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100 thoughts on “Best Scalping Trading Strategy | How To Scalp Forex & Stock Market Effortlessly

  1. What's your setup for the stoch… Is it the standard

    Amazing video by the way,.. Really appreciative

  2. your channel is the best in teaching trading techniques, despite your wierd voice & accent lol much thanks for your efforts

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  4. Hello, even if its not my style of trading its very interesting but if i may did you test it on bigger time frames? Because it seems to be a good reversal strategy for good trades not only for scalping. I will also start testing it on 1D chart and 4H chart with my current trading setup thanks for sharing the knowledge !

  5. Very interesting strategy, thanks! I also trade using the same confluences method, but on H1 timeframe and without the moving average. Do you think I could use a 200 EMA on H1 or should I change the period to it?

  6. Thank you so much for the informative lesson.
    One question is if using say the m15 timeframe, how long should you let the trend continue into profit before it reverses again?

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  8. I've been trading crypto for 2 years. I use elliot wave, fibonacci retracements and extensions, macd and rsi, with an ema ribbon on the 4hr. Also, because of all the algorithms, patterns tend to repeat very often so once you spot it on the bigger timeframes you can successfully trade it until it gets into a tighten pattern on the smaller timeframes.Works like a dream. Amazing video man thank you

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  10. guys all these videos just raise your hopes and make you think you got everything figured out but the truth is if you don’t have the experience…no video can just tell you the right strategy to use because any change in the market can cause a great loss..I advise you stay careful guys and good-luck

  11. Your a beast tho good strategy aye you should read the quarter level theory book as well that shit change you for life you aint ever not gonna be able to eat, let me know

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  13. Scalping the forex market for the retail trader is the first road to failure, you can't compete in speed and reaction with algorithms or EAs, plus your broker will mess you up with fees, spread and slippage.

  14. When you leverage trade on crypto future contracts, the fee is pretty solid. Bitmex, bybit, primexbt, etc. have 0.075%- market order fee and 0.025%+ (rebate) taker fee.

  15. Thanks for sharing your insight and strategy. It really helps when you find a lot of useful information in trading.

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  22. I'm happy for this kind of videos, because there are so many little things we skip in the process of trading. Sometimes as a beginner who wouldn't even know where the problem is coming from.

  23. Dear Sir I am your student, a Srilankan, really worth stuff. Thank you for your valuable time and you're 1 of the best teachers without making so much noises and confined to the subject always. Thanks a lot

  24. We scalp the market every day and last week we made over $50,000 in less than 72 hours based on a few scalps alone!!

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  26. Damn bro… I literally know all these techniques and strategies in forex. I just cannot figure out how much money I am ever spending or risking in forex. I just cant seem to figure that out. I've been doing good with my demo account on metatrader 4 but never know how much I am ever risking or putting in 😱. How do you guys know?!?!?!?! So simple yet it frustrates me

  27. Your not supposed to hold long positions on crypto right now it's a floating asset. Calls strikes and buy's are to call at the lows and puts at the highs. It's still a developing security class but can easily be bought and sold for a profit right now on the buy low sell high principal. You don't want long positions on this volatile equity right now.

  28. I have unconsciously became a scalper.. I noticed I am more profitable when doing short trades with high leverage.. I thought what I was doing was illegal until I searched for it and knew the term "scalping".. I love being a scalper!

  29. A trade which is shut down within 10 to 15 pips is called
    scalping. It is a comfortable type of trading to most of the traders. On the
    other hand traders can take the taste of profit without analyzing the market.
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