Beginner Affiliate Marketing | How To Make Money Online with Amazon Affiliate Tutorial
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Beginner Affiliate Marketing | How To Make Money Online with Amazon Affiliate Tutorial

– Hey, it’s LeahRae
from, and in this video, I’m gonna give you a full tutorial on exactly
how to start making money with Amazon Associates. If you’re new to the channel,
make sure to subscribe, ’cause we’re all about helping
people create time freedom, the time freedom you deserve. So if you want that,
subscribe, so we can help ya. Now what is Amazon Associates? Amazon Associates is their
affiliate marketing program. Anything that gets sold on Amazon, you can promote it on the internet, anywhere on the internet. You can promote it with a special link that’s cookied to you, and when you do that
and someone purchases, you make some money. Now we actually prefer to really work with digital products, because when you sell a digital product, something that’s totally
online like a video series, training, downloads, that kinda stuff, you make typically 30 to 50% of whatever that sales price is. But you can still make some good money when you got some traffic coming using Amazon’s program
selling actually selling actual physical products. However, you’re looking
more usually between five and 7% of the purchase price is what you are gonna make per sale. So on a $100 thing that you promote, if it’s a physical product,
like through Amazon, that’s like five to $7. If it’s a digital product
like a training program, something like that, then, you know, instead of five to $7, that could be $30 anywhere to $50. So that’s the benefit of digital products. If you wanna learn more on how to do that, top link in the description. Grab access to that,
I’ve got a full training, gonna teach you how to really create that digital affiliate marketing business. But, back to Amazon. Here is my screen, I’m
gonna show you their page. So honestly, you can just
Google Amazon Affiliates, it’ll take you right here. But the website is And this walks you through everything that you need to know, and allows you to click to get started. Now it does say earn up to 10%, eh, there’s very few things that you’re actually gonna earn 10% on. Typically you’re looking at
five to 7% off that sales price. Now from this main website, simply click the Join Now for Free and fill out the information. Now, they will, I think,
ask you for a website. So, if you don’t have a website, go create a YouTube channel, Instagram, something like that, grab
a link to those accounts, and fill that in for now. So now you’re an associate of Amazon’s. How do you actually promote
any of their products? Well, I’m gonna show
you three separate ways that you could do this. Great examples of things that I found and that you can implement
in your business right away. Now let’s say you really
love makeup, it’s your thing, or you find some sort of interest in it, or you just wanna be on
Instagram and make up is really easy to run with on Instagram. So, find a product on Amazon
that fits that industry that you could promote. Obviously it’s always
best to promote things that you can actually stand behind, but we’re gonna kinda skip
past all of that today and just talk about the
mechanics of what you need to do. So let’s look at these, this
is like false eye lashes, okay. Found these on Amazon,
let’s say you’re in at, the make up niche is the focus you want for the products and what
you wanna promote, perfect. Instagram is definitely
where you wanna be. Now, what do you do, you’re signed in as the account that you’ve
signed up as an affiliate under. So what you actually have on
the very top of your screen, is all of your affiliate information. So what you can do is just grab this text, click on that button, and
it’s gonna give you a link. Now what this means is when
you use this link, right here, when someone clicks on
that from Instagram, that person is gonna be cookied to you and anything they purchase, I
think over the next 24 hours, from Amazon, you earn the commissions for, you earn whatever, five to 7% of whatever. So even if they buy the lashes but maybe they go on and buy
a desk, or they buy a couch or something big, kinda nice, you get those commission
too, which is sweet. So grab this link, now let’s
look at an Instagram account that this would work with. Now this was actually
where I found the name of those lashes, ’cause
I don’t use falsies so that would be hard
for me to come up with. But I found just any
old random makeup-based Instagram account, makeup
is huge on Instagram, travel blogging is huge on Instagram, travel picks, and fitness. Those are three things that
just work really, really well on Instagram, and you can
actually grab pictures and things from other people. You don’t have to create the
content yourself necessarily. And actually I’ll throw
in an info card right here if you want to do this strategy specifically with Instagram. I did a video, it goes more into detail on how to do that
without actually creating any of your own content. So check that out if you
wanna do this strategy. Now for this gal, she does
all kinds of makeup stuff, everything’s makeup, which is great. Now this gal has over 10,000 followers, so she can actually put the links to these products in her stories. But if you’re less than
10,000 you have to put them in your actual website link. Okay so, little bit of variation here based on how many followers you have. And this is her, she did a little video showing this product, right, go on through, she’s
gonna put on some makeup, she’s doing all kinds of stuff. In this video she is teaching someone how to use all of these different products to make this specific makeup look and obviously she’s
gonna use those lashes. She’s gonna use all of this stuff. So, what she could do is
actually set up a website that just has all those links in it and has that as her website link. I think Linktree, something like that, you could kind of do
with this sort of thing when you’ve got multiple
products that you’re using on one post for Instagram. But if, say she just wants
to just promote the lashes, she loves ’em, she’s
passionate about ’em, awesome, in the caption she’s gonna tell people to click the link in the bio for these eyelashes, that simple. Giving value, targeted audience,
putting a targeted offer in front of that targeted
audience, easy peasy. Now let’s say that you, maybe make up, you couldn’t relate to any of that, ’cause you’re a guy and you’re
into makeup, no problem. Well let’s talk YouTube, you can do the same type
of strategy on YouTube. So look up dog food, maybe you found, maybe you’re all into animals. You love dogs, you love animals and you’re able to create
some content about dogs. Perfect, so go to Amazon, grab that link for the dog food that you
prefer to feed your dogs that you really think is awesome. Then, create a YouTube
video telling people why you use this dog
food, how good it’s been for your animals, look up some facts from the manufacturer’s website about why their so fabulous, whatever. Put together a video, you
could actually video your dog eating the food, showing the bag and having your voice in the background and then you can maybe add in a few slides as you’re talking about
some of the important points about why this is the best
dog food to get, easy. Slap that puppy together,
get that up on YouTube and then in the description of your video, look at, this video is all
about best dog food to buy. By best food dog to buy,
look at how many views this video has, over 200,000 views. That’s kind of insane,
and if you can imagine, if people are looking, they’re searching for the best dog food to purchase, and there’s a video explaining to them all the pros and cons of the very best dog foods on the market. You think, how many clicks do you think they got on these links. Look in their description, all five of their top five choices are linked here. You better believe those
are affiliate links, those are links that when
someone clicks on them, poof, this channel gets paid, that’s
affiliate marketing folks, super simple, so giving,
they created a video, that speaks to their target audience, and that naturally leads
people who want to purchase whatever their offer is. They’ve got links off to these, specific, these specific dog food brands, people go off and purchase,
they make a commission. Don’t overthink this,
it’s really not that hard. Coming up with lists like
this on the best things, the best types of products,
great way to create content for people who are ready to purchase. They’re actually looking
to purchase something, they’re gonna search for
the very best dog food, the very best cat food, the
very best dog leash, whatever, and they find your video, your content, they’ve got their credit
card already in hand, they want to make a purchase, you’re just telling them what to purchase, you’re gonna tell them
that you have it linked right in your description of your video. Just click on that link to purchase, they’re gonna do it, ’cause it’s simple, ’cause it’s easy and right there for them. So YouTube is the second
way you can do this. So Instagram number
one, YouTube number two, and number three is blogging. Let’s jump over to a blog that I found about gaming equipment. Todd and I back in the
day, we were kinda gamers, I have to say, before we had a business to pour our heart and souls into. We spent way too many
hours online playing, role playing games online, it was insane. Anyhoo, there’s a whole industry kind of based around
gaming, gaming is big. And people need equipment. And honestly, gamers can
spend many, many hours a day playing their games online. So they’re gonna want their
equipment to be top notch, right, it’s gotta be ergonomic, they’re gonna be doing
it for hours on end. This is a great website,
I found this and it’s all about gaming,
and so they’ve got, like this is an example
of one of the articles on their website, best
gaming mouse in 2019. So, here you go, they’ve reviewed, they did a product review, great way, to do affiliate marketing
is doing product reviews ’cause they did a product
review for this mouse. And Logitech, our gaming
mice, I think we had Razers back when we were doing it,
but we have Logitech mice for other stuff, good mice,
I don’t know if you say it that way, mice, mouses, I don’t
know what the proper thing for a computer mouse is,
but these things, right. So they go through it, what they liked, what they didn’t like, they
list it all out for you, okay. Very, very specific, like I say, gamers, they can be pretty crazy
about their equipment ’cause they’re doing
it for so long, right, ’cause they do it for hours on end. So this is a great example of
how you could do a blog post reviewing some sort of product that people are searching for. And I just looked up best gaming gear, best gaming equipment,
this website came up, has tons of these articles,
check price on Amazon. Hmm, do you think they get paid
when you click that button? Absolutely, they get paid,
that’s an affiliate link hidden in a button, you click
that button, it’s a link that takes you out to Amazon. When you purchase this
mouse, or anything else in the next 24 hours, it’s
gonna be cookied to them and they’re going to
make commissions on it. So I hope I debunked
this sort of crazy idea of how to actually put
this to work, right. Yes Amazon has stuff that
you can make money with but how do you do it,
well, three great options. Instagram, YouTube, blogging,
exactly these examples right here, perfect
examples of what you can do to promote an affiliate offer
with a physical product, something off of Amazon. Now again, if you wanna learn more about just the digital
world, click that link, top link in the description guys. Grab access to our training, we’re gonna walk you through it. Now please know that
we are rooting for you. I’m here to help you create time freedom, time freedom that you
and your family deserve. So if you’re new to the channel, if this is the very first
video that you’ve seen of ours, welcome, hi, happy to meet ya, go ahead, click that subscribe button right now, so that we can help you
create that time freedom you’re looking for. Once again, I’m LeahRae,
from, head over and watch this video next, right above my head, should be floating, a rectangular thing, right up there. Hit that button, watch
that video next guys and I’ll see you soon.

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