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100 thoughts on “Beginning Graphic Design: Branding & Identity

  1. Great video altough I have one minor thing to complain: At 0:20 you say that branding is what other people think about your company. That's not necessarily true. Branding encorporates everything you would others make to think about your brand. But that doesn't mean that other people actually perceive your brand like this. In some cases, the values communicated and the opinion the broad public has are very far appart.

  2. These are sooooo educative and best of all 100% practical in real life!! 😍😍 Thank you so much for making these videos!!! I'm eager to see more!

  3. DAMNN please make more! I love watching your videos, they've really taught me a lot about the basics of graphic design! make more pls!

  4. I've made captions for this video, but obviously they weren't added to the video just yet. Maybe you need to approve them? Can you see my captions in your account? Thanks! 🙂 Cool video, captions would to make it more accessible!

  5. You guys should get millions of views based on the way these videos are made and the beauty it showcases 😀
    I seriously have so much of professional respect for you guys as a designer 🙂
    Keep up the amazing work !!!

  6. We love branding work! We interviewed Multi Adaptor a branding agency check it out if you have a minute on our channel!

  7. I've learnt so much from these videos. Your videos are so satisfying to wach and listen to, thank you so much!

  8. I've been working in Graphic Design for 16 years and I still find your series of Graphic Design videos informative. Books have been great over the years for inspiration, but these videos helps to See what doesn't work, transform into what does work in front of your eyes, with a clear reference of what was done is really helpful. Certainly makes the theory stick in your mind.

    I've subscribed to your channel on the strength of these videos.

  9. Hi, thanx for good videoes for understanding the basic in Graphic design. I hope to learn more about graphic design, and your videoes is very helpful to guide me further. So thanx for great work.

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