Awkward Internship Application
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Awkward Internship Application

I think, no matter what you’re studying, you probably have to do an internship at some point of your education. I’ve had to do 4 internships so far, 2 of
which were at the same company. All these internships are
interesting enough for their own videos but today I want to talk about how
I got my internship at one of these companies because I think it deserved its own video. It was for the second year of an IT study,
I still am studying IT today actually but at a different college. And let me just say, that finding an internship
at that point was very difficult. I didn’t have much experience with IT at
the time and most companies are looking for people that are able to jump right into the
work without much help. I had sent so many email to so many companies,
my supervisor told me it was better to call them or pay them a visit myself. But when I did that I was always so nervous
and unconvertable that I was happy the conversation ended even if I didn’t get the internship. Yess! Did you get the internship? No, even better! The conversation ended. Finding the correct internship is a difficult
thing to do, but luckily, my supervisor knew this one company that didn’t have any employees
but only hired interns, because they work for free. Their current interns were about to quit so
there would be place for me. I made an appointment, through email, not
by a phone call, see talking online is much better than a real conversation The very next day I went there for an interview,
I parked my scooter, walked up to the door, rang the doorbell, and nobody came. Rang the doorbell again, still nothing. I looked through the glass in the door and
there was only a small room with some stairs. Now like most of you know, I’m a very awkward
person. So randomly walking into an unknown building
and asking people where to go for your internship isn’t really my thing. But if I wanted this internship, I had no
choice. So I entered the building, walked up the stairs
and had no idea where to go next. On my right there was a long hallway with
rooms on either side and there was music coming from the back of the hallway. In front of me there was a smaller room with
computers operating automatically with all sorts of complicated code on it, almost like
it was an alien base or something. And on my left,
there was a bathroom That must be the place! Nah, I just followed the sound of the music
and I found 4 people, who all started staring at me like, who’s this guy. Hi, I’ve come for an internship application,
am I at the right place? They were all very young so I thought they
were other interns that already worked there but one of them turned out to be the boss
of the company. He was very nice, and very casual. But he told me before I got hired they wanted
to test my skills. FFFFff, alright. Let’s do this! 6 Alright, I had to come back a couple of days later and make an assignment to see if I had
enough knowledge to work there. So we made an appointment for a couple of
days later and, I was quite worried actually because all the other interns that worked
there were from a year higher than me. What if they expect too much from me. The appointment was for 8:30 but I thought
if I’m late I’ll make a bad impression. So I made sure to be there at 8 am. I waited for half an hour, and nobody was
there yet. Ah, they’re just a bit late that’s fine,
the less time I work today the lower the chance I do something stupid. Waited for another 15 minutes, and still nobody
was there. Any minute now. Another 15 minutes, I’ve been waiting there
for an entire hour now. If they don’t come do I get the internship
automatically? Another 15 minutes, and finally somebody showed
up! Ahhw 🙁
It was the boss carrying his daughter, he apologised for being late but then we went
inside. He gave me a trip through the building, explained
a few things and gave me the assignment. It didn’t look too difficult, I had confidence. While I was working the other interns came
in and I was told if I had any questions I could ask them for help. But I was overthinking that a little bit too
much. What if this is a test, maybe if I ask a question
I’ll fail because I’m supposed to be able to do this on my own, but maybe if I don’t
ask a question they think I can’t work with other people and fail me because I’m bad
at cooperating. What if I ask a question that’s not about
the assignment, like, where’s the bathroom. But what if they think I’m looking up the
answers in the bathroom and fail me because they think I cheated. I don’t even know their names, is that a
bad thing? Am I behind schedule now? What if I was supposed to finish this in 1
hour and there are more assignments yet to come. I’m probably doing everything wrong, I could
just as well give up now. Are you okay? WHAAAAA! But, I nailed the assignment and afterwards the boss wanted to have a conversation with me in the break room. That’s apparently a very popular room to do
things like this. However he still had to look after his 1 year
old daughter during the conversation. What was fine, only halfway the conversation
he had to leave so he left me with his daughter and told me to look after her. Whe, Wait what? Is this part of the test? Am I doing a Day-Care internship now? This sounds like a job for, the Kindergarten! Au. Fun fact about me, I’m not good with children. Like, I’m not good with people of any age,
but especially children, I just don’t understand how they work. Soooo, you like memes? Nevermind. All this time I was so worried that she would
try to climb on the couch or something, and I would have to prevent her from falling but
that would scare her and she would cry and her dad would come back like. What’s going on here, and get mad at me
and kick me out. But that didn’t happen the girl didn’t
cry. It’s amazing I know. After the conversation I got another assignment
and this one was more difficult and I couldn’t figure it out. One of the other interns helped me but even
he didn’t know. Like, what? Later even the boss himself looked at it and even he didn’t know what the problem was with my code. Excuse me, I thought you gave me this assigment! I misspelled Assignment We stayed until 6pm but my assignment wasn’t
finished yet, I thought this meant I wouldn’t get the internship since I couldn’t do it. But then the boss told me, I did get the internship. Turned out they were already planning to give
me the internship after I succeeded the first assignment and the second one was just something
to keep me busy. Alright, you didn’t have to do that. I wouldn’t have mind leaving a bit early. But at the end of the day, when I finally
went home again (what was still over an hour driving) I was happy I got the internship. And I was excited to start,
a couple of months later. Hey guys, I have some good news and some bad
news. The good news is I just finished another video,
you just watched it, thanks for that btw. The bad news is that it’s the end of summer
break, so that means it’s gonna take a while before I upload again. And you might be thinking now, but ant, you
already only upload a video once a month. And you’re right and I’m sorry but it
takes a long time to make these videos. If this is also the end of your summer break,
I wish you good luck this school year. But for now, good night.

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36 thoughts on “Awkward Internship Application

  1. Hilarious and entertaining video as always Ant! You must've been very talented to be way younger than the other interns 🙂

  2. I loved the minecraft looking retro brick wall 😀 Oh snap this video says too much about me, I should sneak away
    Yes, table football is the best boardgame xD Ah can't wait to see what's next!

  3. Im always wondering.. whats the point of applying online..
    If none of that even matters and Ill have to show up in person anyways
    for even a chance to get the job lol

  4. Honestly talking with someone face-to-face is waaaaay easier than doing a phone call. But of course, email is the best 😀

  5. Not sure how great your boss is there mate! One thing to hire and exploit through internships but to just say Ey look after my baby!? Outrageous!

  6. I'm always so nervous when I have to make a call I have to mentally prepare 30 minutes before I actually make the call

  7. That was fantastic! Really neat story, and I loved the pacing, as well as the humor (such as at 2:06 and 5:04)! And the over analyzing at 3:44 was really well written and executed! As always, wonderful animation and drawings! I wonder what will happen next!

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