Ask Me Anything: Leo at Nestlé USA
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Ask Me Anything: Leo at Nestlé USA

Leo? Just the man
I was looking for! Hey, how are you? Good, good! Thanks for taking the time
to answer a few questions. Of course, shoot! Alright, here’s an easy one: What’s your position at Nestlé? I’m marketing director for Ready to Drink. And what was your first
position at Nestlé? Associate brand manager for
Nesquik back in Mexico. Alright, three words that
describe the RTD category? Fast-paced, intense
and very competitive. What’s your latest coup? We just got approval for all of our
launches from here to 2021. So, pretty cool. More fun to work on challenger
brand or category leader? They’re both fun, but I would say I’m
really enjoying being a challenger right now. Next big thing in coffee? Adaptogens. You wait for it,
it’s gonna set the world on fire. Alright, I will wait for it. Biggest challenge the
coffee category faces? There’s a lot of people coming in and if
we don’t do it right, we might just wind up commoditizing the category. What’s a time you took a risk? When we decided to go into ready-to-drink we
didn’t really know what we were doing and yet we decided to still go for it
so I would say that’s pretty gutsy. How cool is it seeing your
brands on the grocery shelf? It’s awesome. But you know
what’s even better? When you actually get to see people pick
it from the grocery aisle themselves. That’s winning. So team conflict:
strength or weakness? Healthy conflict,
definitely a strength. Healthy, got it. What makes your team awesome? They just come from very diverse
backgrounds, they come all of different nationalities and they’re just
very fun to be around with. Hey guys, you want
to do a selfie? What are we doing here?
Oh selfies; alright hey smile! Thanks guys. The last thing you
talked to your boss about? How to make the
innovation process faster. The first thing you do when
you get to the office? I have a cup of coffee.
I don’t function without coffee. Get this man some caffeine! What always makes
you laugh? When my family sends me
videos of my nephew just doing fun stuff back at
home, that puts a smile on my face. Alright, the best thing to
happen to you today? I went for a run this morning and there was a little deer
just grazing on the side. I mean, what a sight. Lucky! Favorite thing about
Nestle’s awesome new digs? I mean have you seen this view?
Doesn’t get better than that. I know, I want to move in. If you weren’t a marketing guy,
what would you be? Probably a chef. Oh Chef Leo! Iced or nitro? Definitely nitro. What’s your personal mantra? You don’t know what you don’t know. I did not know that. How do you plan to spend your 401k? Retire on a beach somewhere
and set up a little bed & breakfast that would be cool. That sounds awesome. Georgetown or Dupont Circle? Love Georgetown! Your commute: love it or hate it? Love it! I mean I get to walk
across the Key Bridge every day. What’s something about Nestlé that
almost no one knows? How much we do for the coffee farmers. If anybody could just see how
much we give back the plants, the training.
I wish everybody knew about that. Can you say “Nestle’s the place for me”
in as many languages as you know? Blowing my mind. Leo, thanks it’s been great but last
and most important question. Of course. Where can I get a
coffee for the road? Right behind you. Bye! Okay, bye, au revoir Adios!

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  1. Love Nestle Coffee!!
    We have a departmental store in Delhi,India and people who buy coffee at our store always buy Nestle!!

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