Aussie Moto found the right person through Youth Jobs PaTH
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Aussie Moto found the right person through Youth Jobs PaTH

We’re a relatively small business, we’ve only been going for
a short amount of time. My wife, Nicky, and myself, we’re the two directors of the company, and we very quickly realised that we needed another person to come in and give us a hand. So, the Path Program was I guess introduced to us through
our local accountant. We made a call, it was a
relatively simple process. So, the employment provider was great. They short-listed some candidates for us. And we found a fantastic candidate on our first opportunity.
With any employee, we’re looking for somebody with the right attitude. Our motto is we hire for attitude and we train for skill. I think the PaTH program
and support was fantastic. As I’ve said, they really laid out the pathway for us to find
the suitable candidate right from the first phone call, right through to the
end of the internship, which we’re nearly at, and leading into an apprentice type role. Because I know bikes already, he tells me what he
needs done on the bikes, and I just go do it, and then if I have any problems I’ll let him know, and if it wasn’t for this internship I may not even know this place was here. His passion for the sport, and for the industry, shone
through quite clearly, for us. He’s on time, he’s got a great attitude, he likes talking to our customers, and they like him, so it
was a really nice fit. The point where we go from intern to apprenticeship, we decided pretty early that that’s the path
that we wanted to follow. A qualification for Travis gets him to the next level he needs to be. That’s a skill he has with
him for the rest of his life. He can go anywhere in the
world, and do what we do. So, we’re very keen to bring him onboard. Teach him as much as we can,
and let him spread his wings. The youth bonus wage
subsidy was a fantastic opportunity for us to bring
Travis into the business, and also support us. We
are a small business, so that government funding to bring Travis into the program was fantastic. I’d highly recommend that people utilise the Youth Jobs PaTH program, it’s been fantastic for us. And I think a lot of employers, if they gave it the opportunity would find it very, very good.

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