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66 thoughts on “Basic Poker Strategy | Gambling Tips

  1. Always look at the cards on the table and see who has the highest card or need a card to make a straight or flush. Knowing what your opponents might have is enough to Check or Fold.

  2. poker is always about long term expectation from betting or calling with priced in situations. Only small minded folk play for the immediate ups and downs

  3. What is with this card burning?
    At first it seem that it was do to one hand folding ….
    However when the second hand folded you still only burned one card ?
    So Please explain…. Thank you

  4. YouTube has very few quality guidelines, but that doesn’t me you shouldn’t upload excellent videos. I like to listen to videos while I drive, so the audio and the message are more important than the video. This person used over 55 fillers. He also used “you know” for about a third of them, which is interesting considering I would not have chosen the basic how to video if I DID KNOW. His fillers did decrease as he progressed through the video, so practicing a little before recording will likely help. One or two fillers are fine; 55 fillers is distracting. This video shows up pretty high in a search. The better the communication the less thumbs down will result. I wouldn’t be sending this if I didn’t experience the #umfactor.

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  7. BAD ADVICE about saying a card that adds up to 19 is good….Any hand can be the winner

    You have to be smart on how much you call or raise to see the flop, turn or rivers…Know when to fold on flops, know when to call, know the mathmatical chances of hitting your pairs, straights, flushes ext.

    Most importantly, know when to leave the table when your up.

  8. O K, so I am still confused as to WHAT EXACTLY the special STRATEGY was here. This video was not helpful #BasicPokerExplained…LOL

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  10. This guy is the worse Strategist! All his viedos speak nothing of strategy and more of How to stutter throught a presentation. Why does Howcast still host him?!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 10 thousand 👎's

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