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– Hey everyone, I’m Jeff Bishop, joined today with Jason Bond co founders of And today we have Ben Sturgill, who is introducing IPO Payday. This is one of the services
I’m so excited about. Now we’ve been talking
about this for a long time, Ben has developed a system for predictably making profits with IPO’s. Now we all know, IPO’s can be truly explosive investment opportunities. So he’s got a great system
to identify the best ones, and exactly when to get in,
and which ones to avoid. So, I’m so glad to have you, thanks today. I’ve known Ben for awhile
from New Hampshire. He used to be a professional
basketball player overseas, and he’s very easy to
spot in New Hampshire. (they all laugh) – Father of three, formerly
a professional basketball player, IPO expert, and you’re bringing Raging Bull this revolutionary system to stock all IPO’s, and
then actively trade them, and you have three different strategies within each IPO that we’re
gonna get to take advantage of. – That’s right, you know
there can be hundreds of IPO’s that come to
market every single year. – [Jason] Wow. – That’s one thing I just never knew. I’m in the markets all the time, I had no idea there was that
many IPO’s always coming out. We only hear about the big ones, right? We hear about the Google’s of course, Beyond Meat, Uber and things like that. But you never hear about the smaller ones. – You know you’re right, Jeff. There are a lot of IPO’s
that come to market, in fact, hundreds some
years that come to market. And yeah, there’s the bigger names that come that people hear about, but there’s also a lot of
companies that nobody hears about, that come to market with
there’s huge profits to be made. So there’s an E retailer out of Africa, now here’s an example of
one that just jumps up. There’s another one that’s a
financial company out of China. Again, you look at this chart and it just jumps right up, right? Because there’s these opportunities with these IPO’s at different points. There’s the initial week where the company really wants to see the stock do well, and you see it get pumped, and you can see these things jump early on. But then, you’re an options
guy, I know you know this, the options market opens up, right? And then there’s even more
opportunities to profit, when you see where these
stocks are gonna go up or down. But then there’s a third period, right? A third leg to this strategy
when the lockout period ends, which is when all the
insiders who’ve been waiting the whole time to make a profit are able to sell their stock, their stock shares. And when they do, we
can jump in on the putz and ride that down when all
of the supply comes to market. And that stock starts
to go down afterwards, right at that lock up
period, but here’s the thing. You gotta know when those happen, and what you’re gonna do about them. – That’s the problem, I’m
always too late to the party. I’m busy, I don’t keep on
top of what’s going on. And I have no idea which are the best ones to be in all times, so, I’m looking at it after the fact, and the stock that went from 5 to 20 or 30 I’m like, ugh, I missed that one, where was I? – That’s right. – Where were you? – I was on top of it, that’s right. – That’s what it, when Ben
showed us this strategy I think that’s what excited me the most. First of all, I wasn’t aware that there was hundreds of IPO’s per year. And I didn’t realize
that the true potential wasn’t necessarily just in the Googles or the Beyond Meats, or even the Ubers. But it was these stocks
that you mentioned, I mean, lets look at the
charts here real quick. These are, look at the explosive
nature of these trades. Huge potential early on in the trade, but then you were telling
me, Jason it’s not just the first week where that
stock and the excitement around it drives it to
extraordinary levels. It’s when the options open
up a week or two later, that you can then get the
leverage with the calls, and continue to play that hype, until the lockup period when
the inevitable pull back happens because the insiders
are so excited to move on. And the supply is too much
for the market to handle, and the crashes can be huge
in that period of time. These puts that you’re
buying, they can go up 500%, 700%, a thousand
percent, I mean these, look at the size of these
drop, on these stocks. – That’s right, but the thing
is Jay, you gotta be ready for those, you gotta know
those things are coming. So that’s one thing in this system, that I think is so vital from
the get go, is the calendar. Right, and that’s one of the
things I really wanna alert members to in the service
is to let them know, hey heads up, email, text,
this moment is coming for this stock, and we need to be ready. And so when you can be
ready, the second thing, as you said before with basketball, I always had to have a game plan, right? I couldn’t just look
at my calendar and say, okay who are we playing today. You gotta know who you’re playing, and what you’re gonna do about it. And so that’s the second
thing, is I wanna be able to send this game plan,
and a simple game plan. Right now, with all this information that you don’t have to
do with, but just simple. Hey this is a green, I’m jumping in, we’re getting in on this one
because everything looks good, right, this is a yellow,
or maybe this is neutral, I’m just gonna wait, we’re
gonna wait and see what happens, or this is a red, don’t touch it. Before you mentioned Uber, right? No one’s made money on Uber’s
IPO, but it’s still a name that everyone has known,
and so you’re thinking hey, I do a ride share, maybe
I should jump in on that. It’s the research I do, it’s
reading the 200 plus page perspective that comes out
when these things file, that no one wants to
read, but I wanna read so I can know what to do, and make sure I get the right game plan in place, to be able to make profits on these, as you said, going either way. And the first week going
up, after that when options open up, or when insiders
try and get their payday, their cashout, we’re gonna get our payday. (Jason laughs) – Stop right there, I don’t ever wanna hear 200 page perspective again. I don’t know about you Jeff,
but running Raging Bull takes a ton of time, and then trading takes a ton of time as well. So we’re overwhelmed with
what we do day to day, 200 page perspective,
I’m glad you’re doing it. – I’m sure it’s good, you do it. (they all laugh) – And we’ll leave it right there, and I think that’s what’s so exciting. So we know you’re doing the research. But again, the reason we’re so excited to bring this to Raging
Bull, when you showed us that there was several
hundred, I mean hundreds of IPO’s coming to market every year, there’s only a couple
hundred trading days year, most people don’t know that. So that means that every single week, on average, there’s several opportunities, and your calendar lets
us know all of them. Not just the Googles, or Beyond Meats, that we all see on TV and in
the news, but every single one. And some of these are extremely explosive. I mean, lets look at a few
of these charts real quick. I didn’t know about
this one, I should have, I’m a small cap guy, look at
the move this stock has made. And how about, I mean
what was this company? JMIA, what do they do? – This is a Chinese
financial company, right? No one knew this was coming
to market, but as you can see, like IPO’s do, this thing
is volatile and it jumps. – Yeah, huge move, and TIGR,
look at this move here. Who knew about, did you know about TIGR? – I would’ve bought it if I knew that. – That’s right, that’s right,
again same situation here, same pattern, right, lot of volatility, boom, jumped up, profit to be made. – Yeah, let’s talk about the concept. Company comes to market,
they come to market when they think their
company is going to do well. They want the price to go up. Everybody does, and most people don’t know that you can’t really
short a stock at the IPO, which means try to bet against it. So there’s no resistance
really to it going up. If they have a good
story, and quite frankly, for a lack of better word,
hype, surrounding the IPO, is big enough, you know, there’s demand. And demand exceeds supply, price goes up, and these are great examples of that. I didn’t even know that they happened. And there’s a couple
hundred of these every year. So yeah, you’re gonna trade
the Beyond Meats, right? Or the Googles, or the Ubers, but these are juicy,
these are explosive moves. Your calendar lists them all,
so that volatility right there when you showed me that I
thought, okay if you said Jay, I’m gonna break down a
huge long research report on this 200 page perspective for you, I would be like, okay no, I
don’t have the time to do that. But your calendar has a stop light on it. And the stop light is a
summary of all your research. And it is either going to
be green, yellow or red. A few weeks prior to the
IPO coming to market, and then the morning of,
you said you’re gonna send a text message reaffirming
that stoplight signal. – That’s right. – Tell me about that. – Well there’s some important
moments that come along right? Leading up into the IPO
date, and I’m staying on top of each one of those, what the range is, what the price is, but really
wanna simplify everything, as you said, who’s got time for a 200 hundred page
perspective besides me? No one else does, I wanna
be able to do that work, synthesize all that
information, into a game plan. If you don’t have a game plan,
if you’re not on top of the schedule, how are you gonna
make profit from these things? So as you said, yeah, I’m
gonna send out that alert, that text, that email
alert to let you know how I’m trading this
IPO, in the first week as you mentioned, right, where
there’s no shorts available but there’s high potential
for running based on certain factors, right
and then beyond that, once the options market opens up, I’m gonna have more signals,
right, green, yellow, red to say hey, here is a
stock, just like the ones we mentioned before that no
one had heard about, right that in the first weeks and months that can really jump, and
I’m gonna let folks know about that in the service, with an alert and on the schedule as clear as day. – Well that’s really
important to point out here. The IPO’s are listed on the calendar, the second phase of your
strategy is trading the options. Because they don’t start
trading with the IPO, they come a week or two after,
so your calendar lists that and you’re letting us
know with those options, using a stoplight, if
you’re green, yellow or red. I love that, cause I take a
quick glance at the calendar and I know TIGR is coming,
and you’re letting me know green light, that means
you intend to buy it. And then the morning of the IPO, you reaffirm with a text message,
it’s still a green light. That way I know, you’re bullish on TIGR that day, 30 minutes
before it starts trading. To me, as a busy professional, and trader, I can use that information
to make decisions. More importantly, you’re the options guy. A few weeks later he’s
doing the same thing. The calendar show when the
options come to market, for all of these, that’s
hundreds of trades each year. And I’m assuming, the calls
can be really juicy there. Like they’re leverage on stock, right? – These stocks go
absolutely crazy sometimes and you wanna be in the calls. But I can’t stay on top of them, they’re so many all the time,
and there’s no organized calendar out there for when
options are coming to market. So the fact that you’re
putting this together for people is truly revolutionary,
no one else does this. And the fact that you’ve got the easy red light, green light, that’s giving me a quick do I wanna look
into this more, or no? So the fact that you’ve done the research and tell me what you’re planning to do, that gives me the heads up on which ones I’m gonna think are more
important to look into. – You mentioned, you know,
that options to be sure of, the Amazon of Africa,
right, it’s a company that comes to market, almost
nobody knows about it, but then I would’ve had the green light, as those options opened up,
because I know you love options you could’ve made a lot
of money on those calls. But even if you just want
to trade stock, you know, the stock doubled, it
jumped and anyone in there on that green light would’ve
made double their money – That’s right, I love
the fact that you trade both stock and options in a service so, no matter if people are
comfortable with options or just stocks, you give
them both opportunities with service, that’s fantastic. – Sure, yeah for folks that
want to keep it more simple and just trade the stock,
that option is there. Because these things are volatile. – That’s what I’m gonna be doing. I’m so excited about that, and I know you’re gonna love buying the calls. I mean, so, what we have
so far is the IPO date, we’re getting a red
light or a green light. In advance notice, but also a reminder just before it starts trading
of what you’re about to do, and if it’s green, you intend to buy. So, that’s exciting, you’re
buying the stock on the IPO date and there’s a lot of volatility
and it can go up a lot, so the chance for explosive
returns is right there. And then a few weeks later,
the same thing is playing out on the same company, but with calls, because we’re still bullish. There’s a third phase to the trading here. Might have been in and
out of the stock already, might have re-bought
the stock, or the option when those options become available. But there’s a third phase, talk
to me about the third phase – Well again, it goes
back to the calendar, knowing what’s coming, so the third phase. Something that’s interesting about IPO’s is that there’s already
insiders, people that own the company, and there’s a
thing called a lock up period. So once it comes to
market, that lock up period extends and then when it ends, the insiders can sell their shares. – Now it’s also – I’ve been on the wrong
end of that too many times. I’m not looking out for the
date, and I’m on the wrong end of buying the shares they’re selling. – That’s right, that’s right. Cause what happens is that, you know, there’s a certain amount of shares that come to market with the IPO, when the lockout date ends,
all the insider’s shares come to market as well,
so supply and demand. Supply increases, demand stays the same, we start to see that stock drop, that’s when you can jump in the puts, and make a lot of money there, too. – I love this part, and it
is very natural process. People build the company,
they get stock at a much lower price, they present the company an IPO, and then several months down the road, they can sell their shares after the IPO. That massive amount of
selling weighs on the stock, and it comes off then crashing down. I mean look at some of these charts here. These are really, really big drops. If you had puts on these
moves, I mean, look at this. This stock absolutely tanked. There, it’s just the
natural process of an IPO. Quite frankly, if I built a
company that came to market, and I had shares that were locked up, when they were available to be sold, if the price was high,
I would sell my shares. – [Jeff] Who wouldn’t? – Yeah, who wouldn’t? – If you had shares at a
dollar, and the stock is trading at a hundred, wouldn’t you sell it? – What’s important here,
is we’re buying the company at the IPO, possibly when the options becomes available too, we’re buying calls. These are bullish things, we need to know when insiders are gonna start selling, because that’s gonna weigh on the stock. We wanna sell our stock, or our calls, before that, but there’s
another way to profit here. And I know you love this,
when you saw his strategy, you’re like, alright
this is bing bang boom. – This is actually my favorite part of it. Profiting from that predictable date, when the insiders have
the opportunity to sell. Because the stock hardly ever goes up, but often it goes down, and that’s an edge you can have on the market. – Yeah, it’s a payday for them, right? They’ve been waiting a
long time to make money off of this investment that they have. And as they take their
payday, we can take ours. – Ugh, I love it, that’s why
we’re calling it IPO Payday! Man, so, alright, so you know
that the lockup is expiring, you know insiders are
selling their shares, so you should be out of long positions, you should be out of calls,
I assume you’re buying puts at the time insiders would start off-loading their shares. – And these puts can be pennies, Jason. (Jason laughs) – That’s my game, I love it! So we’re talking about options
that could go for pennies or a buck, and then have
explosive, 500, 700, or even thousand percent moves, because I mean, look at the charts. They can really drop, I
mean stocks go up slow, as you noted but they come down fast. (Jason laughs) – When those markets get
flooded with those extra shares from insiders, that’s where
you can start to see that drop. Because supply just explodes,
but that’s when you gotta know when it’s coming, so you can
get in at the right time. – I’ve been looking at your
charts and your portfolio, and what I’m most shocked
at, and what I really didn’t realize, is I almost suspect that the hype and all the excitement around these IPO’s drives them higher prior to lockup. And that benefits those insiders, I mean, if I had a public company and I saw it go from ten to fifty in the first
six months, I’d be excited. And what’s going on during that time? Companies announcing
all this amazing news, it’s hitting the market
for the first time. It’s happening in all of
the well known companies, but it’s also happening
on these small companies. I mean, the proof’s in the pudding, we’ve just seen the charts. That’s amazing, so you
get a huge drive higher, and then, not always, but
often, a huge drive lower, and you can profit three
time, two times on the way up, and one time on the way down. – Well that’s the thing I love about this, there’s a lot of activity, I
don’t think people understand that about IPO’s, but
there are multiple places where you can jump in with activity on day trades, swing trades, options you just gotta know when it’s happening and what you’re gonna do about it. – Calendar simplifies that,
it really simplifies that for busy guys like us, I know
I’m gonna be trading with him. – I’ve got time for a text
message with a green light. (they all laugh) – [Jason] That’s what I got time for, man. – Well guys I gotta tell
you, I love this system. It sounds fantastic,
and I think our members are gonna eat this up. – Oh they’re gonna love it. – I’m excited to get started with it. It sounds like it gives you
a unique edge in the market, where you can like, predictably profit from these IPO situations, which we know, are explosive in the market all time. So we’ve talked a lot about it. Now tell us, exactly what do
people get with IPO Payday? – Yeah, let me break it down. It all starts with the
calendar, and the calendar is a summary of thousands of dollars that I spend every year to
get this private information, right along with hundreds
of hours I put into researching that and
synthesizing that information and drawing them down into
three important moments in the life of an IPO. The first day, when an
IPO goes public, it’s like Christmas morning, you just
don’t know what’s coming. (they all talk over each other excitedly) And you gotta know, is this a red light, or is this a green light? So I’m gonna let everybody
know on that morning, right, what we’re doing, is it time to make a profit for a payday, or not? And then after that – Wait wait wait, there’s like
two hundred of these a year. – That’s right. – 200 hundred Christmas mornings! – Nearly every day. – But it gets better. – That’s cool, cause I really
get jacked up for Christmas. And I love trading, so (they all laugh) – And these are a lot of
ones you guys are missing, you don’t know they’re coming,
but I’m gonna let you know they’re happening, so you don’t miss the opportunity for that payday. – I’m sick of missing out, man. I see these things too late, I
want you to tell me about it. – I can see it now, Ben’s just like, Jay, Christmas is coming. I think what people need to understand is, we’re going to be looking
to Ben as a resource on that first day to make
these trades as well as him. – That’s right, and so
then after that first day, once Christmas is gone,
there’s more to come. – [Jeff] Really? – Right, once options open
up, that’s the leverage we can use as these
things continue to rise to buy calls, to have leverage. You can buy stocks too, but
to buy calls and options, if you want at that
point, and you can make hundreds of percentage as the stock rises. – That’s your thing, I
would be buying the stock on that next phase, but
I bet you’re gonna be jumping in calls all the time. – So you get the summary
on that moment, too. But then it gets even better, there’s the moment when the lockup ends. When we know that the market
is being flooded with supply, right, by that time
we’re out of our calls, we’re out of our buys,
right, for this stock, we’re waiting for this
moment, and I know it’s worse when you’re left holding a
bag and the stock goes down. But, we know this lockout
ends, we’re gonna buy puts, and we’re gonna make money
as the stock rides down. Jeff, it’s one of the
most predictable things that you can find in the
market, when you know this day comes, supply
comes to the market, and the stock drops, and we buy the puts. – That is, that is what I
love about this service. The third phase right there, I don’t know why we haven’t been
doing this religiously. First of all, I didn’t even know there was hundreds of IPO’s every year. – Me neither. – So the fact that you
can scout out the lockup on every single one of
them, and look to buy puts, which is bare-ish, you’re gonna make money as those insiders are
selling their shares. And who blames an insider
for taking a huge payday? They’ve waited months,
I wouldn’t blame the. And I would sell my shares if I was. – But I’m glad I can
profit along with them. – By buying puts. And you’re gonna let everyone know how to do that in the third phase? – It’s red light, it’s green light. Again, that’s right, I
put the time and the money and the energy into just
making it simple and easy for you guys, cause you’re
busy, and everybody else is too. But that’s what I’m gonna deliver, every time one of these moments happen. – So red light, a green
light, every phase the way. IPO open, options start, and the lockup. – And Jeff I’m gonna be
trading a real money account for this the whole time,
right, I got skin in the game and as I profit, I hope to bring that example to everybody else. – I love that, and my understanding is you’re going to stream that portfolio it’ll be an e-trade pro help
streaming to your clients? – Streaming live. – You can’t beat it, I
mean, you’re gonna be the ultimate resource at
Raging Bull for everything IPO. – Oh man. – This is great! – That’s the goal, the one stop shop for IPO trading and profit. – Oh my goodness, I’m sure
people have questions. – I’m so glad we’re bringing this in. (they all laugh) – I’m sure people have questions, should we turn it over
at this point in time? – Let’s go, are you ready? – Let’s do it. – Alright, well Ben’s gonna
get started in just a minute, he’s gonna get back to his computer and take your questions in just a moment.

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