Best Products For Mens Hairstyles and Hair Types
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Best Products For Mens Hairstyles and Hair Types

(bright jazz music) – Hey, you. In this episode of my
men’s grooming series, I wanna show you the best styling products for are hair type, because it really does matter. So this video is part of a set where I’ll also be talking
about the best hairstyles for your hair type, as well
as just more in-depth videos about your hair specifically. If you’d like these videos to remain free of (bleep) sponsored products like I do, then please help support the hard work my team and I put into
creating all of this content by visiting the companion article linked in the video
description and just using those product links to
make your purchases. All right, so, if you’ve
got thinning or fine hair, you wanna stick with light,
more matte styling products. Anything with shine in them,
you really wanna avoid, because it will only accentuate
the thinness of your hair. Aside from your thippening… Thippening. Your thickening shampoo and conditioner, you wanna avoid any kind
of heavy creams or gels, because it will only
clump your hair together and expose more of your scalp, which will only shine a
spotlight on your issue. Instead, go with lighter
products like mousses and thickening sprays,
and even you can use a thickening cream in
your hair while it’s damp and then blow-dry it so
that it adds more volume. If you’ve got curly but thin hair, then you’ve got a really unique problem, because you will wanna
keep your hair nourished, but without weighing it down. So that’s when a thickening
cream is gonna be best for you. For a thickening cream, I really like Kevin Murphy’s leave-in
thickening treatment, which you’ll spray in
your hair while it’s damp. Now, what it does is it
helps strengthen your hair at the root, lifts the hair
up so it creates more volume, a denser look, and it just
helps prevent your hair from falling flat, which
obviously you want to avoid. I also have a more budget-friendly
option that I included in my companion article, so
be sure to check that out. For texturing sprays,
the groomers I spoke with all swear by this one. It’s from Oribe. It’s their Dry Texturizing Spray. Go figure. It’s part dry shampoo, part hairspray, and it adds really
incredible volume and texture to your hair while also absorbing any kind of excess oil
that you might have. Now, it is a little pricey,
but it’s incredible. Trust me on this one. It’s going to last you a long time. If you’re thinning, you should
also consider using fillers to add the experience of
a fuller head of hair. Toppik is the one that is used
most by hair professionals. It comes in a range of colors so that you can match it
with your own hair color. Now, just be sure, though,
to wash your hair out before you go to bed, because otherwise, it can leave a big color
spot on your pillow case. For curly, coarse, kinky hair, you really don’t need to
add any kind of thickness or volume to your hair, unlike with your fine and
thinning hair brethren. Instead, you wanna stick with
creams, pomades, and oils, because that’s gonna help
weigh down your hair, keep it in place, and
control the frizz better. You really don’t need any
products with a ton of hold in it, because it’s all about
controlling the frizz. Make sure to add product
while your hair is still damp, and then let it air dry
to whatever hairstyle you’re going for. If you’ve got curly hair and
you wanna go for a shorter, more combed back hairstyle,
then you’re gonna wanna use a good amount of styling product in order to just weigh your hair down, and then hit it with a bunch of hairspray, because all the groomers
I talk to all say that, for curly-haired men, if
you want that combed look, you got to use a good amount. So I’ll talk about hairsprays in the next section of the video. For pomades, I really love
this clay one by Saturdays NYC. So it has a medium hold, matte finish, and on top of all of that,
it smells really nice. It’s water-based, so it’ll
rinse out of your hair really easily, which I
always find is a big bonus. Like I mentioned in my other
video about your specific hair type, oil is
sometimes really necessary because you need extra hydration
for your curly, kinky hair. So I recommend going with
coconut oil or jojoba oil and applying it whether
your hair is damp or dry. As far as styling creams go, I recommend going with
Oribe’s Curl Control Crème, because it does three
things for your hair. First, it provides that
much-needed hydration via the avocado and
coconut oil that’s in it. It also defines your curls, and it provides just the
right amount of weight so that it helps control
any potential frizzing. As far as leave-in
conditioners go, I’ve covered all of that in my shampoo
and conditioner story, so be sure to check that out. I’ll link it in the video description. And finally, for straight or wavy hair, you wanna go with a
product that has some type of hold in it, depending on
the hairstyle you go for. If you want something that is more loose, more of a finger-combed look, then go with a pomade or cream. However, if you wanna go
for more of a controlled, combed back style, then
you definitely wanna stick with a paste, clay, and wax,
because that’s gonna give you the control that you want. The one thing you wanna be careful about is the level of
shine these products have. So, if you want more shine, then you wanna go with
a pomade or some waxes. If you want a more matte finish, so, a no-shine look, then clays or pastes are for you. As far as pastes go, my hands-down, two favorite ones are V76 by Vaughn. So this is beeswax and clay base, and this one, by Kevin Murphy,
which is just beeswax-based. These two will give you maximum
hold with a matte finish. And as far as keeping your hair in place, some men will just use
the styling product, and that’s enough hold for them, but others will want more hold. So that’s when you wanna just
finish off your hairstyle with a spray of hairspray. (mechanical beep) Finish off your style with some hairspray. As far as hairsprays go, Number 4 makes the best
finishing hairspray out there. It holds your hair in place,
as well as it does not have that disgusting,
aerosol, chemically smell that most hairsprays are plagued with. Thank God. Also, in our testing, we
found that it did not make you break out in zits along your hairline, in case you got some of
the hairspray on your skin. I also included a more
budget-friendly version in my companion article, which is linked in the video description. This video is part of a
set where I also talk about the best hair styles for
your hair type, face shape, as well as just the best
shampoos and conditioners for your specific hair type. Be sure to check those all out. I’ve linked them in the
video description below, and that’s it! (bright jazz music)

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44 thoughts on “Best Products For Mens Hairstyles and Hair Types

  1. Just got my wash cloth and trimmer. The cloth is rough. I just use it after a shower while my face is still wet. Is this ok or does it need to be used with a cleanser specifically?

  2. U can't even use any of these products to add validation, it's a waste taking advice from you, you have no idea what your talking about

  3. Thanks for all your advice. I have thinning hair and now shampoo, condition, and use a clay, and WOW!! What a difference!! Doing this hides my scalp as oppose to using a pomade like i was doing before. And girrrrlllll got my Allen Edmond First Ave Walnut boots today (from your recommendation) they are on point!! You're the best and keep up the great content! I'll like the videos and pass your videos on to my friends. Have a great day!

  4. "It's A 10 – Miracle Texture Fiber" is the best hair styling product I've found. I ride a motorcycle, so finding a product that holds strong and is helmet proof is near-impossible; this is the unicorn. Also, don't be put off by the packaging – it's not super pretty, but the stuff inside is pure magic. Cruelty free too!

  5. For thinning hair is thickening cream plus mousse or spray? Or one from all? And do I style them with just the blowdryer?

  6. I don't understand how you can get away with mousse or thickening cream for the hairstyles suggested for men with thin/receding hair. In my experience, mousse has a very weak hold and hair dryers never added volume to my hair, it would just fall down after or make my hair look like a mess with some hair being held up and most not. Did none of the professionals you asked talk about wax or very small amounts of light gels?

  7. Dont listen to the people who says you dont know what you're talking about!!!!
    I used to listen to Alpha M before he went complete sellout mode, and you're my new go-to place for improvement.

  8. I have stick straight hair and it's coarse. Asian hair like your brother. What kind of hair style and hair product should I use? Good vid btw. Keep up the good work

  9. I have a long wavy hair and i didn't see wavy hair in your video. Should i use the same thing with the curly hair ?

  10. Perks of having short hair. All I need is a matte finish product and about 30 seconds of my day and I'm ready to go.

  11. I m sorry you are not right for every hair type . For thick hair to slick back you need water based Pomade . Try Suavecito guys they have product called original pomade ,it’s probably the best with no harsh chemicals ,light sweet scent and the hold with damp hair is simply unbeatable.

  12. Hey, Im sorry, but pomades are supposed to have shine. You were unlicky and bought a clay pomade, wich is a clay. But is called clay pomade because it is probably not lab made.

    So for sleek styles: shine sax or pomades

    For texture and matt looks: matt pastes or clays.

    Good vid tho

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