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16 thoughts on “Basic Excel Business Analytics #08: Total Revenue Calculation: VLOOKUP or LOOKUP/SUMPRODUCT?

  1. Great video, thanks!
    One little thing: In your pricing table you switched up Units to 288 and Units from 289, resulting in different transaction counts.

  2. I believe you could have used SUMIFs instead of SUMPRODUCT using boolean multiplication but would have resorted to using CSE. SUMIFs is faster at calculating than SUMPRODUCT. Also, can you list or show a video on which arguments for different functions can and cannot handle array operations? Thanks.

  3. why you have different result when you countif price/roll $187 with unit form 144 -289 ? my logic say it should be have same result. 🙂

  4. hey Mike thanks for all the kickass videos which help me a lot. Just wonder can you please recommend a good VBA course online? Since I cannnot find vba course in your channel but I find vba skills a high demand among employers. Many Thanks!

  5. Hi Mr Excel,

    I remember you once said as > is a comparative operator, which is viewed as text by excel, we need to put" " around it, when using it in a formula. May i please ask why when calculate total shipping cost in shipping cost tab, if I type the formula as =IF(I8*N2"<75",75,I8*N2), it will give me a error, but when I take off the " " from formula, it is all good to go? when should I use " ", and where should I put them, "<75", "<"75 ?

  6. Below mention is my different account number & each account number made multiple times transaction of different amount.
    Therefore, i need to calculate each account's total or sum of transaction amount that they made.

    Account Amount
    2013001 5
    2013002 10
    2013001 23
    2013002 14
    2014001 16
    2015001 28
    2013002 31
    2013002 87
    2016001 16
    2016001 24
    2016001 98
    2013002 54
    2013002 60

    Required Result

    Account Total Amount
    2013001 28
    2013002 256
    2014001 16
    2015001 28
    2016001 138

  7. Hello! A tip to extend the reach of your videos: First of all, two considerations: #1 Currently the channel has subtitles in English for most videos. #2 The tool of caption translate from youtube is very failure, mainly because the videos having many technical terms. | The tip: It would be very useful to be activated function "contribute closed captions", that allows viewers to produce translations of the subtitles. Tutorial: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6052538
    In Brazil, for example, only a small margin of the population is able to understand the English language. My friends give up watching your channel for this reason. A perfect translation would be very grateful. ^^ By the way, I can help with the translation of the subtitles if the function is activated!

  8. Great videos, I noticed a difference in results @ min 19.51, you have a count of 29 vs 34 using different formulas.
    Please clarify this difference.
    Thank you

  9. Hi, Mike thank you for all the helpful tips and tricks, just i wanted to ask you since i am not so knowledgeable what function or formula could i use to make an offer within brackets. i specifically want to create an offer for a group of travellers and i want to make an offer with a price from 10-15 persons, and from 15-20 persons ans so on. For your kind reply I thank you in advance.

  10. Thank you, Mike, for one more excellent video and your kindness in replying my comments, GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

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