Become an Online Marketing Expert in 5 Simple Steps
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Become an Online Marketing Expert in 5 Simple Steps

What if you didn’t have to chase and beg anyone
ever again, because EVERYBODY was flocking to you instead? Have you ever imagined what would happen if
your market perceived you as bringing exceptional value to their lives? Well, that is attainable. We’ll tell you how to be that online marketing
expert and give you 5 simple steps, right after this. In case we haven’t met, I’m Dana and this
is my husband David. Together we bring you where
we empower home business owners with effective breakthrough strategies to boost your home
business success. If this is your first time to visit our channel,
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our latest training videos. At any time during this presentation, feel
free to Like and Share. Now, David, you were saying something about
how attainable it is to be perceived as the expert. Tell us more. Well, you need to focus on becoming the online
marketing expert people trust. You need to be seen as the go-to guru for
the solution you’re selling. Whether it’s soaps, or skin care, or travel,
or supplements … make a name for yourself apart from the product. Become the solution provider. People can buy products anywhere, but they
can’t have access to your expertise without being part of your community. Companies come and go, but people, the right
people, stand the test of time. The end goal for online marketing experts
in today’s market is to make a profit. You know that POSITIONING plus PROCESS equals
PROFITS, right? And what’s cool, positioning is almost entirely
perception. Let’s unpack this a little. In offline examples, we might say “Location,
Location, Location.” That positioning piece is so important. If you’re building online, I love this quote
from entrepreneur, author and speaker, Jim Rohn. He said, “We get paid for bringing value to
the marketplace.” Online marketing experts in demand have figured
out how to position themselves wisely. To position yourself well, you need to know
your niche well. That is, who you are serving. Understand the arena in which you serve,
learn the needs of the people you serve, and know the unique value you bring to that
marketplace. To be sure, this is a trust building exercise
that takes time. But don’t ever be afraid to step into your
leadership and begin to shine with your own value. That’s right. As you learn and grow, remember doing it all
on your own will take longer. If you buddy up with the online marketing
expert of your choice, or someone just steps ahead of you, they can usually help you avoid
the common mistakes and give you a significant advantage. We got involved with mentors, training, coaches,
and accountability partners and experienced a significant increase in the value we bring
to our marketplace. Even if you’re just getting started, you need
to get started now at becoming more valuable. You can offer wisdom (value) the minute you
learn it. The more value you offer, the more valuable
you become. You need to find a pace or a “groove” that
works for you. What do you want to be known for? Will you be an online marketing expert in
health and wellness, relationships, e-commerce, or some other niche in the marketplace? What problem do you want to solve? These are all questions you need to wrestle
with. Become a student. Learn about your niche and help your target
market as a way to attract them. That’s what online marketing experts in our
niche are doing with great success. When you attract with value and not just fluff,
people remember. Well, we’ve already given you some great pointers
at becoming more of an authority. Let’s now explore our Five Simple Steps to
Build Your Authority. Remember, before you can be attractive to
others as the online marketing expert and be ready to offer them the solutions they
need. Follow these steps for best results. 1. Fix Your Mindset. This is a critical first step. Nothing will work if you don’t work on your
mindset first. You need to crush your limiting beliefs and
replace them with beliefs that you ARE the expert already. 2. Know Your Target Market. Do you know who you are trying to serve in
the first place? When marketers are wishy-washy on who they
serve, they are serving no one. Be CRYSTAL CLEAR on who your perfect audience
is. We’ve got a target market worksheet for folks
in our community. We’d be happy to give you more information
upon request. 3. Find Your Tribe. Once you know who you are looking to serve,
you need to know how to go find them. They are all around you. If you don’t want to send out a search party
in your city or town, but rather to leverage the internet, there are all sorts of ways
you can meet people and begin relationship building. We talk about some of these in our 5-day workshop. We’ll put a link in the description of this
video. 4. Get Attention. You want people to notice you. After all, you’ve got a lot to offer. The best way is to post consistently and be
seen on different platforms. When you are first getting started, it is
best to pick ONE platform. But, no matter the number of platforms, you
need to be consistent. People trust that. The other even more important thing to remember
is to have valuable content. Know what people in your target market (your
tribe) are wanting to hear and deliver that. Use their language. We’ve got lots of training on this kind of
content creation and prospecting in our community. 5. Be the Leader to Follow. Don’t ever stop learning and growing yourself. The industry isn’t stagnant. It’s ever changing and evolving. You need to keep up with the changes, you
want to always be a step ahead. When you continue to grow and improve your
own skills daily, you increase the value you provide to your audience. We hope you are getting value from this video. Be sure to like and share. Leave us a comment and let us know what your
biggest takeaway from this video was. If you have training topics you’d like us
to cover in the future, let us know that, too. It’s super important to understand the big
Picture, the process. Bringing value is just one (but one very important)
piece of the “PROCESS.” Remember the equation: POSITIONING plus PROCESS
equals PROFITS. When we get the process right, profits follow. Other process items include: content, lead
generation tactics, funnels, copywriting, autoresponders, and much more. We are happy to provide our clients training
and real-life examples of all these types of marketing tools. To learn more about the PROCESS piece of the
equation, the online marketing expert in you should be involved with a learning platform
or marketing system. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! We have a powerful and innovative system that
bundles tools, training, and a supportive community. And we’ve got a special limited time offer
for folks who start with a 10-day trial membership. We’ll be offering the Secret Social Blueprint
($27 value) for FREE with each 10-day trial membership of that system. That blueprint will show you HOW TO:
Attract unlimited prospects, customers, and reps via social media
Brand YOU while you strengthen your team and your residuals
Close the sale with battle-tested social media scripts that convert
Create powerful relationships without spamming or feeling “salesy”
Attract new fans and followers daily … and turn them into BUYERS
Turn the conversation to business fast so you stop wasting your time
I know that sounds amazing doesn’t it? Get started with these steps right away, so
you don’t waste another minute. You know you want the benefits that come with
having authority. While you may not “be” the authority you’d
like YET, you are beginning to “have” authority. You are confident in at least one thing you
have learned so far (maybe even from this video), and you have the ability to show someone
else. David is right. You know something that will benefit others. That makes you an authority. Now it’s YOUR time. YOU are ready to start building your authority. Step into YOUR authority beginning today! Blessings to you!

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  2. I agree, anyone can be an authority expert in any niche they want online by simply showing up and being the leader, thanks for the tutorial!

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