Best Marketing Plan – Get Noticed Without Spending a Fortune
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Best Marketing Plan – Get Noticed Without Spending a Fortune

Here’s a quick tip on how to generate tons
of free publicity and attention for your product or business. This technique will help you attract a ton
of customers without breaking the bank on costly marketing. Are you interested in having the best marketing
plan for your business? Well, here’s a critical element you’ll
want to include. The best marketing plan is the one that generates
the most income and profits with the least effort, cost and risk. One of the most powerful tools for the best
marketing plan, especially if you want to spend the least amount of money and still
get phenomenal results, is to be outrageous, at least somewhat. Most people are so conservative, they never
attract attention to themselves, their products or their business. They don’t realize the best marketing plan
must include a way to get your product or business noticed, to make it stand out. And being in a somewhat conservative industry
gives you a great opportunity to stand out, if you’re willing to be at least a little
outrageous. When Herb Kelleher launched Southwest Airlines,
he got people to notice his fledgling company, in a large part, by being outrageous. He had his Air Hostesses dressed in hot pants,
offered a free bottle of alcohol with every ticket, and often dressed up… as Elvis. He often had publicity photos taken of him
in unusual poses, all to get people to notice his airline. Seemingly conservative Sam Walton also showed
his willingness to be a little silly to attract attention for his business. When his company reached a certain sales goal,
he waltzed down Wall Street in a hula costume, getting Wall Street to finally notice his
growing company. Early on, when he launched his first Wal-Mart
store, Showmanship also played an important part. He offered free donkey rides for kids and
free watermelons out front of the grand opening, to bring attention to this new store. Although it went terribly wrong, when the
scorching day caused the melons to burst and the smells of mule manure overtook the event,
even this somewhat failure captured plenty of media and community attention, proving
that even bad press is sometimes better than no press at all. In this age of the internet, the best marketing
plan also needs to include the creation of an outrageous video. Outrageous can rule supreme in generating
viral marketing for your business, particularly if your video is funny but also – if it
has a relevant message about your product. One of the greatest examples is the Will-It-Blend
campaign from Blend-Tech, the maker of heavy duty food blenders. In one video they take a brand new Apple iPad,
break it in half on camera, stuff it into their blender, and let the audience watch
in horror as their product grinds it to dust. In other videos they grind an Apple iPhone,
an expensive Nike shoe and other items – often leaving the audience aghast as they watch
valuable items being blended to dust. The iPad video alone has been viewed more
than 13 million times. More importantly, they claim their sales have
quadrupled since these videos started airing two years ago. What makes these videos so effective is the
videos are actually showing a demonstration of how their product works – while being
outrageous at the same time. So, how could you be outrageous in showing
how your product or service works? The best marketing plan will need to include
this element. Also, how could you personally be outrageous
in bringing attention to your product or business? Like SouthWest Airlines, if you could find
a clever or outrageous way to let people know about your product or service, this could
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