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Best Sales Pitch For Digital Marketing – Perfect Sales Pitch For Digital Agencies

Man there’s so many things on the top of
my head I just want to get out like you know. But ultimately I’ve been doing
sales my entire life I think it’s just inherently one of my God-given gifts
right I practice I work very hard at the skill set and learning things.
The sales pitch in essence dude is not different than what I was teaching 20 years ago
right or even 10 years ago. The difference is it’s the nuances it’s the
language it’s the understanding when it the right positions needs to happen but it’s the same it’s the same flow and I call it SLPIN and I learned this from, I
took the core of this from Neil Rackers which they used to sell copies back in
the 80s and they realize that there’s a process they needed to go through.
So the the S is the Situation which is rapport, right? And then L call is for Leadership which is really pre-faming..haha… FAME.. “I want to live for ever”
haha… Pre-framing right or a Upfront or whatever you do it and I
think that that leadership comes into. What’s my WHY what’s my Mission and WHY are you here and what’s your Mission? And do you qualify are you the
right person that I’m looking for that I can help out right so that’s the
Situation is Rapport, Leadership is your Why and the pre-framing. And then it’s the
Problem right and that’s what takes the most time right. Like what’s your
problem, what’s your pain, what’s been working, what hasn’t been working all
that stuff. Then it comes into the I the Implication. Like Mark what is it going to cost you if you don’t fix this problem that we just designated, right?
You told me that you know you want to do this because you want to have time to
you know hang out with your kids, your family and you want to make money so you can go on vacation or whatever is you want to do. Like what is it going to look
like if you don’t make this happen, right? Because the real value is not the
money dude the real value is in what you’re
exchanging the money for? Right that’s where the value of money comes in. And so it’s like getting to the real WHY of like, WHY is it important for you to make
X amount of dollars or spend time with your family right so it’s that’s the
real implication piece and in this book Neil talks about like that’s when the sales went through the roof because you’re
speaking real is somebody you got to do it in an authentic way not being a jerk. Truly showing up and believing that man
I am here to serve you and be detached from the outcome and how can I move
you forward if I can and if I can’t can do I know somebody that can, right? And then it really comes to the end which is the Need Payoff the Benefit. Well, Mark you told me that you really want to go spend time with your family and that’s why you
really hear the great news is is I think that because of ABC and XY and Z we can help you get from A to B. I’m bridging the gap right there’s
the gap between where you are and where you want to be and you’re buying the
experience, you’re buying that transformation and I’m just the person
help facilitate that and my team right so it’s that’s almost did the
exact same sales processes that have been doing for 20-30 years man. I just I
think the thing I love about today dude is the fact that at least I believe this
I hope this is that people are becoming more brand conscious about who they’re
working with and it’s not just about trying to just it’s like how do I
connect with this person do I connect with your story and I think that’s where
the leadership piece and the WHY comes in and this is who I am and this is the
shit I’ve been through and this is why I’m here in front of you today and you
know we a reason a season or a lifetime connection and how do we go from there…

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