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Best Camera for YouTube Videos — Top 5 Video Camera Reviews

– So what is the best
camera for YouTube this year when it comes to price and features? In this video, I’m gonna
be reviewing my top picks for every budget coming up. (camera clicking)
(upbeat ambient music) Hey, what’s up, guys? Sean here with THiNK Meda, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video. And on this channel, we do a
lot of tips and strategy videos as well as tech gear
reviews just like this one. So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. And hey, at any point during the video, check out show notes and links in the YouTube description below. I’ll list out all of the
cameras that I talk about as well as show notes and
anything else I forget. Let’s jump into the video. So when it comes to picking out
the best camera for YouTube, one of the most important questions to ask is what are you actually
gonna be using the camera for? You know, there’s a lot of
videos out on the subject, and a lot of people
have different opinions, but it’s usually wrapped around their own bias and what they do. You know, if you’re an indie
filmmaker, than the GH5 might be the camera that you wanna go for, but the GH5 is not the best camera necessarily for everybody, especially if you just wanna
make simple YouTube videos. So in this video, I’m
gonna be breaking down different categories, like
the best camera for vlogging, the best budget camera,
the best budget 4K camera, and then talk about the
right camera hopefully so that you can be connected
with your actual needs, the practicality of what you’re actually gonna be using it for, so you don’t have features you don’t need or
a camera that’s too complex to even actually get videos done. So saying that, let’s jump
into topic number one, and that is the best camera for vlogging. Now when I say vlogging, what I mean is turning on a camera,
probably holding it up, and narrating your day, walking
around, vlogging, right? And for vlogging, I think it comes down between the G7X, the Canon
G7X, and the Sony RX100. Now there’s a couple different
versions of each of them, and here’s why I think it’s the best. First of all, I think the
G7X is best for most people. It’s one of the most
popular vlogging cameras, and the reason I would say it’s the best is because you get a flip screen so you can film yourself in selfie, it’s got good autofocus,
it’s very easy to use, and it also takes great photos. If you want just a
point-and-shoot camera like this that makes great videos
and great for vlogging, the G7X is the way to go. $500 is about the Mark I
version, which is super solid, and about $680 here in the
US for the Mark II version, and so a super solid camera. The only reason I would recommend the Sony RX5, is this model, it is $1,000 so it’s almost double
the price of this one, and I don’t believe you
get double the performance, but the RX 105 is more for
somebody who wants more features. The G7X doesn’t do 4K, but I don’t think most people need 4K. But if you want to be able to
shoot in flat color profiles, do a little more creative type of work, and especially shoot in 4K video, then the Sony RX 105 is
definitely the way to go, but it is also quite a bit more expensive. So check out these quick
examples of video footage from the G7 X versus
the Sony RX 100 Mark V. All right, you are seeing
the G7 X Mark I right now. Everything is set to auto,
including auto white balance. There is a $75 StudioPRO
lighting kit right here, and we’re also gonna be
upscaling this footage to 4K, so depending on what
you’re watching on YouTube, if it’s set to 4K, this is 1080p footage from the Canon G7 X Mark I, and one of the things that
I love about this camera is it does a great job of
tracking autofocus on your face, and so I have that going right now. And so let’s now check
out the Sony RX100 V. All right, now you are
seeing the Sony RX100 Mark V. Now keep in mind, this is
definitely a good image, it’s a great camera, but this camera costs double as much as the G7 X
Mark I that you just saw, and it boasts a ton more
features, but it might be overkill for a lot of people. Also keep in mind that this
is a 4K video clip at 4K, and the last one was 1080 up-processed, and then one other thing to say is that all of these tests that we’re
doing are not meant to be an in-depth, scientific comparison. I just want to give you the
quick side-by-side comparison, kind of in this environment,
so you can just compare each of these cameras and
get an idea about them, but if you really want
to, you know, go deeper with any one of these cameras,
I definitely recommend looking around for other example footage because there’s so many
variables that go into it. Different cameras perform different in different lighting setting. You know, even the user could
have different settings. We’re trying to do everything
auto to just give you a vibe of what comes
straight out of the camera, but again, this is the Sony RX100 Mark V. Category number two is the best camera for basic YouTube videos. Now what I mean is videos like this, one where maybe you want
to sit in an office, you’re in your bedroom, and you want to create YouTube content. You want it to look awesome. Maybe you want to shoot some B-Roll, and even shoot some photos and
do some social media content, but you’re not trying to make indie films. You’re doing a lot of content
that’s kind of talking head, and even maybe beyond that,
but you’re not wanting to color-grade your footage,
and get super fancy. You just want to get
content out to the world. And so for this category,
what I would recommend is any Canon camera with
Dual Pixel autofocus. So I’ll actually put a list
of them up here on the screen, but these are cameras like the Canon 70D, the Canon SL2, also
even mirrorless cameras like the M6, the 80D, the T7i, and the reason these are all so great is because they have flip
screens to go to selfie, they have microphone inputs, so you can get better audio, and they’re very, very easy to use, which I think can serve
the widest group of people, and Dual Pixel autofocus
is the game changer. It’s one of the most, probably
the best autofocus systems on the market. Sony is definitely a competitor there, but a lot of people still
rate Canon’s autofocus as unparalleled, and so it’s a camera that you can simply set
up, turn on, tap your face, and record incredible content, but in a very user-friendly way, where you don’t need a ton
of extra features, and so, one of the downsides to a
lot of these Canon cameras is they don’t have 4K, but I
don’t think that’s something that the average YouTuber, person that wants to create
YouTube content, needs. And so when you pick up
one of these cameras, you basically have everything
in an easy-to-use package, and the standout for me
this year is the Canon SL2, and the reason why is
because these cameras, the Dual Pixel autofocus cameras range from anywhere from around
$500 up to about $1,300, but Canon recently released the SL2, which is pretty incredible
because it’s a very small DSLR. I mean, if you compare
this camera to the 70D, you can actually see that they’ve shaved quite a bit of size off
it and a ton of weight. The thing is almost weightless. You still get your flip screen, and you get the same sensor
that is in the Canon 80D, so even the $1,400
camera that’s out there, you can get the same video
quality out of the camera. You get the mic input, and
you also have new features like a faster processor, time lapse modes built
right into the camera, and I mentioned, you know, the
G7 X and RX100 for vlogging, but even this camera is
phenomenal for blogging, because you can get the flip screen, but it also is much lighter than some of the other Canon DSLRs. You can put a mic on there if you want, and the SL2, the body alone, is only $550 as a new camera. That’ll probably go down, as
it’s been out for a while, just like other camera
prices do, and so, again, for the average basic
YouTube, you know, creator that just wants a camera
that works that’s easy to use that will get your, know,
will always have you in focus, I think that any of the cameras
with Dual Pixel autofocus are a great bet. All right, now you are
seeing the Canon SL2, and you’re hearing the
audio right off the camera. This is a handheld shot,
auto pretty much everything, auto white balance, and then, remember, this camera has a mic input,
so you can always level up the audio with a microphone, and again, it has really good autofocus, so I have it set to face
tracking, so it’s tracking my face and it’s seeing it really good as I can view myself on the LCD monitor, but let’s actually check out the 70D, which is a much more expensive camera, but it has a similar sensor to see if the footage looks any different. Okay, now this is the Canon 70D with the same Canon kit lens. You’re hearing the audio
right off of the camera, and this camera has definitely a bigger and better build quality,
but it’s also a lot heavier, and when it comes to the video quality, we don’t really notice
a huge difference right, ’cause the sensors are really
the same or very similar, and so you’re still seeing this. There’s image stabilization on this lens, so that helps with shake a
little bit, but this is handheld, and I’m in the same lighting environment with auto everything on
the Canon 70D, and lastly, all of the Dual Pixel autofocus
DSLRs are gonna look similar so what you saw on the SL2 and
what you’re seeing right now, this is kind of the image
that you’re gonna be getting with a T7i, a 77D, an 80D. Sure there’s gonna be differences, but this Canon image is
basically gonna be the same throughout those models, and
then also keep in mind that for these cameras, we are
up-processing the 1080p footage to 4K because they don’t
have 4K built into them. And one of the other things
that I love about the SL2 and also some of the other
newer Canon cameras like the T7i and the 77D is they’ve
included a beginner mode, and so it’s kind of cool because
if you are more advanced, you could just turn it off, but if you’re just getting into video, these are my top recommended cameras because that beginner
mode is gonna help you start creating content right away without getting stuck in the complexity that some cameras cause
because of not knowing how to use them, so it’s
something definitely to check out if you’re shopping for someone or you’re just getting started yourself, and you want a camera that’ll
help you get the best results Category number three is
the best budget 4K cameras for creating YouTube videos. So if you’re watching this
video and you’ve decided you have to have 4K, but maybe
you don’t have a huge budget to invest, then look no
further than the Panasonic G7. This is a very popular camera ’cause it has a lot of features. It’s got a flip screen,
which a lot of YouTubers want to selfie mode. Of course, it’s interchangeable lenses, and you get that 4K video resolution. It’s got a mic input, and so
you can have that pro audio, and it is a phenomenal camera. The one downside to the
G7 is that the autofocus is pretty terrible during video mode. Now keep in mind that plenty of YouTubers have been making great videos with cameras that didn’t have very good
autofocus during video, but one of the reasons why
it’s such an important thing to me is because with the people I coach, the people I work with,
and even personally, I think most people
don’t want to become like fancy video shooters. They just want to share the content, and they want simple equipment that works without having to worry about it. And so when you don’t have
that autofocus during video, you can do a whole shoot and be like, “Oh crap. Like I was out
of focus and the background “was in focus,” and, you
know, you could see it. Sometimes we’ve had some issues where it’s doing face tracking where you think it’s tracking the face, but things are just not in focus. This is less of an issue
if you’re using the camera for a video production,
and not as much on yourself as a solo shooter, and there’s
plenty of people, again, who can get around it. What most people do, is
you get everything in focus and then you just flip to manual mode so the camera isn’t hunting for focus, so I don’t really want
to put the camera down, and that is for me why I don’t
recommend it to most people who want something that’s
super user-friendly, where you don’t have to tweak too much to make sure that everything looks right. And from here, a newer
version of this came out called the G85 that leveled
up some more pro features. Now, this one, again, can
come in at around $600 or cheaper if you shop around, so it’s definitely probably
the best budget 4K camera. The G85 jumps up to about
$1,000, but added things like in-body image stabilization which is one of my new
favorite features of cameras. A lot of Sony has it. Five-axis in-body image stabilization, which starts allowing for
very smooth handheld footage and can really help smoothing
out vlog footage as well, but again it’s a little more expensive. So definitely check out the G7 or the G85, and the one other camera I’d recommend for creating 4K content for
YouTube is the Sony a6500. Now this has become a main
shooter here at Think Media TV. We shot all of NAB show here in Vegas. It was a tech conference with this camera, and I love it because
it has great autofocus. The two brands that have
really solid autofocus are Sony and Canon. They’re kind of head-to-head
with really good autofocus, so you know that you can
be always tack-sharp, things will always look right, you don’t find it hunting for focus like a lot of the Panasonic
cameras do or even other brands, and it’s a super solid camera that also has in-body image stabilization and that can shoot 4K video, and when we wanted to move to 4K, this was the camera that we picked out. The one downside to the 6500 is that it actually has been
overheating on us a little bit, but we used this cage, and
once you put this around here, it dissipates the heat, and it
seems to solve that problem, and it also doesn’t have a selfie screen, and so if you shoot by yourself, you shoot in like your
home office, your bedroom, that might be something you want so that you can easily set things up. And so I feel like in the next version if Sony adds that flip screen to selfie that the, and it maybe deals
with the overheating issue that they might have one of
the most lethal, best cameras all-around on their hands, but meanwhile the 6500 is definitely a good choice, especially if you want to
start putting out 4K content. Okay, now you are seeing the
Panasonic G7, and by the way, watch ’til the end of the video, ’cause we’ll actually put
all the cameras talked about side by side, so you
can compare the footage in a different setting than this one. But what you’re seeing right here is 4K footage right out
of the Panasonic G7. This is gonna look pretty similar to probably what the G85 looks like, but you also are just gonna
have a few more features in that camera, but for 500,
around $500, to pick up the G7, it is definitely a great budget 4K camera, and you’re also seeing a
little bit of face tracking, so I’m not sure how good
the autofocus is doing, but I love the fact that
it does have a flip screen to selfie, so I can see
the shot composition, so again, this is the Panasonic G7. The audio is right off the
camera, and it’s shot in 4K. Okay, so now you are
seeing the Sony a6500. Now, keep in mind that
this is not the kit lens. This is actually a wide-angle
lens, the 10 to 18, which is a great lens for vlogging, but the problem with this camera is it does not a flip screen, so I can’t see myself right
now, so shot composition is pretty much left up to your intuition. Not necessarily a problem,
it’s something you can get used to. You’re also hearing the audio
directly off of this camera, but it does have a mic input, so you could always add
a mic to this camera, and we are shooting in 4K,
and so this is a 4K image and if you want to scale up on YouTube to see it in 4K, you can do that. All right the next
category is the best camera for indie filmmakers
on YouTube, and for me, I think that comes down to
either the Panasonic GH5 or Sony a7S Mark II. Now, these two cameras are incredible for having tons of features
that support the needs of people who want to make short films, indie films, do a lot of color grading, shoot a lot of like uncompressed
high bit rate footage so that they can get the most
detail out of their footage, and to be honest though,
this is a smaller segment of kind of the overall YouTube market. It is an incredible camera. I love it because of dual SD card slots. It’s great because it does a
screen that flips to selfie. You’ve got a mic input. You’ve got a headphone jack. You’ve got features stacked to the moon. Like, this camera is really
a marvel in shooting content. It’s also something that we like to use for long-form content,
whether if I’m speaking at like a seminar or a conference, because there’s no record
limit, dual SD card slots. Theoretically, I have a
power cable that plugs into the battery, and you
could actually alternate the SD card slots theoretically infinitely as far as record time. So it’s a very amazing
tool for creating content, but it’s also $2,000 just for
the body, and it’s overkill, and little complex for the
average YouTuber, and so, if it’s something that
you already know about, well then you’re already probably somebody that this might be a
camera for, but most people I think it would be overkill, and there has been a lot of
issues with the autofocus, which makes it less than ideal
for being a solo shooter, and just flipping the screen on yourself, and wanting to just get
that face tracking, solid, no hunting for focus. One of the things that makes it that way is the fact that the
focus is contrast-based and that Sony and Canon’s
focus is phase detection, and those are just some fancy words that you don’t really need to know, but there is a reason why the
autofocus kind of falls short, but this is an amazing camera. I’m not gonna talk too much more about it. We’ll link it up on the YouTube card. I have a video where we
went a whole playlist, where we went more in-depth with the GH5. If you’re somebody who wants that like really advanced feature set,
definitely check this out, and then also the A7S Mark II. That body comes in around $2,400, but is incredible in low light. Lots of indie filmmakers are using it to make some incredible work, but this video is more about
the practical everyday YouTuber so that brings us to our final category, but I want to mention that
every camera in this video is super-solid. I don’t think you’d be
disappointed with any of them, but if you ask me, Sean,
what is your personal pick, your top favorite this
year, these are the two that I would recommend. The first is the Sony a6500. Despite a few issues, this
camera is very amazing, and it’s become our, really, daily shooter here at Think Media TV for
one reason, and that was we wanted to go to 4K. And leading up to NAB this year, we did a ton of research,
a lot of debating really between this camera or the GH5, and the reason we picked the a6500 is because of the great autofocus. Of course, the 4K is beautiful, there’s a lot of frame rate
comparisons between them, but when it came to run and gun, having a small portable camera
that produces a great image, and can ultimately give that
4K result, this was our choice. Now, I don’t know if
this is the right camera for a lot of people, because,
again, the body comes in at $1,400, which leads
to me my number one pick for the best camera for YouTube for the majority of people. Again, keep in mind, I’m
thinking about price here, I’m thinking about how
user-friendly it is, and I’m thinking about
how many features you get packed in for the investment, and for me, my top pick is the Canon SL2, or again, any of those newer Canon cameras
with Dual Pixel autofocus. The funny thing is that a
lot of ’em are pretty similar and it’s just small different
features that they have, but the reason the SL2 stands out to me is because this body costs only $550 here in the US for everything that you
get, the flip screen, 1080p 60 frames per second
video, a microphone input, and you basically get the
same sensor inside of here as the $1,400 Canon 80D. So the kind of picture and image that comes out of the camera
is absolutely amazing, and what tops it all off is
that it’s super user-friendly and dependable. You know, one of the things
I’ve noticed with Canon cameras is there’s not overheating issues, is there’s not weird, you
know, quirky, camera turns off, or it has these other challenges. Now, I think those are
things you can live through, but what I love about Canon the most is that it just works out of the box, and it’s easy to learn, and
easy to start creating content, and I think that that is
the most important thing. We’re talking about the
best camera for YouTube, but ultimately, the camera is
not the most important part of YouTube. It’s not the production value
that is the most important, it’s the content value,
and what I love about Canon is they make it easy for the
camera to almost disappear so that you can create your videos. You want it to turn on, you
want to flip the screen open, you want things to look good, be in focus, the colors to look good, and
you want it to work every time, and so that’s why I’d
recommend this camera plus the affordability
makes it incredible, and one other thing to say about Canon is also that the lens selection
is unparalleled, and so you can get a ton of different lenses that will make this camera look amazing, but even some very budget lenses, and as we compare it to other brands, whether it’s Sony or Panasonic, they actually don’t even
have as many offerings for very affordable killer lenses, which we have a video about by the way, I’ll link it up on the YouTube card and the description below, on
the best budget Canon lenses, and so when I think about
someone wanting to create YouTube content, investing
in a camera like the SL2 or the 80D or the 77D or the T7i, as well as some lighting and a microphone, you’ve got the ultimate YouTube studio for what the average person needs for just creating great, great content. Okay, so now let’s jump
into a side-by-side of all of the different
footage, clip after clip, starting with the Canon G7 X Mark I. Now one thing to note about the footage during the earlier clips
is that a lot of it didn’t have really good color skin tones, and it was probably the
light kit that we were using, and it made things a little
bit cold, and so keep in mind that you could always
adjust the white balance. So right now, we’re just
sitting in front of a window, so this is just natural window light, and everything is still
pretty much set to auto, as it’s gonna be for
the rest of these clips. And so right now, you’re
seeing the G7 X Mark I, auto white balance, I’m
sitting just in my office, there’s no extra lighting besides daytime, and sitting in front of a window. Now you are seeing the
Sony RX100 Mark V in 4K. Now you are seeing the Canon 70D at 1080p, scaled up to 4K, and this
is gonna look very similar to a lot of the Canon DSLR footage. Of course, all of the settings
including the white balance is on auto. All right, now you are
seeing the Canon Rebel SL2, and keep in mind, this is
1080p footage scaled up to 4K. This is the Panasonic G7 camera. Gonna look very similar to the G85. You’re seeing 4K footage right
now, all settings on auto, and all natural light. Okay, now you are seeing the
Sony a6500, a great 4K image. This is not a kit lens. This is actually the 10 to 18
lens, but I zoomed it in to 18 so it’d be a similar shot composition to some of the other video clips. Again, this is all natural lighting, pretty much all auto settings
and auto white balance, and this is the only camera
that is in this video that doesn’t have the
flip out screen to selfie, but one hack to get around
that is by using a mirror. That’s how I just figured out
the shot composition here, and so a great camera
with a great picture. Which brings us to the
question of the day, and that is what camera do
you think is the best camera for YouTube and why? I know there’s a lot of
good reasons out there, maybe even some cameras
I didn’t recommend, so I’d love to hear from
you in the comments section, and remember that some of
the best tips and feedback come from you, the Think Media community. So definitely connect with
everybody in the comment section. So thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe for more videos just like this. If you want to watch
another Think Media video, check it out here, and if
you want to see a playlist of the best mics, lighting,
and gear that I recommend to accessorize your camera,
you can watch that right here. Until next time, Think Media
is bringing you the best tips and tools for building your
influence with online video. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon. (beep)

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  21. Very helpful info. I'm just starting on Youtube, looks like I'm buying the Canon SL2. Thank you for sharing

  22. ….. and thanks to your many videos, Im going to purchase the Canon Rebel SL2! I need something to take professional photos of my kids and still vlog.

  23. Hi I want to become a YouTuber and I want to react to YouTube videos but I don't know what camera I need what would be the best camera?

  24. i hope you see this comment and are able to help…but i use a jvc camcorder atm and its not great but it gets the job done, i have the opportunity to buy a cannon eos 5D Mark II, I know it doesn't have auto focus but i was hoping you would be able to tell me if you think this would work just for a simple youtube videos. cheers.

  25. How about audio? Looks like you have a nice set up behind you.I wish to invest in 5.1 surround sound but not sure what and connect it to my iMac. Can you do a video on that? Thank you

  26. Just out of curiosity what is the lowest quality of camera on a drone you would recommend for recording a boxing match?

  27. PLSSS REPLY ME PLSSSS 😥 What's the best video camera or just camera for singing? That picks every detail from your voice, giving you an accurate sound of your voice a lively voice that sounded just like you I've been looking but I'm not sure what camera I've found online but I hope you're an expert. So what's best recording camera that is good for singing?

  28. I tried shooting Guitar Solo Video with my mi phone…but audio is very poor …lot of echoing…i tried a lavalier mic but nothing great 🙁

  29. I wanna make music videos. Which camera would work best that is also in a good range of price? I also need sound equipment lol so I need to do some research

  30. hi there, I am planning to make some blogging video mostly out on a sunny day. Should i go a Camcorder ( like Sony FDR-AX700 which has a 1-inch sensor ) or a mirrorless camera ( like Sony A6400 which can shoot for more than 29 mins )? Which one will produce stunning video footage? Please note that i am not trying to become a professional videographer but i want to make some blogging video with stunning image quality! Your kind advice will greatly be appreciated . Thanks heaps

  31. I’m making a YouTube Chanel and I’m seriously and watching this man as if he is the gospel, everything from what laptop to get to editing software this man has it down, please sub to help this man get more recognition

  32. I own a Sony A6500 and honestly, it is such a good camera to have. Purchased it a couple of months ago from and it improved all of my videos drastically. The 4k recording is a clear favorite compared to other cameras. Views might vary though!

  33. I am a Limey here in France – love your channel – this opening ideo has extremely good skin tone – can I ask what camera you used for the introduction – thanks a lot Adrian

  34. Question? I shoot videos of me playing guitar. Just bought a Canon rebel t3i. I have a studio that's about 10x10feet. Small …..I cant record with this camera because it requires the camera to be to far away from me. Ive already figured out the audio, I have a mixing board that I run my guitar into, mics etc etc etc. Its the reason I got this camera so I could run a line in mix from the board so my viewers could hear what I hear, quality guitar without the muddy internal mic sounds you get from just using the mic on the camera. So….audio problem solved…now video problems….I cant use it until I can fit it into my studio. I want the camera about 4 feet from me….any advise PLEASE!!!!!!! Ive been using a gopro hero 4….which suck because unlike the Hero 2 it DOESNT have a line in….so…..I don't want to get rid of the camera…just get the right lens. please help

  35. Pls help! I'm a new youtuber and going to make videos of me singing and playing guitar or piano at my in home studio. What is best camera for me? Thanks!

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