Behind the Scenes: My Raw Marketing Numbers
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Behind the Scenes: My Raw Marketing Numbers

So I created a video yesterday
showing what I’ve learned from getting 500 members in this Facebook
group and David Strack left a comment. It says “Could you give us some
insight into the group’s growth plotted against Facebook Ads that you’ve run?”, and I wanted to bring this point up
because it’s actually kind of interesting; and basically, one thing I wanted to show is
that while I’ve got 504 members in my group, I’ve got seventeen hundred,
1766 contacts on my email list. So I’ve got three times… more than three times as many contacts on
my email list as I have on my Facebook group. So I want to show you kind of behind-the-scenes and how I’ve grown this group and how I’ve grown the
Facebook group and how I’ve grown my email list, and you know for me the
Facebook group is one channel, but it’s not my most important channel. My most important is my email list, and the reason is is because the
Facebook group is traffic that I control. So I’ve got a Facebook group, but at the
end of the day I don’t own the platform. Facebook owns the platform. So if Facebook decides one day that
they want to limit the reach of groups, like they’ve done with Pages
as of late, then I’m screwed. Or if they just decide “Oh, we don’t want to… you know, Groups are no longer
a thing, we’re going to get rid of Groups”, then my group will be totally gone. So it’s hard to kind of plot exactly
how my ads correlate with my group because I don’t drive people directly to my group. My main focus is to get people on my
email list and then to get them on my group. So I want to show you exactly
kind of how I’ve done this. So basically I’m taking this
from the beginning of the year. So this is all of my Facebook… this is my whole Facebook marketing account. January 1st through May 8th which is today. As you can see, I’ve spent $15 650 on Facebook Ads,
and that’s been primarily for two things, and the majority of people
that are watching this have probably seen one of two of these things. So first is my free Cheat Sheet, The 3 Secrets
to Getting More Law Clients from Social Media. A lot of people have opted into this. I think just in the last month we’ve gotten like three hundred new people
just from this Cheat Sheet. Now the other thing is my Facebook… where is it… join… free Facebook marketing guide. This one here – The Free Facebook Marketing Guide, and this is actually what’s
called a self-liquidating offer and basically, it’s designed to pay for itself or at least offset a decent
percentage of my advertising costs. So if you look at the
behind-the-scenes stats on this, just this year that funnel
alone has generated $5,449. So if I look at — and I’ve generated some more
money offline from this funnel, but if you just look at these raw numbers… let’s see what we had. We had 15,615. So 15,615 — sorry — 617, minus 5449. 5449. That brings my total cost of
advertising down to $10,168. So that’s a pretty big reduction, which is why
these self-liquidating offers are so great. So what I do basically is, my main thing, I actually turned off
the self-liquidating offer just because I’m getting
much better return on this. Even though I offset my cost on the
other one, the cost per lead was more. So I’m experimenting with just this and
then I am probably going to throw that self-liquidating offer into
this funnel somewhere, but I’m going to start with
just this free Cheat Sheet. So what happens is, I give you my Cheat Sheet,
and then you have to enter your email address, and most of you have gone through this process. Once we get to a landing page, you come here. Now, you’re already on my email list. So you’re already getting my emails, but
what I do is I added this button here it says – “Your next step – join the Official Lawyer
Marketing Group on Facebook”, you click that, it takes you right to the group,
and a lot of people join just from there, but obviously not everyone joins. So what happens is they start getting
emails from me every single day, and if you notice in my emails, if you’re in this group there’s a very high
likelihood that you’re getting my emails. That email takes you to my YouTube channel. Every video or every email has a YouTube video
in it which takes you to my YouTube channel, and in the footer it also says
“Join my Facebook group, follow me on Instagram, watch me
on YouTube”, all that kind of stuff. Now if you go to my YouTube channel, you’ll see that my YouTube channel
is pushing you everywhere as well. So let’s go… “Esteemed Lawyers of America.” So let’s just look at this one. So basically, if you find me
organically on YouTube, you have the opportunity to join
my email list, like us on Facebook, join the Official Law Firm Marketing
Facebook group, this takes you here. Let’s see… “Never miss a marketing tip”, what is this? Oh, this is “Subscribe to YouTube”, I think. Yeah, that’s to subscribe on YouTube. So as you can see, everything that
I do is pushing you everywhere else, because I’m trying to get people
into as many platforms as possible. So what’s that resulted in is about a third, a little less than a third of
the people that are following me, have ended up in this Facebook
group right here which is fine, because what I am trying to
do is I’m trying to make it so that people see me in a lot of different places
and I have a lot of people that subscribe to me. You know, if I’m reaching five hundred people,
every day or every other day, whatever, multiple times, either on YouTube or on
Facebook, on an email and then you know, they get an email from me then they’re
scrolling their Facebook feed and they see, then they see me on Facebook as well. That’s doing great and that’s
creating a lot of top-of-mind awareness, which is exactly what the point of all this is; and that’s something to kind of keep in
mind with your law firm as well is that you want to be everywhere, you know? The more you’re everywhere, the more
people are going to see you as an authority and the more people are going
to want to associate with you with whatever your practice area is,
and then as soon as they need your services or they know somebody that needs your services, you’re going to be the first one that they
call and that’s top-of-mind awareness. So yeah, but that’s basically what it is. I mean the really important thing here for me,
like the Facebook group is awesome. I’m really happy about 504 members but the more important number is
this one right here, this 1766. Now one thing I also want to point out,
a few people I’ve talked to this strategy about, and they’ve been like “Well,
I don’t want to email people everyday.”, because I send an email every single day. If you’re on my email list, you get
an email from me every single day, and a lot of people don’t realize that,
but here’s the kind of cool thing. Look at this. “Unsubscribed Contacts.” Over the last thirty days – four. So basically we’ve got 1700 people that are
getting an email from me every single day and four over the last thirty
days have unsubscribed, and the reason that is is because
I provide a lot of value in my videos, and that’s the same thing for you as well. If you provide in your values,
then people won’t be annoyed. They won’t consider it spam because they know
that they’re getting something out of the video. At the end of the day people are selfish,
it’s a “What’s in it for me?” type of thing. If you just focus on helping
other people and just making sure that you provide as much value as possible, you’ll start building your list just like
this and you can see, it’s kind of a — So basically I imported contacts
from a couple other places here. I just started using AskMe campaign recently, actually April 9th is when I started using this,
so you can see that increase here. But if you just provide value
and just focus on helping people, and focus on providing as much information — You’re an absolute expert at
whatever your legal field is. If you just provide as much value
as possible, then this is what’ll happen. People will start following you and people
will start looking at you as the authority, they’ll look forward to seeing you and the way that I know that is
because nobody’s unsubscribing. If people were seeing my contact as spam, then I would have a very high
number of unsubscribes, you know? It just doesn’t happen. My unsubscribes are virtually… I mean, four out of 1700 is like… that’s ridiculous. That’s one of the lowest rates I’ve ever seen. So that’s kind of what it is, I mean
you know the Facebook group is great, but it’s not the only, it’s not the only thing. So you know, in terms of “Can I tie a direct
correlation with the Facebook group?”, I can’t really because the Facebook group
isn’t my main thing that I am trying to push. The one thing I can correlate is
my email list growth with my ads, and you can see like we changed what we were
doing here and we got a big bump, you know? Then it’s just kind of been going up steadily. So I’m going to be doing some playing
around with my budget for Facebook, my Facebook Ads this month,
so we might see some changes, but the budgets actually pretty much
remain largely the same here. You can see back at April 10th we were at
1400 subscribers, and as of today we’re at 1766. So how many is that? 1766 minus 1432. So that’s 334 subscribers in a month. So that’s about ten in a day, which is pretty good. So we’re going to be doubling or
probably even tripling our budget this month. So let’s see if that ten a day
continues or what it does. So I’ll give you an update in about a month. If you have any questions let me know,
but hopefully this answers everything. Thanks.

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