Away Suitcase Product Review **not sponsored**
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Away Suitcase Product Review **not sponsored**

hello youtube this is richard founder of
short-term rental and Airbnb super host you may be wondering
why am i reviewing a suitcase on this channel well let me explain a couple
things one I love traveling the world it’s one of the reasons that I’m an
Airbnb super host is that I’d love to explore and check out different things
and go on adventure the same time my properties via Airbnb and home away are
generating income affording me the ability to do that the other thing is
I’m a serial entrepreneur and so I love following innovation and new ideas and
creativity and when I see cool things I try them and occasionally I’ll go ahead
and review them on this channel now it’s important to note I wasn’t paid to
promote this I paid full price for this product just like everyone else
but I think it’s pretty cool and I wanted to share it with you so the
product I want to review is the away carry-on suitcase so let’s start with
the outer shell the luggage is made of some you know plastic resin that’s
completely scratch resistant very lightweight and it works really well
it’s actually a little bit collapsible it’s got some give to it so if you over
stuff it it expands a little bit if you’re stuffing it overhead and it needs
to compress a little bit it actually does that so it’s got some give but it
seems to work and is scratch resistant the wheels and the handle felt very
different than what I’m used to like the the older technology on the to me was
much more rigid and firm and it felt really sort of like strong the handle
has a little bit of give to it a little bit of play so it feels a little bit
less expensive but I think that’s by design they want it to act like a shock
absorber and same with the wheels the wheels all turns but it actually rolls
really quite well so the reason that this suitcase has got a lot of publicity
and has become popular is because it has a battery built into it just recently I
was coming back from Miami and it actually saved my butt my phone was dead
Charles was behind the camera his phone was dead and the two of us like dummy
sat in the terminal charging our phones trying to get our car and then it just
sort of dawned him is like wait a minute the suitcase that I have has a charger
built-in and so we literally plugged into the away suitcase and started
rolling to the curb called our car got into the car and continued to charge our
phones and all of a sudden let light bulb went off and I was kind of like gee
this does make some sense and here’s one really cool thing that I haven’t seen
any other luggage manufacturer do they’re actually like fit inside one
another so if get the really big suitcase and you get
the medium-sized suitcase that’s meant to go in there and then you get the
carry-on that’s meant to go in there so it’s like stacking so if you are an
Airbnb host and you have limited space to like store luggage like most of us
it’s actually pretty convenient that you would just store one piece of suitcase
and you have three built in so the biggest drawback of this suitcase or at
least my first impressions after half a dozen trips with it is it just kind of
feels inexpensive there’s a lot of wiggle and it’s light and you know it’s
just different than the suitcases that I’m used to they say it’s all by design
it seems to be working well it’s holding up quite well but my biggest questions
gonna be you know how well does this things hold up over years of travel
because I’ve had my to me luggage for probably since 1998 it’s almost 20 years
and this is where it really beats in my opinion that standard luggage that I’ve
been using the to me luggage it’s less than half the cost I bought the rollaway
carry-on suitcase for about two hundred and twenty five dollars and the question
that you may have is like should you buy it well if you’re in the market to
replace yours like yours is on its last legs try it I think you’re gonna like it
and I think it’s a very compelling value but if you don’t need a suitcase I
wouldn’t run out and get this unless you think that that built-in charger is
something that you must have it like you’re a road warrior you must have it
alright my youtube friends thanks so much for dealing with this is my very
first product review and it’s actually a lot harder than it seems so go ahead and
please leave me comments and feedback and if you liked it like the video if
you haven’t subscribed to the YouTube channel please do so we’d really
appreciate it and likewise if you’re not following us on Instagram check out the
link in the description below and check us out there we also respond to direct
notes so thanks so very much and I’m going on
the road again

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11 thoughts on “Away Suitcase Product Review **not sponsored**

  1. I saw the away luggage and It looked like a great product, but I tried to purchase the product and had an awful experience. It charged my credit cards multiply times I asked exactly what happened, but there was not real explantation for it. I still wanted to buy it in the end, but I asked if there was any compensation for the hassle of calling multiply banks to get my charges cleared and they said there is nothing they could do to help or even give a slight promotional discount. In the end I would still love to purchase the product, but the buying experience and talking with the rep left a bad taste in my mouth. :***(

  2. I appreciate all the colors Away offers, but the power of the charger could be better. Hopefully they will soon offer one that has quick-charge technology and more mAh.

  3. Hey – the promo codes can only be used max 20x, please use mine if you need a code!

    Use link above for $30 off your first purchase and free shipping. Discount is applied once prompted for shipping address. Additionally, you'll get extra discounts for buying multiple bags $70 off Carry-on and Medium AWAY luggage $65 off Carry-on and Large AWAY luggage $120 off Carry-on, Medium, and Large AWAY luggage

  4. I just got the aluminum luggage, it is the so sexy and sleek.The polycarbonate one actually feels less sturdy than my samsonite polycarbonate though. Use link for $20 off!

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