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hello and welcome to Boudinot Czech Republic – it’s Christmas markets from Prague to Brno it’s only two hours on the train and we’re here to discover what’s nice here there is a lot of it to discover here but we’re gonna wrap it up to five reasons why you should visit the Christmas markets here in burner number one reason is that most of the stands here actually sell original Czech and mostly handmade products so we bought these cookie cutters so we can make some original Czech Christmas candy yet another reason is they really stick with the tradition here I’m sure you know we do not have Santa Claus we have baby Jesus and here is his office so you can write a wish to him reason number three the markets here in Brno are actually honest so they call the third element by its original Hungarian name which is weird those dialogues but we’re still not gonna have it another reason definitely the prices you can get a hot wine for 1.2 euros and some lovely Czech candy and it’s delicious ha ha there’s a lot of live music here in Brno can this get any better bunch of Czech guys actually playing check-in business terrorism and the fifth reason is the overall atmosphere there’s very few people most of them are locals Czechs and most of the stands actually sell Czech traditional stuff and also people here are like Canadians they’re really nice to each other and if you get tired of the Christmas bus and you want to warm up a little bit there’s a hidden gem right here this is Scout Sookie insisted here in Brno a place where you can warm up and calm down for a little bit before going back to the Christmas atmosphere at the markets in the city and once again people here are really nice just like Canadians but I’m actually Australia Australian okay and the Christmas markets here in Brno are even more magical at night check out their Christmas tram Wow oh well maybe future Jaromir Jagr still need some training and last but not least original betta no but a no mate guru bow most which is a apple juice apple cider and apple liquor Apple strong alcohol that’s really good here’s the only bad and sad part about Brno we have to catch our train back to Prague this was our one day to the Christmas markets here and we honestly absolutely loved it we made this episode thanks to check tourism because they support us in what we are doing so thank you guys and you should absolutely visit more than just Prague in Czech Republic there’s only lots to see if you’re curious about more stuff what to do in Brno make sure to watch our episode about Brno we did that recently and also you can subscribe to the channel because we actually make an episode every week thank you so much for watching and once he get here take a picture of yourself and post it to our Facebook I’ll see you later oh and Merry Christmas when the mayor of Prague lit up the Christmas tree she said rossovich destro magic light up the Christmas tree when the mayor in Brno said it he said orogeny to light up it’s a different word in Prague and in Brno confusing I know

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100 thoughts on “BEST CHRISTMAS MARKET IN EUROPE (Honest Guide)

  1. We are currently in Prague and you and your channel helped us so much! I keep thinking I'll see you on the street. Your city is beautiful, the walk to Prague Castle was breathtaking, literally and the yellow penguins near Kampa park (and the butt statues) make me think the Czech people have a great sense of humor.

  2. I agree with you, we was at Brno at last weekend ant the mood is awsome. People are nice, prices are fair, stuff and food is great. It was like another world. Makes me so happy. (y)

  3. Hey Janek, you should come to Zagreb, Croatia, that’s the best Christmas market in Europe for the third year in a row! It’s really cool 🙂 Love your videos, keep going on 👍🏼

  4. su z Brna a letos musím říct, že opravdu letos jsou ty trhy moc pěkné, líbí se mi, jak to rozmístili po celém centru a ne jen Svoboďák a Zelňák, navíc centrum je krásně nazdobené a jsem rád, že si z toho udělat video a ukázal to světu, moc pěkná reprezentace Brna a Jižní Moravy 🙂

  5. Really "The very best in Europe"? 😉 Sorry, but what you can see in Brno, it's a standard for many german/austrian cities. But agree, Brno's Christmas market is nice and definitely worth a visit.

  6. yaw broo you look like you are in love wit Brno
    im in love with Brno and im not even a Cz anyway
    lovely xmas mood this year in the town
    that's true

  7. If I had to transcribe kürtőskalács to Czech, it would be krtéškaláč. But it was a really nice try, you pronounced it better than most of the Hungarians could pronounce trdelník (or zmrzlina, it’s our favorite Czech/Slovak word😋😂)

  8. I'm glad, that you are doing advertisement to Brno, but I'm afraid of idea, that one day will be Brno infested by tourists like Prague.

  9. Definitely one of your best episodes. And I loved to know that Czech Tourism supports you: I have followed it since I was 11 (and now I am 16). Bye guys

  10. Ahoj Janek!

    Since i started dating my Czech bf im already hooked with your channel. Hope you can show more of Czech Republic.

  11. also super awesome is that you have the reusable cups which you can return in any of the christmas markets… reduces the waste 🙂

  12. Kamo, nechápu co máte proti Olomouci vic jak 300videí a jen jedna zmínka o Olomouci 😀. Polepšete se kluci druhá nejvetší památková rezervace po Praze. Jestli tu nikoho neznate odpovezte a kontakt Vam poslu.

  13. i'm in prague now!! thank you so much for your videos. I even warned a few people about the exchange scams// I get so happy when I find myself in the same spots that you have been in. Safe travels! : )

  14. The Brno christmas markets are very similar to the ones in Prague that are outside the center, so you can visit those much easier than Brno. Again…Janek hates tourists, he states that in almost every video. His overall advice should just be: don't come to Prague and if you do, stay away from Prague 1. Oh, people are nice in Brno, just don't tell them you are from Prague, Janek.

  15. In German we say "Glühwein" to the hot wine? So how to say "I wish to have a hot wine" – "Ich hätte gerne einen Glühwein" in Czech?

  16. Im agree that Brno Xmas market, the way much better than in Prague! I was surprised that in Prague its not that attractive, even quite disappointing .. And in Brno I loved it a lot!

  17. Janek don't take it personally but maybe it would be fine if you stopped saying in almost every second video how shitty trdelník is. it's a) not that bad b) I see many native people buying c) it's good when u discourage people from tourist traps but this is only food!

  18. You should branch your videos out to certain subjects that you give your opinions on for more views and opportunities

  19. Turbomošt is good. They used to have lots of cool hot coctails with funny names when I was studying there. And lots of it was good.

  20. Hey Janek. I happened to see your videos. I am in China right now, and I am planing to go to Prague next year, trying to get some guides from Internet, and I searched in Youtube and found your video. You and your buddy Honza, you guys are doing a great great job. I learned a lot practical info from your videos. I wonder if you can shoot a video about the hotels in Prague for visitors on a budge trip. Thank you ~~

  21. I love that city i was studying there for six months.
    Ich liebe diese Stadt, in der ich sechs Monate lang studierte.

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  23. Brno local here, the Christmas markets are really something. I love the ones in Vienna, and will be visiting the Nurnberg ones and the Munich ones this year (really excited), but there is just that atmosphere in Brno that I can't describe. Be it the crazy concoctions punch sellers come up with (try "Chinese Jesus" by Turbomošt!), the ever-present "frgál" grandma on Svoboďák (frgál is a traditional type of tart/open pie from Moravian Wallachia) or the fact that making friends is so easy (after several years of admiring the daggers, swords, armor and cups at the blacksmith's, we're now on first name basis with the master smith and he offers me alcohol when I come by, which was funny when it first happened and I was a 16 yrs old girl). Wouldn't change it for the world.

  24. I would love to visit but would I be able to get by, by only speaking English? I usually try to make an effort with basic phrases in the local language to be polite but that would be the extent of my Czech language skills!

  25. I’ve been to Prague once but my dad only wanted to go to tourist attractions and the popular sites but I really want to go to these local places but my dad would say it’s a waste of time.

  26. Whats with this canadians are nice to each other shit? Come here and see how false that is. People in toronto wouldnt even acknowledge your existence if you walked right by them.

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