Bachelor of Marketing/Business at Monash Business School
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Bachelor of Marketing/Business at Monash Business School

My name’s Jorja, and I’m doing a
Bachelor of Marketing. I chose to study at Monash over other universities based
in Melbourne because of the diversity in the offerings in the business department
in that I could start broad and then specialise in marketing without
sacrificing any other area of business that I wanted to learn in. While I’ve been
studying my Bachelor of Marketing, I’ve also been working in a marketing agency for the last two years. With uni, the concepts that we’re learning, I was able
to adopt more quickly because I was able to see it in the real world happening, and
apply it to clients. The academics that teach at Monash are some of the most
incredible and wonderful people that you’ll meet, that go above and beyond.
Just last week, I was feeling unsure about what units I should select and
what internships I should take, so one of my lecturers I asked to catch up for
meeting and our timetables couldn’t quite work out, so we had a Skype chat
at 7 p.m. at night, so it was just an example of them going above and beyond
to help you feel certain in what you’re doing.

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