Best Places to Work in Charleston SC | Jobs in Charleston SC
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Best Places to Work in Charleston SC | Jobs in Charleston SC

If you are moving to Charleston South
Carolina and you’re looking for a new job, I’m here to talk about the top five
employers in the Charleston area starting right now! What is up guys I am Bill Olson here
with ERA Wilder Realty. Welcome to my channel and our video on the top
employers here in Charleston South Carolina. If this is your first time here, go ahead and click that subscribe button, ring that little bell down there
so you’re sure to get notified anytime I put out a great video. If you know me you
know it’s no secret I love making videos. What it’s all about
to work, live, play and invest right here in the Charleston South Carolina area
and today’s video is no different. We’re talking about the work. That’s
right, I did the research and I’m here to tell you about the top five employers in
the area and don’t forget to stick around to the end because I have two
bonus ones, an up-and-coming employer and then just an industry in general. So
let’s get started. The number five employer in the Charleston area is the
Roper st. Francis Hospital Network. They employ roughly 5,500 people. Now they’ve
got three main campuses right now, one downtown, one in Mount Pleasant and one
in West Ashley. Soon in October they’re hoping to open a brand new hospital up
in Summerville, Berkeley County so that 5,500 number is definitely gonna go up.
So if you’re looking for a job in the hospitals, in the medical field, that is
definitely a place to check out. The number four employer is Boeing, where
they employ around 7,000 people here in the Charleston area. Located right next
to the airport of course because they make planes is a
large Boeing manufacturing plant where they do make 787’s. At the North
Charleston Boeing plant they are responsible for the fabricate, assemble,
major integration of systems as well as the final delivery. They also have a lot
of IT, engineering, design, R&D support so if you’re looking for a job with Boeing
North Charleston they’re right there, easily accessible to 526, 26,
just about everywhere in the area. The number three employer here in Charleston
is going to be the school systems. I bundled all three school districts in
the area together, that’s Charleston, Dorchester and Berkley
counties, because the three of them together made up three of the top seven
employers. So if you’re in the education field, if you’re looking to shape young
minds, then this is definitely a great place for you. All school systems
together have about thirteen thousand employees. The number two top employer
here in Charleston is the Medical University of South Carolina or commonly
called MUSC. MUSC is a teaching hospital with their main campus located right
downtown on the peninsula. They employ close to 13,000 people. MUSC
is nationally ranked and they are the number one Hospital here in the state of
South Carolina. And the number one employer here in Charleston is Joint
Base Charleston. They have about 22,000 employees both
active duty and civilian, so if you’re in the military industry, again whether
active duty, DoD, whatever, 22,000 employees they are right near the
airport as well so very centrally located. You can get there very easily
from 26, 526, Dorchester Road. I have a ton of military clients that have relocated
here because of Joint Base Charleston. It is such a great place to be stationed
and live. You’re so close to the beach there’s so much to do. Well thanks for
hanging with me for the top five employers here in the
Charleston area and as promised we have two bonus employers, one employer
and an industry. The first bonus employer is Volvo. Recently opened in Berkeley
County, Volvo opened their first stateside manufacturing plant
where they are making the s60 right now. They’re hoping to have about a thousand
to 1,300 employees but come 2021 they’re gonna move some manufacturing of the
xc90 which they’re saying by that time they want close to 4,000 employees here
in Charleston. So that’s jobs being created and they’re gonna need people
here, so if you’re thinking about moving to Charleston and you’re in that
industry now is definitely the time to consider it. And now our bonus industry.
because we are such a tourist town the hospitality industry here in Charleston
is huge. Little fact about me when I moved to Charleston I didn’t have a job.
I was bartending at the time and finding a job was not hard. There are so many
restaurants and hotels in town that if that’s the industry you’re in and you
want to move closer to the beach this is the perfect place.
We’ve got great restaurants nationally and internationally known. If you’re a
hospitality industry professional and you’ve ever thought about purchasing a
home click the link below for corkscrews to Keys, it’s a program that I founded that
helps all restaurant and hotel employees get into their own home even if they’re
only on a tipped income. We know that can be a big hurdle but we’ve got a
system in place to help you. Well there you have it
Charleston South Carolina’s top 5, plus 2 bonus, employers. So if you’ve considered
moving here but need a job you know I’ve got a bunch of links below in the
description to see if they’re hiring, what they’re hiring for. Please don’t
forget that if you liked this video please like, leave a comment below and if
you haven’t already go ahead and subscribe and click that little belt
because I’m putting out great videos every week about what it’s like to work,
live, play and invest here in the Charleston area. Again my name is Bill
Olson with ERA Wilder Realty I really appreciate you watching
have a great day and we’ll see you next time. Bye!

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  1. Thank you Bill, very helpful. What tips and advice do you want to give who plans to immigrate and God willing to Charleston. Rentals, Church, jobs etc….

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