Best AC Company in Phoenix Scottsdale AZ [HVAC Warranty Tip]
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Best AC Company in Phoenix Scottsdale AZ [HVAC Warranty Tip]

I’m very excited to have back with us today,
we have Chris Hays with Hays Cooling & Heating. And tell us about your company. We were a small mom and pop shop that we started in 2001. We’ve grown to quite a few employees. I was going to say, look at you. We’re expanding. You’re all grown up. Yes, getting older. You’ve taken off. Okay and some of the stuff I know people,
constantly I’m telling people, get your either air conditioner or heater serviced. Mainly the AC, because people wait until it’s
way too long and then all of the sudden you know it’s forget it. They do, the other thing is that even with
a new system you still have to maintain those new systems per the manufacturer warranty. Do you really? Yes. Okay so, I maintain mine, so I didn’t know
that but I at least keep up with mine so we’re all good. They are starting to check and they are looking
at the records now, so they are coming back to us and asking us for the records and if
the records aren’t there, they aren’t going to cover the warranty. Okay, and so if someone does have a problem,
besides the fact that they do need to have you come out and do the maintenance, or just
kind of maintain it. But if they do have an issue with something
can you guys come out and say okay, yes this needs to be replaced or yes, we can just fix
it. Does it kind of go that way? That’s exactly what we’re good at and if your
system is older there’s a great promotion going on, 0% for 48 months and up to $1,000
in an instant rebate from Hays Cooling and Heating. Get out, okay. Partnered with Trane. Well, that is fantastic, and we just love
Trane. Yes. Okay, so people can just give you a call and
just figure out what they need and you’re going to help them. That’s what we’re here for. I like it, well thank you so much for joining
us. Thanks for having us.

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