#BCGrad2019: Shannese Charles—Journey to Commencement
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#BCGrad2019: Shannese Charles—Journey to Commencement

Hey y’all. What’s up! So I am here at Brooklyn
College today. It’s a Tuesday. I’m usually on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays with my sister. Hi! My cousin! Hey! She’s also graduating too. So, we’re walking into Brooklyn College.
I wish I could turn this around but let me walk backwards. Yoooo. I’m on the way to class, guys. You know, it’s a beautiful day, beautiful spring.
So, enjoy your day and stay tuned. I fee like being in Brooklyn College, I’ve been
able to meet so much people in the industries that are passionate about
what I’m passionate about. And it’s taught me so much about what I want to
be and my purpose in the industry. I’m leaving with amazing, like an amazing
family. Shout out to WBCR because you guys are amazing. Even the ones
graduating now, it’s like a great family that I’m leaving with, people I know I
will see in the future, depend on. – What plans do you have after you graduate? So, um. Finally, I can say this, but last week, I finally got a job offer with
the internship that I’m doing right now. I work for Viacom and VH1/MTV, so I
will be an integrated marketing assistant, working with them in… June 10th.
It’s literally like right after graduation. (laughs) But I will be doing that and
I’m also gonna try to continue pursuing my own show called, “Shay Sayss Radio.” As a freshman, I feel like just be, be… active. Make sure you focus. Make sure
what you’re doing benefits what you’re going to do in the future. And like I said:
meet people, network, create a family, create a group, talk as much as possible,
and just make every moment count.

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