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100 thoughts on “BEST K-SHOW SONGS [Produce X 101, MixNine, Sixteen, The Unit & More]

    For a song to Beat the Top 1 It's Almost Impossible.


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    Pls watch the video, like and comment💕

  2. It should be
    1. Rumor
    2. In the same place
    3. Hellavator
    4. Never
    5. Crush
    6. Move
    7. U got it
    8. To my world
    9. Im inlove
    10. We together

  3. Wtf
    88-see you again
    79-to reach you
    78-i'm gonna be a star
    62-school life
    58-pretty girl
    50-do it again
    42-just dance
    41-rollin rollin
    40-yum yum
    30-you're in love,right
    15-in the same plase
    In my opinion,These songs deserve a higher ranking

  4. The unit songs were actually not that bad (maybe because I already watched the season a long time ago and I still kinda remember the songs idk)

  5. how is climax only #59 and long time no see is nowhere to be found?
    they're two of the most iconic songs to come from survival shows

  6. Every time the video plays I always mumble, "ah this song must have a higher rank" gradually I realized that this is about taste, maybe the taste of our music is different, but I really appreciate your music taste, and your video is very helpful because thanks to this video I have so many new favorite songs. Thankyouuu❣️❣️

  7. As much as i like twice and infact i love them the most WHY IS IM GONNA BE A STAR THERE NO OFFENSE BUT ITS SO BAD EVEN NAYEON AGREES

  8. All song in Produce X 101 i like!!! In Produce S2 just like Always Never & Open Up. But in Produce X i like all ❤❤

  9. I was waiting for Going Crazy, Rumor and Hellevator in the top 5 and i'm not disappointed ☺️

  10. My top 10:

    1. Going Crazy – YG Treasure Box💛
    2. It's like magic – Under nineteen
    3. All day – The unit
    4. Hellevator – Stray Kids
    5. Boyness – Produce X 101
    6. Last one – the unit
    7. We are young – Under nineteen
    8. Dream for you – Produce x 101
    9. To my world – Produce X 101
    10. Nayana – Produce 101

  11. How can u put what in rank #81?! THATS THE BEST SURVIVAL SHOW'S SONG EVER🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  12. I don’t get why songs from under nineteen were ranked so low they are actually better then most songs you choose to be higher up, but then again it’s just an opinion it’s not like it means anything

  13. Are you hate produce songs why like that I think produce song can higer LOL. Main songs all produce season is number one🤣😅😅

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