AUPHA   Health Administration  A Career with a Calling
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AUPHA Health Administration A Career with a Calling

So right now is a major turning point in healthcare America is not healthy and there is a huge hunger for innovation and figuring out a better system and Healthcare Administration health policy is a way to do that. The healthcare system has improved a lot but you know yourselves how Much it could be better how much it could work on behalf of everybody. But at the same time the country is begging for Leaders to speak out for what’s needed? What’s right? I think that’s what makes this healthcare so different you’re selling something that nobody wants, right So, how can we how can we make this a pleasant experience for people? How can we do our best in that vulnerable point of time? Suppose, you know, when you think of health care management it it could sound boring But really in reality I think for those of us who discover the field we realize the enormous potential it holds for making change. If you don’t like change this is not the place for you But because of that change it drives opportunity. The opportunity not only to advance your careers but also the opportunity to do something that’s going to make a difference in society as we take care of people So a doctor will see a patient and work one-on-one with them Right, but a healthcare administrator sees an entire population and they’re an important part of the community So they’re in a position to improve health and improve the community like no one else health care has a mission generally to improve the lives of patients and I think that it really gives meaning to Your work to know that what you’re doing will impact and touch people’s lives Healthcare Administration is so broad. I think that there are a lot of different types of organizations You could work in a hospital You can work to manage care you can work in consulting and so I just think that there are a lot of different Avenues or paths that you can take. I think it’s a matter of understanding what you want to do and I guarantee you will find something in health care management to match up and Exceed your expectations health care administration is not just about a bunch of bean counters There are a wide variety of opportunities that one could have within healthcare from IT To marketing to strategy to finance to operations one thing that might surprise people about this field is how much room there is for creativity This is not just a plug and chug kind of science This is a place where people come in and they can really innovate Whether you’re an entrepreneur and want to be part of a high-tech startup whether you want to work in a hospital Itself, whether you want to work in insurance or policy, some people think you need to be brilliant to be successful You don’t it’s really the most important things are values the ability to listen the ability to be humble the ability to connect people I think that if you’re especially if you’re a person who saw problems And likes to see resolve think that this is a good place for for you to start or for you to be

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2 thoughts on “AUPHA Health Administration A Career with a Calling

  1. I think this is so kool they are leaders the people ive matt in this feel are very helpful and caring they worked hard and have nice office and the employees respect them i someday want to go to school for this and help others aswell in health care

  2. I’m getting my BS in healthcare administration next semester but I really like to work as a clinical rather than the business side. I don’t like disk jobs. I rather work with patients directly. Is there anything I can do with my degree that is in contact with patients? I don’t wanna do nursing cuz it’s too impacted lol maybe in this field where I can work with patients directly

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