity to grow and
develop thinking skills. STEPHANIE: This has given me an idea as a designer what it’s like to
work production. MEGHAN: I have definitely learned a lot about the publishing industry and what it’s like to put together a book. SAMUEL: It’s been really helpful for my career path in
trying to find a place where I can apply my interests. SARA: I definitely have a better sense of how to kind of work in a team, work on set. MEGHAN: I received a grant from the Arts and Letters Summer Internship Program. I definitely could not have been
here without the grant. SAMUEL: I would not have been able to do this internship without
the Arts and Letters Summer Internship Program. BLAKE: They are the sole reason that I am here. SARA: If I hadn’t gotten it, there is no way I would be in LA right now. KATIE: Internships are so valuable. You learn so much about just working in a business environment. ADAM: It is so important to get experience outside of the classroom and in the real world. BLAKE: If I had any advice to give I would say start as early as possible. MEGHAN: Get into the Career Center as soon as possible. KATIE: Don’t be afraid to kind of branch out, you know, go somewhere new. ANNA: Being in the College of Arts and Letters, you have been given the foundation to
succeed and to really make an impact in these companies and take what you’ve
been given at Notre Dame and pay it forward.

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