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Best Free Marketing Automation Strategy

– Hey, it’s Leah Rae
from Now do you need to
generate leads and sales for your business, but you’re
just running short on time? Well, today I’m going to share with you how you can add leads
and even sales coming into your business 24/7 with a free tool. I’m giving away our
very best free marketing automation strategy to you today. Now we’ve been using this tool
for months in our business and making sales every
single day fully automated. If that sounds good, you
definitely want to make sure to get through all of the
information in this video and at the very end, we also
have a very special gift for you that you’re gonna
love, so stick around. (thunder and lightning) (dramatic music) So we’re gonna dive into how
to automate your business with a really awesome
tool you can start using for free today. But before we get started into that, I want to make sure that if
you have not yet subscribed to our channel and if
you are at all interested in online marketing, leveraged
automated online marketing from leads to sales, just to
help you make money online, then you definitely want
to subscribe to our channel right now so that you
continue to get all kinds of great training and resources from us to help you do just that. Now I love email marketing,
but honestly, it’s changed. It is not what it once was 10 years ago where it was like
printing money for people. It’s a much different game today. A 2016 report from Statista
compared the open rates and click through rates for
different types of email and in the research, they
found that the average email open rates ranged
from 5.9% to 18.8%. That’s people who actually open the email, the percentage of people who you email actually open the email,
so that’s really low. That’s not good. And the average click through rate, when you’re trying to
push them to a website or purchase or whatever, there’s
a link inside that email, was bad, .4% to 2.1%, so incredibly low. Email marketing just
isn’t what it once was. People have kind of become deaf to it. They get too many emails. They’ve got their promotion
folder just fills up every day with all kinds
of sales and discounts and promotions and it’s
just not as effective as it once was. Now compare that to Messenger marketing. Messenger marketing, this
is where you’re leveraging Facebook Messenger to
speak to your audience. It’s beautiful. Messenger marketing is where
people are currently seeing open rates of 80% or higher
and we’re seeing some up to 99%, which is awesome. And the click through
rates are greater than 30%. So typically, we see between
80 and 99% on our messages when we’re using Messenger marketing. Now Messenger marketing,
you’re sending messages through a service, through
an automated Messenger bot, they call it, and to a list of
people that you’ve generated. That is Messenger marketing. It is incredibly robust. It allows you to embed videos. You can have text, you can have links, you can have GIFs, you can have galleries, call to action buttons, there’s
just a ton of flexibility in what you can do within
Messenger marketing and a person with a
creative marketing mind, the sky is the limit. Now there’s a lot of different
ways you can get people to actually subscribe
to a Messenger bot list. It can be as simple as clicking a button on your business page. You can also embed links within web pages. So on your main website that
you use, on capture page or thank you pages that
you have for sales funnels, there’s a lot of different
places you can put this. But telling people to click
the button for whatever you’re giving them through
Messenger is a great way to supplement that Messenger link. They also have a feature
called Comment to Subscribe where they can comment. So you can do a Facebook
Live from your business page. It all has to be done
from a business page, not a personal page, so
don’t start thinking that. This is business pages only. With a business page, you
can do a Facebook Live telling them about something
you want to give away or a discount code or
whatever that you’re doing, tell them to say bananas, whatever it is, and when they comment below
with bananas in the comments, that can automatically subscribe them to your Messenger bot list. It’s really, really cool,
all the flexible things you can do with it, the sky’s the limit. And with the kind of open rates
and the click through rates you can get through Messenger marketing, it is awesome for someone that gets to it and takes this really
seriously to get it set up and working for them. Now you can have different
series that they subscribe to. So you can have a lot of
different things going on to your business. They can subscribe to a
five-day training on this or a 10-day boot camp or
just a free PDF download you’re offering, you
know, they can subscribe to a different series
within your Messenger bot. You can have all kinds of things going on and you can also send
out broadcast messages to send to everybody. So there’s a ton of flexibility. It works like gangbusters. You can use it to even drive traffic with those broadcast messages. Say you do videos, or
blog posts, or whatever, when you have an active,
engaged list on a Messenger bot, you can let them know you have new content that you just published
and send it out to them. You can get a ton of views on your videos or on your blog posts as
soon as you publish it. And that’s gonna help you with ranking and whatever you’re trying
to do with your content so it is a win. So we love these things. Here’s some examples. Now get creative because
I’m not gonna cover every possible business scenario, but I’m gonna give you some examples of what people can set
these things up to do. If you’re a fitness coach, you can have a 14-day ab buster boot
camp and for 14 days, every morning you send them a message with some instructions
telling them what to do. You know, drink plenty of
water, here’s your video, and you can have a quick little video telling them the exercises to do, say do that 15 times and this
10 times and blah, blah, blah, and you can do that for 14 days. At the end of the 14 days,
you can actually invite them to some sort of paid
product that you have, which works great, but you
can lead with something free, work into something paid, or
you can just have a paid thing to begin with that they
purchase a 14-day ab series from you and you deliver
it through Messenger. So they’re getting
notified every single day. We’ve seen these Messenger
series work gangbusters because even if you’re
using Facebook groups or email or whatever and you’re trying to provide content regularly
to people, it gets buried. It gets buried in all the other groups and all the other emails
that they receive. So Facebook Messenger marketing is awesome because they actually get a ding, a notification on their
phone, and it’s beautiful. Another example, say you’re a life coach, you can do broadcast messages. You can have a series such
as your daily meditations or personal development
thoughts for the day, little success quotes or things
you want people to focus on or think about today as
they go through their day. That would be great. Nutrition-based business, you could have a three-day detox series where
your welcome video tells them all of the ingredients and
things they need to purchase, go to the grocery store for. Day one, you’re welcoming
them, you’re giving them some encouragement, you’re
telling them some tips on making that smoothie today
that they’re gonna drink, whatever it is, and you
do that for three days. And on the fourth day,
maybe you offer them some sort of paid product that you have. Voila. So training, if you want to dive further into Messenger marketing,
the wheels are turning and you’re getting really
excited about what this could do for your business, awesome. Somewhere further down in the description, I’m gonna throw in a
training you can check out on how to really just
master Messenger marketing for your business. We leverage Minichat free
service to get started with. Eventually once you hit
a certain limit of people on your list, you do start
paying a monthly subscription. But with the type of
open rates that you get and how you can leverage
it, you’re definitely going to be making money from
that list so you can easily reinvest that into the tool. It’s very inexpensive. We have, I think about 15,000
people on our Messenger list at this point and we pay 60
or 70 bucks a month for that and trust me, it pays for
itself many, many, many times over in the income
that we’re able to generate through our Messenger marketing. So if you want to dive more into that, we will have a link somewhere
in the description for you. Now if you want to learn
more about not just building and engaging with a
list through automation, but you want to dive deep into how to get fully automated sales, if you want to become a master of this and understand what types
of businesses this works in, what types of businesses
it doesn’t work in, how to effectively
automate the sales process, top link in the description, guys, is our social media sales
automation training. Definitely want to check
that out if you have not yet. We just break it down
exactly how you can start automating the sales
process in online marketing, specifically with social media. So definitely check that
out, you’re going to love it. If you got some value, if this
excites you what you can do through Messenger marketing,
give me a thumbs up. Comment with any questions that you have or just to tell me that
you did a great job and share this to your
favorite social media platform. And again, last time guys,
subscribe, if you haven’t yet so you can continue to get
great insights and information to help you with your
online business marketing, automation leverage ways
for generating leads, getting sales, and just
helping you make money online. We’ll see you soon. (dramatic music) (bricks breaking) (bricks breaking) (dramatic music)

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