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BBC Rogue Traders Wedding Dresses – 22.5.13

spring has sprung the SAP is rising love is in the air and I can't think of any more cliches it's just as well because tonight we're moving into original and fresh territory looking at an industry we've never covered before now first impressions are everything so it's important I look my best and even more important that I'm on time sit Flint don't you just hate it when this happens slip flip it's a big day and you're gonna be late flick I mean it'll be waiting bride the groom the guests slip even the bride's mum flip now there's a really the speeches haven't started yet cuz everyone's too busy admiring each other's outfits I'll be honest with you I've never quite got the fascination with Bridal where I'm more of a dressing-down kind of guy but I do understand this people like big weddings and the dress is the focus of a big wedding so people deserve to get what they're paying for not a tease researcher that dress cost 50 quid but real brides with a bigger budget deserve more they've been going to these two shops for their dresses amazing Brides in Wakefield and the wedding dress studio in Dewsbury they're not to be confused with other bridal shops of similar names and they're run by husband-and-wife team Bev and Dean handsome Shaw it would almost be quite sweet if they hadn't ruined so many weddings in fact we've had so many complaints we've got them all together in one room here we go oh my I've done this before ladies and gentlemen a toast to Bev and Dean amazing brides and the wedding dress studio you tough crowd when Sheryl Tucker Navarre Lee was getting married she and her mom went to Dean's wedding dress studio to buy the gown he said all this looks fantastic on a bigger girl you know really you know the shape has curves and everything's gonna not be able to for one year Dean said the dress which cost 1,200 pounds would be made exactly to her measurements it took six months and when it was finally ready it just felt so bit it didn't fit prof play was still miles tubing less he tried it on he could hear the all the beads and sequins and things just plopping onto the floor now Cheryl's wedding was just weeks away but having taken her money Dean was in no mood to help I was just playing with him over text messages sent please it's my wedding day Dean please can we start this in his response stop texting me now anything any problems you have put in writing to my solicitors so I was like well why you being so nasty like this with less than a fortnight before her big day cherrylle gave up she had to buy an entirely new dress for more than a thousand pounds but Rebecca sure didn't have that option by the time her wedding came along she'd already spent two and a half thousand pounds on dresses from Bev store amazing Brides to smile even though I've lost three star who's smaller yeah then the new reduced size you yeah we just burst into tears Dean where sue it won't know got it Justin there were no way she could wear that dress cause it in pizza here's the evidence the dress Bev supply was at least five inches too small at the back and had to be held together with pins there's attitude well the dip David fought the wedding my mom went to confront her and she like she said that my mom didn't leave she was going to phone the police enough my mom arrested with the wedding just days away it was too late for Rebecca to find another dress so she paid another seems just to do a quick fix sewing a panel into the back so it would at least feet when she walked down aisle oh you could see where the dress had been altered the Biggles wear the piece that's purple in so they it would zip up and we were told when she ate she knelt down in church if she if she weren't careful I wish she stood up she could leave the bottom half of her dress on the floor luckily it lasted till about Apes seven eight o'clock at night and then they started tearing at the bottom like coming apart so I just flung it off my shoulders and just carried on alongside the complaints over quality we've also heard from brides who ordered so-called unique designs may the dress she brings said to me uh after seeing your dress Denese it the dress which – and she said the one for mazing brides so I got a little bit emotional then as you can imagine we walked over and I just couldn't look and she bit down she said no that your dress so this was a dress that you had been told was unique was designed and made by bear that amazing price and yet there it was being sold at a bridal fair by someone else yeah they tried to cancel her order but received a resounding no along with another threat of legal action they've got a thousand pounds about money though I didn't have the time so I can you know the weddings in three months we've got to completely change everything this with those points that's it drop we really can't go through with the wedding cuz you just put your trust in a company and just expect that if everything will be okay so two wedding stores and some very distressed brides yet look on the internet you'll find a bunch of positive reviews for both companies yeah they are positive there's also something a little bit weird about them take this reviewer she says she bought her dress from amazing brides yet in the same week she posted a review of the gown she bought from the wedding-dress studio so one bride buys two different dresses from two different shops in the same week and both of those shops are owned by the Hanson Shores it's a bit of a coincidence it's also a bit odd yeah certainly is odd and you know what I'm thinking exactly I'm thinking that we need to pay a visit to those stores ourselves with two of our researchers posing as blushing brides want to know how they get on I do back to Bev and Dean Hanson Shaw now the husband and wife who run wedding stores in West Yorkshire we've heard from brides who ordered made-to-measure outfits that didn't fit whose gowns fell apart and who paid for supposedly unique dresses that they then found somewhere else so it's time for us to put their stores to the test it's time to unleash the bridezillas yes meet Anna and Muriel well we are talking about weddings they're both researchers and fellows they're both single but today they're brides to be planning their big day along with their bridesmaids which is worrying they're off to amazing brides of Wakefield and the wedding dress studio in Dewsbury Oh majeure that white really suits you it's really pretty yes there are just eight weeks to go before Anna's entirely fictional wedding but over at Bev store amazing brides she may just have found the dress ah so what we want this what design hours we make them you drinking know you heard it right this is an original design you won't find it anywhere else I'm impressed but like any self-respecting bridezilla Anna wants a bit more I could have a lace up yeah if you're awesome we can do it yeah how there's like a few beads on here yeah kind of few beads you know what I put extra beading on this dress there yeah I can see all the way around amazing amazeballs well you are amazing brides Beth explains this is only the shops sample dress you'll make Anna a new version complete with requested changes it'll fit like a glove and cost 1,650 pounds it's no to measure and I another thing you know what you don't go up child down in London Felicia I'm really paying for you if I have grown for that yeah it's made special for you two measurements okay done Anna's measured for her bespoke gown and pays a 900-pound deposit but while signing the sales contract she notices a clause in it and it's a bit of a funny one um I understand that any online reviews written by me with regard to amazing Brides will be subject to scrutiny by amazing brides lawyers and may result in legal action what's that about bet we get shots that puts two flowers hi-seas rival stalls who post the bad reviews not the unhappy brides that we met earlier they of course are chuffed to bits okay anyway back to our gown they have guarantees us once again that it will be made to measure unless you change the best will be bang on her okay you don't need to renew but be there I'm fully aware woman easy stressful and all being in a minute it's here suitably reassured Anna folks had a hundred and eighty four pounds for a veil and tiara to complete the look she's calm she's serene everything's in hand she can relax its monk not so Muriel she is terrible the wedding days closing in was just so much to do I mean I would help but it's not a real wedding yeah try telling Muriel that she's stressed she's strung out she's feeling the strain look GCSE in drama she got be ok I think we can agree that Muriel needs to get her dress sorted and quick so she heads for the wedding dress studio in Dewsbury where Bev's husband Dean is head honcho and he's got an interesting turn of phrase difference is what we call that ivory oh that one's died doc Avery is not back and it's not angry by its description we call it dark ivory because that is the difference so dark ivory but not dark or ivory here's the designer here we are you see some of its own stuff ah right you designed that come up you cannot buy any of this range from a shop wow it's another Hanson Shore original looky looky Dean tells me real it'll cost 850 pounds for this unique design she says she needs some time to think which gives me time to do some research although I've never really had anything to do with wedding dresses before I am picking up a little bit of knowledge this for instance is a sweetheart neckline with hand beaded bodice and crystals and mermaid style skirt this is a strapless neckline floor-length gown beautiful line skirt with hand beading and applique and this is organza fabric now this is an a-line silhouette with a strapless Flair puted leg on that looks terribly familiar certainly does it's called Calistoga and it's designed and sold by global dress makers enzo arnie it bears a striking resemblance to the dress we've just been shown by Dean Hanson Shaw the one he said was unique so all the two dresses the same I need the views of an expert but not any old expert I'm gonna see a fashion Douai n who's designed for every a-lister from literally to Paula Abdul to Helena Bonham Carter and she helped design that dress ladies and gents let's give a big rogue traders welcome to its only Elizabeth Emanuel if she come here comes the bride Elizabeth and on your ask Elizabeth to compare the dress from Dean's shop to the catwalk creation well looking at the back it's very very similar to this design the buttons up the back it's that particularly that embroidered applique with all the sequins and glittery things it's the same shape as this and that's quite a distinctive feature it looks virtually identical the draping everything a bit more than coincidence oh yeah it's definitely a copy I mean the key features are the pleats around the bust with that bit of embroidery there you've got the crisscross coming underneath the broidery and you've got that bit on the skirt where it starts to fan out with one on the same dress as far as I can see I don't see any difference at all and neither did the makers in zawari when we showed them Dean Hanson Shores design they said it appeared to be a carbon copy of there's my Judy might not be alone it looks like wife Bev is at it too at her store amazing brides we saw the same dress on sale and again it was being touted as unique as Bev's assistant confirmed the raddest I'm there your desires you will find a designer near the shelf leave it out now if that was your dress your design and you found out that somebody else was selling a copy it would be ab c– furious yeah I would definitely be on the phone to the lawyers so an original that's not very original and an expert who's definitely not very impressed but what about the other dress the one that's supposed to be being made from scratch and which we've been promised will be perfect the fitting begins in about ten minutes skates okay the big days approaching for amazing brides of Wakefield and the wedding dress studio of Jewsbury not to be confused with businesses of similar names thank you they're run by Bev and Dean Hanson sure respectively and Bevan Dean appropriately are married to each other but we found them selling supposedly unique designs that have been copied from others and worse so-called bespoke gowns that just don't fit well our research Anna is about to pick up her made-to-measure dress from Bev store in fact is that her now yes that's our Anna but that's not bad it's her assistant she shows Anna to the fitting room where she spots this notice please note dresses a standard size mirrors to your own Hey just seen a sign yeah that's your mother just for everybody else yours isn't you my Jasmine especially me with me from scratch everybody else eats nightstand just sighs Mysterio San Juans we made from scratch from scratch for you who knowledge it means fool thanks I think there's no flipping it yeah good it's what we were promised you see and it's what we were paying sixteen hundred and fifty pounds of all so here it comes our from scratch made-to-measure dress can't breathe did you got loosen that that will need rubber Baron when you try to UM b'fer know right well champagne let me see a vehicle this weekend like wonder she's panicking I must get this dress to Elizabeth I'll put it in the top box of my motorcycle where it will fit perfectly without being visible don't panic don't panic it's a bit like Silent Witness this bit unveil the dress the first clue is a size eight label we were told it been made to Anna specific measurements in fact didn't Bev say the dress will depend on her thanks I thought so yes looking at that that would make me very suspicious in fact looking at it this does look factory made so it's all I'm sorry the fabrics themselves I sort of made I think you from the label says that polyester for lower lower price points this would be fine okay but to pass it off as a sixteen hundred pound dress I would be quite upset actually okay time for the really big question what is the fit like do we know what the fit it's a little bit tight on me don't Marianas here to play the blushing bride but she's blushing more than she should be what's happened that the fun yes okay I'll look you look because I can tell there's room there for a mobile phone yeah yeah a wallet first well obviously the fit here is wrong I mean look it's not fitted here and it's a gaping here and it's not the right side I'm standing quite close you could actually see right down there you can move around in it I can actually turn it the hallway rounds yes I think we can call this dress a disaster I mean blokes could look down Anna's cleavage I'm not going to obviously I was brought up Robbie yeah yeah I mean add what can I say really it's just too too big up here it's too everything feels like it could fall down yeah Elizabeth is there a chance that this could have been made to measure no this is not made to measure otherwise they wouldn't let that happen and they shouldn't have let this happen either remember that new veil and bespoke tiara we also ordered well we were given the wrong tiara and our new veil looks old okay explanation time Anna's on the phone to bed now obviously we can't see what they've seen so here's a glossy expensive reconstruction I just thought it's been made from scratch so why would you sir sighs that label inside you've got what you bought it from me and we worked overnight to get it built in time we've all been over this you're stressed what about Anna she's getting married at the weekend well she isn't but you think she is and how about that tiara Janey and please I gotta be so that's not the attitude you want two days before your wedding I mean obviously we know it's not a real wedding but Bev doesn't no wonder she and Dean have left a trail of unhappy Brides behind them well now it's time for their special day now Bevan Dean solicitors say they're on holiday but we don't think they are we think they're here at the wedding dress studio which doubles at their home and today it's looking a little different they've boarded up the gates BMWs are there it's in the garage with the boot open so Bevan Dean are clearly at home but they're not answering a bell and here they are all right Bev hiya Dean how's it going maybe it's a very small holes a good chance they didn't see me but I hope the gays done has been hello and Dean it's Matt here from BBC Rogue Traders it possible we could have a chat about the bride's that you've left in tears and the wedding dress that you sold us which had this big gap down the front they just aren't interested maybe they need to see what an amazing bride's bride looks like time for a wedding how could you get out the wedding you'll need a vicar and some Brides mate you you and you seven the brighter green you look really quite worried and he's lovely to see you're looking kind of yeah just pick pulling it up yeah I'd rather not denna beloved we're here to celebrate the coming together of a perfectly matched couple not you too Beverly and Dean Hanson Shaw without his intervention and money-making tactics many people would have had an utterly delightful wedding we've got quite a few questions and the Hansen Shores can obviously hear us so they've sent us a gift our something blue well the police gentleman he feels it's time for us to move on and I think he's got it just about right so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna move on I'll mentor that we couldn't leave without giving the Hansen Shores a wedding gift right where's my left both Bev and Dean Hanson sure so they've been selling Bridal air for 20 years and have served thousands of extremely satisfied brides they said their businesses are entirely separate Bev describes the wedding industry the highly stressful trade where emotions run high she says she knew our pretend bride was different and maintains that we manufactured a problem situation which she tried to accommodate but nothing she did was ever right in our eyes she said she would have addressed the problem if she had been in the wrong and adds that the people featured in our film signed those satisfaction notes as for me I'm signing off by making Bev and Dean Hanson Shaw the latest faces on our rogues gallery thanks mate a lot of drivers are getting in touch

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